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  1. Hey buddy, welcome to the forum!
  2. Yes this is the right thing to do, because even if they have this much ping, they wouldnt even be able to move around. There is no point in staying conected if you can't move, the person will exit the game and try to solve this issue, at least that is what I think most people would do, that's what I would do. We don't need to stop these people from playing, !spec999 can be used and if the player has too much of a high ping, put him on spec, don't need to create a rule not allowing these people in the server. The game already has 'few' players, as it is an old game and people don't play as much
  3. I think our servers must be opened to everyone, I mean, it is a game and before everything, all must have fun. Can't stop players that are less fortunate or live in different countries with higher pings and worse internet connection from playing a free game. It is just a game, for people to have fun... We can't stop others from playing in the servers unless they break a rule.
  4. Welcome to the forum mate, enjoy your stay
  5. I had to use the alt code, alt+94, because my ^ opens up the console hahaha
  6. Just another quick question, I am having trouble to change my name colours on Legacy with '^' because when I press it, the console pops up.
  7. Only had to restart my pc, now it is working fine Thnks for the help xD
  8. Legacy was running normal until yesterday, didn't need to run as admin, I tried but it didnt work... Maybe it is because yesterday I connected a pc screen to my notebook through HDMI and since I did this, Legacy showed this problem. I will see if I can allow firewall, and restart my computer, maybe that's the problem. Thnks man
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