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  1. Grey screen?

    Some more info he shared on discord that might help others. Acer Aspire 7720Z Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) Processor Intel® Pentium® Dual CPU T2330 @ 1.60GHz Graphics Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1) Audio Realtek High Definition Audio Networking and I/O Broadcom NetLink ™ Gigabit Ethernet Qualcomm Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter Memory 2 GB We already tried clean install of his drivers, et reinstall, running et as administrator w/o windowed mode. TLDR looks solved, didn't look at first but come on 64bit system on those specs. Recommended to go back to 32bit.
  2. Server Issue Obsolete commands

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention. They will get updated. I believe at the same time as menus. For now we have more important things to take care of so please be patient.
  3. Map rotation hasn't been changed quite long time, next change would be after we finish all updates as you might have seen in announcements section. The new rotation would be the one that is above your post. Thank you for taking interest in keeping server alive.
  4. Asian pop music!

  5. Wolf Et, Android/IOS Port

    Please don't dig up old topics. People talked about it over the years and most of the projects died. Probably ETL devs will work on something when they finish developing etL patches. Last project that I saw actually run game was this one ^. If I remember correctly it was too buggy and seems like author discontinued it. Keep in mind that there are many issues with such port like mouse input or packets data hungry, etc.
  6. 2.60B on linux? sound issue

    This should help Long Link Usually it was missing sdl libs for et that caused no sound. Check if your system has proper volume on specific programs, and if it goes through right sound device.
  7. Great, thanks! Will get some screenshots so we know who had what xp. Xp got reverted from yesterday(some players gained 2-3k xp then it got back to 1k or so). Doesn't seem that backup reload did the trick.
  8. Went through servers and looks like only noquarter #1 suffered from the player xp reset. Seems like not every player got reseted. All bots have same xp as yesterday. SS from couple days ago Related?
  9. Windows Good software for folder sync

    I'd say it's very poor rsync when it comes to configurability for example you can't set make backup like every friday or every hour because it updates right away for every file in folders that you have symlink to. I've been using pcloud for quite some time already as you might have noticed on most of the pak updates. You can create symlinks that update your drive upon file change. For example I made link to my etlegacy data so whenever I go I can use same files as I did on my MasterPC. What I love about it that it emulates HDD so you can see it as a partition: Free capacity is 15Gb which I found enough because I can store and run et servers from it no problem. Lan file transfer is also avaliable which is nice for people that have slower internet conenctions. If you're using free bitdefender it can crash pcloud service, avg and avast worked fine with it. As for google drive ugh, no thanks. I've looked into similar services to rsync but never really liked them. Maybe this will help you if pcloud is not enough https://github.com/backuppc/backuppc/wiki/How-to-make-Backup-using-Rsync-server-on-Windows rsync wrapper for rsync server on windows.
  10. Asian pop music!

  11. winmtr Ping - packetloss on serveral servers

    Found the issue. My network cannot handle more than 1480 mtu, and as always windows 10 resets it itself to 1500.... Eventhough netsh was set to store=persistent. Had to modify some stuff in registry... Anyways solved, case closed. Thank!
  12. For other people who intend to help. Running as administrator & in compatibility mode, ui_restart and cvar_restart didn't solve the issue.
  13. winmtr Ping - packetloss on serveral servers

    As requested 1k packets. //just for the books
  14. Past week I've been struggling with some lags on my home server nq1. Unfortunately it's persistent and still keeps same packet loss as before. Checked other =F|A= servers and same results are only on b2, nq1, nq2. nq3 - 50% packet loss on 4 servers. No need for lagometer screenshots as it's red stripes all the way. Checked eth cables if connected properly, flushed dns, checked firewall and different pc. Turned off AV just in case same results. Lag is not fps based since it's very stable at 100fps. Windows 10 i5 3750 3,4ghz ati radeoh hd 7950/7970 -> crimson 18.3 Router has been restarted and reseted but didn't help, here are its specs Sagemcom Funbox Firmware version SoftAtHome SG10_sip-pl- Here are screenshots, winmtr for nq1(, b2 and tracert for nq1 and b2. Nq2 and Nq3 are the same as nq1.
  15. Asian pop music!

    This should be called music spam eyy another one