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  1. It was restarted cause of connection issues. Based on 15 min time frame tb there were most of 999 pings, restarted when I saw only you in specs. Glad you like it. Covert ops will get fixed soon, thanks.
  2. Old paths ../etInstallationFolder/noquarter changed to ../etInstallationFolder/nq Please check if you have there your configs - the one which you had when connecting to the server before the upgrade was in ../etInstallationFolder/noquarter/profile/yourProfile/etconfig.cfg If that does not work for you then make sure you run et as administrator.
  3. 060_startup is part of musicbox2 which uses random sound out of 22 in the musicbox2. /bind key musicbox2 bindtext 125_shutdown is not currently available. 197_yay_1 is part of Cheer, same as the music box it's randomized. /bind key Cheer bindtext
  4. A long time ago we had adrenaline but it caused more issues with rules we had at the time. This adrenaline you have on noquarter 1 is only for stamina regeneration, no additional perks like more health or half received damage. This is especially helpful when the team has trouble when going out of spawn and fighting at the same time. With this upgrade, we try to add more stuff so it's more fun for you guys to play.
  5. Thanks to all those who helped with testing before deploying to live server. You guys helped big time! At the moment we updated old voice pack to the new one. I'm sure you saw it on one of the noquarter #3 gamedays
  6. It should be possible with going to someone's profile and then pressing "Message". In the popup box use the attach function or just do insert other media.
  7. Shana

    Asian pop music!

    Yay Xerni a reol fan too Actually had it bookmarked! And found some others
  8. Looks like same issue: All sorted out. Have a nice day

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