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  1. Won't quote posts since it'd be half the topic length. To clarify - most of FA servers are compatible with 2.76. If you wish to play without any problems upon connecting then downgrade to 2.75( if using windows ) or 2.74( if using linux or osx ). If you're missing files then probably you didn't install it properly. You might be missing binaries - unless you provide a detailed log we can only imagine what could go wrong. Usually unpure errors in etLegacy were resolved by simply rerunning the game whereas in 2.60b and below by starting game with elevated privileges aka run as administrator. Edit: Thanks for tagging me
  2. It gets auto removed removed after 2880 minutes(2 days). I set it up about 3 months ago so people that already had it will require manual intervention.
  3. Please don't bump old topics. Side note, I don't think he still needs such software. //locked
  4. Group fixed. Welcome back! Join up our discord https://discord.gg/WAMJnH5 and post in channel tech-help-setlevel. Someone should set you shortly or just tag me(usually around )
  5. All locked for me.


    Take care.




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    2. Gengis



      I had a message in discord saying my privileges were insufficient.


      It was not related to the padlock  IMO (i known the padlock is normal and what it means).



    3. Shana


      Just woke up. Will have a look when near the pc. 

    4. Gengis


      Seems fine now.


      Have a good day.



  6. Upcoming holidays 12-17 of June. Probably will be unavailable :) Awesome turn of events since for once will be able to not work during holidays :D

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    2. daredevil


      Share the pics love!

    3. m00jii


      Wait, you are having your next vacation in 12-17 of June, next year? 😧

    4. Shana


      @m00jiiMeant July, my head is already on holidays :D

  7. Restarted. Thanks for reporting.
  8. Some of you might have noticed my absence. Due to health issues, I'm taking a longer break. Really need to reduce computer usage overall.

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    2. lurkman


      Take care!

    3. Crazyshot


      relax and take care

    4. toxicity


      best wishes for improvements in health! take care.

  9. plz can u set my level on Jay2 too



    1. Hulk


      on jay 2 right now if u need set there :)


    2. Shana


      Try our discord, easier to get set and stay in touch :)

  10. More or less, they are used to determine the configuration as those laptops are easily upgradeable. Will add specs to the #1 post then.
  11. I'm looking for some recommendations or maybe feedback from people who used iGPU without dGPU. The laptop wouldn't be for gaming (et does not count ) but mainly for processing large amounts of data (25 million+ json documents in mongodb database), frequent rebuilds of node applications and automated testing framework on top of all that. Average ram usage 15Gb(not counting swap pages) but I'm leaning towards 32Gb to be safe from the system locks. System Linux duh with a tiling window manager for increased efficiency. Best picks I found are: Lenovo ThinkPad T580 (20L90024PB5P32) due to its mobility and endurance and I think it's the most reasonable one for how I intend to use this laptop. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme (20MF000WPB2PP32) due to dGPU for media creation. Dell XPS 15 9570 due to battery and performance. Been reading a lot of topics, Reddit, etc and still can't decide. Based on feedback from reading it's like a lottery with laptops. It's true that those laptops have their issues (low build quality for some models, coil whine, backlight bleed, some keys on the keyboard) that's why asking for more feedback maybe? No limit on the money since it's work machine so efficiency matters. If you are unable to find which configurations I picked for thinkpads, let me know and I'll list the parts for both. Thanks Edit: Thinkpad T580 configuration: CPU: Intel I7-8550U 1,8Ghz-4Ghz iGPU: Provided by CPU Intel UHD 620 Display: 1080p 15,6" Storage: Nvme 512Gb RAM: 32768Mb DDR4 Modem WWAN module 4G Battery build in 4cell + 3cell external ThinkPad X1 extreme configuration: CPU: Intel I7-8750H 2,2Ghz dGPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 TI 4Gb Display: 1080p 15,6" Storage: Nvme 2x 256Gb - probably in RAID 1 RAM: 32768Gb DDR4 Battery: built in 80WH
  12. Back from break, time to work some more :P

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    2. AnG3L


      Welcome back! 

    3. D..X


      set it off back to work GIF

      wb :)

    4. Hulk


      Welcome back!! Hope you had some time to re-energize!

  13. Go play with Lego instead of wasting our time with yet another useless topic. You don't seem to even read what we write. Once again the ban stays, don't create new topics or accounts. // Locked...
  14. Yes, that's what I meant without cache After relogging, it showed up. Thanks!

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