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  1. Shana

    ET NQ #1 server login image

    @floki I suggest adding drop shadow without distance to bottom FA logo to make it more readable. Top text blends too much with background. Rule of thumb for posters is to make the text and most important elements easily noticeable. When adding textures on objects such as helmet remember to retain perspective - 3d transform helps with that or just ctrl + lmb when transforming element. Other than that cool poster! @daredevil Side note: I'm not sure whether we should add this to menu loading since we strove for so long to keep menus default and protect players from custom broken pk3. We currently have some lower res pk3 with most commonly changed assets.
  2. nano hbd.sh

    echo "happy birthday @Shana"

    chmod +x hbd.sh


    1. Shana


      Cheers! :)

  3. Congratulations! I'm glad because you worked really hard and deserve it!
  4. Happy birthday !!! 

    Even if we never talked before,

    I wanted to thank you for all the background work you do for the discord with Scar and everything else !!

    I wish you lot of good things and enjoy your day ! 😉

    1. Shana


      Thank you :)

  5. Open terminal(any tty emulator) and run game with etl. After the game crashes please share output from the console here. I had game shutting down without any error message both on windows and linux. At least here we should be able to know why
  6. By doing so do you get the same mouse travel distance per 180/360 degree turn in-game? In case you wanted to play on servers with tournament configs restrictions m_pitch minimal value is 0.0151 and maximal 0.033.
  7. Yes, but no playable version available.
  8. I heard that there is some development going on with etl on android so 1% would get more real Welcome back bud!
  9. Shana

    Beginners 2 Error

    Yes server side since server runs the map. This error usually happens by too many entities(items, map objects - rubble, etc) There were some attempts to fix this issue with goldrush which reduced occurence of error but still happens sometimes. Unless server doesn't get back up - please report on =F|A= discord in #server-status channel so we can bring it back up asap. Happy fragging
  10. Shana

    Beginners 2 Error

    Just reconnect. Can get triggered any time during the map. During which map this happened?
  11. Won't quote posts since it'd be half the topic length. To clarify - most of FA servers are compatible with 2.76. If you wish to play without any problems upon connecting then downgrade to 2.75( if using windows ) or 2.74( if using linux or osx ). If you're missing files then probably you didn't install it properly. You might be missing binaries - unless you provide a detailed log we can only imagine what could go wrong. Usually unpure errors in etLegacy were resolved by simply rerunning the game whereas in 2.60b and below by starting game with elevated privileges aka run as administrator. Edit: Thanks for tagging me
  12. It gets auto removed removed after 2880 minutes(2 days). I set it up about 3 months ago so people that already had it will require manual intervention.
  13. Please don't bump old topics. Side note, I don't think he still needs such software. //locked
  14. Shana

    Return from Inactivity return from inactivity

    Group fixed. Welcome back! Join up our discord https://discord.gg/WAMJnH5 and post in channel tech-help-setlevel. Someone should set you shortly or just tag me(usually around )
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