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  1. Had kinda the same issue some days ago. Do you use one of the updated latest build of Windows 10 by any chance? If so then you might encounter some of issues than most encounter with their antivirus. There's all kind of issues between most antivirus and the latest versions of Windows 10. Like me, most Comodo users probably received a warning message leading to their forum. They mention DDOS and login issue but in my case it was more issues like you.. I had to download the update of Comodo made as fixe and to reinstall it. This fixed my issues. Check if there's a newer version of your an
  2. Make yourself clearly understand Lebron.. Or I'm gonna move this topic to spam section. And keep in mind that you're on our forum here.. not in spec on Jay1 or Jay3. Your usual bs will end straight by the removal of your posting ability. And I don't care if you're drunk or not. edit: coffee taken, eyes open, and the meaning of his post now understood.. What a f*cking way to start the day.. a troll. *sigh* \locked.
  3. Pessimism only reinforces current state.. changes can only occur through optimists people. And there's no better way to start than express his optismism.
  4. if Froome gets the head too soon.. like it's often the case all these last years with the big favorite during the TdF.. That will be boring as hell as usual.
  5. I hope than this year Quintana gonna finally win it.. He really deserves it. Yeah I told you that I don't follow anymore the TdF, what is still true.. but I still look at the result the last day in Paris. edit: Lol Ang3l.. same thought I see.
  6. not til that you remind it to me.. impossible to remove that sound from my head.. no other choice than go on youtube listen some music now.. thanks!!
  7. I added putteam command to your guid.
  8. if by new username you mean the one that will be used to create your profile sub-folder then it's normal. For the rest, make sure like I told you previously to put: - your backup of etkey in your etmain folder - your backup of silent.dat in your silent folder - and your backup of config in ETmain\Silent folder(s) Once all this done open you console and type \exec + the name of your config. If needed apply also this command: \vid_restart
  9. That's the standard settings when someone install the game for the very 1st time.. internet got improved but the client and its standard settings remain the same unless to have some knowledge and to change them.. What is unfortunately not always the case. So this remains a part of our duty to teach to all these new comers to ET or all those who don't have this knowledge. This is also one of the tasks that can help keeping ET alive.
  10. yes.. everything from scratch.. Make a backup of your config file, your etkey file and your silent.dat file. Once done uninstall the game with Revo Uninstaller. After have uninstalled the game run CCleaner and proceed a "basic" cleaning and a "registry" cleaning. Reboot.. Re-install the game with this ET installer if it wasn't the case before. Once ET installed, put a copy of your backup files back in the proper places. Right-click on et.exe, select Properties, Compatibility tab, and there tick the Admin rights box.. Apply and then OK. config-->ETmain and\or mode(s) folder(s) etkey---&
  11. Ann!b@l

    New Italy

    yes like mentionned above by df, it was on Jay3. I thought it would be a nice change and interesting alternative to an usually liked map.
  12. Ann!b@l

    New Italy

    unfortunately you can and opponents can't hit you if they do so.. Plus, it's near the spawn.. So some used it to get a high amount of kills without getting a single death unless to go through this same glicht to kill him with a nade for example. That's why I used the word "abuse".. it's really annoying and unfair. So like suggested above, if someone is willing to clip this glicht, that would be really nice.
  13. Ann!b@l

    New Italy

    nice map that I like a bit more than its "original" version. This version seems to help some of those usually getting fps drop issues on this map.. But there's also a big glicht near the a spawn that some like to abuse.
  14. Was surprised that you forgot to mention him this detail (but so much important) in reading your previous post.. but yeah I know, could have fixed this in my own post.. but while writting I forgot me too.
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