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  1. Leatherface

    Help me.

    save ur etkey from ur old ET ( send it to ur email) or maybe do the same with ur hole cfg then u can replace it in ur new et installation on new pc
  2. I will not call it discussion, but conversations
  3. @RedBaird proberly not sry for that
  4. I couldnt c ur responds, but i saw u could use vsays in public " danke"
  5. pls.. keep smiley one on j2 , and pls delete Wolfsrudel 3 Final on jay 2... its to easy to do, with doublejump..
  6. if u can find ur old etkey, from deleted cfg, u migth can restore xp
  7. yes, and then run 100 packets ( look at sent ) then upload it here, then some with knownlegde will look at it
  8. Leatherface

    Class cfg

    Cool. can u pls tell what u did ??
  9. Leatherface

    Class cfg

    This is one, I use : // // Spawnscript (Class-selection) // // Selection Binds - The keys bound to perform certian actions. bind KP_DOWNARROW "vstr ts" // Team Spec bind KP_END "vstr tb" // Team Allies bind KP_PGDN "vstr tr" // Team Axis bind DEL "vstr so" // Soldier (SMG, Flamethrower, MG42, Panzer or Mortar) bind HOME "vstr me" // Medic (SMG) bind INS "vstr en" // Engineer (SMG, Rifle + Grens) bind PGUP "vstr fo" // Field Ops (SMG) bind PGDN "vstr co" // Covert Ops (Sten, FG42 or Rifle + Scope) // Config - Intro Basically. Join a Game, ESCape out of Limbo menu and Select a Team. set ts "team spectator; set co vstr no_t; set so vstr no_t; set fo vstr no_t; set en vstr no_t; set me vstr no_t; echo ^2*^7spectator^2*" set tb "set co vstr b_co; set so vstr b_so; set fo vstr b_fo; set en vstr b_en; set me vstr b_me; echo ^2*^7allies^2*" set tr "set co vstr r_co; set so vstr r_so; set fo vstr r_fo; set en vstr r_en; set me vstr r_me; echo ^2*^7axis^2*" set no_t "echo ^2*^7You ^2need^7 to pick a team.^2*" // Allied Class Selection - If you picked a Team, its time to pick a Class // // Soldier set b_s1 "team b 0 5 8; set b_so vstr b_s2; say_team ^2*^7sold^2/^7panzer^2*" set b_s2 "team b 0 31 8; set b_so vstr b_s3; say_team ^2*^7sold^2/^7mg42^2*" set b_s3 "team b 0 35 8; set b_so vstr b_s4; say_team ^2*^7sold^2/^7mortar^2*" set b_s4 "team b 0 6 8; set b_so vstr b_s1; say_team ^2*^7sold^2/^7fthrower^2*" set b_so "vstr b_s1" // Medic set b_me "team b 1 8 37; say_team ^2*^7medic^2/^7smg^2*" // Engineer set b_e1 "team b 2 8 37; set b_en vstr b_e2; say_team ^2*^7engy^2/^7smg^2*" set b_e2 "team b 2 24 8; set b_en vstr b_e1; say_team ^2*^7engy^2/^7rifle(grens)^2*" set b_en "vstr b_e1" // Field Ops set b_fo "team b 3 8 37; say_team ^2*^7fops^2/^7smg^2*" // Covert Ops set b_c1 "team b 4 33 47; set b_co vstr b_c2; say_team ^2*^7covops^2/^7fg42^2*" set b_c2 "team b 4 25 47; set b_co vstr b_c3; say_team ^2*^7covops^2/^7rifle(scoped)^2*" set b_c3 "team b 4 10 47; set b_co vstr b_c1; say_team ^2*^7covops^2/^7sten^2*" set b_co "vstr b_c1" // Covert Ops set r_c1 "team r 4 33 48; set r_co vstr r_c2; say_team ^2*^7covops^2/^7fg42" set r_c2 "team r 4 32 48; set r_co vstr r_c3; say_team ^2*^7covops^2/^7rifle(scoped)"" set r_c3 "team r 4 10 48; set r_co vstr r_c1; say_team ^2*^7covops^2/^7sten^2*" set r_co "vstr r_c1" // Axis Class Selection - Same as above, just different values. // // Soldier set r_s1 "team r 0 5 3; set r_so vstr r_s2; say_team ^2*^7sold^2/^7panzer^2* set r_s2 "team r 0 31 3; set r_so vstr r_s3; say_team ^2*^7sold^2/^7mg42^2*" set r_s3 "team r 0 35 3; set r_so vstr r_s4; say_team ^2*^7sold^2/^7mortar^2*" set r_s4 "team r 0 6 3; set r_so vstr r_s1; say_team ^2*^7sold^2/^7fthrower^2*" set r_so "vstr r_s1" // Medic set r_me "team r 1 3 38; say_team ^2*^7medic^2/^7smg^2*" // Engineer set r_e1 "team r 2 3 38; set r_en vstr r_e2; say_team ^2*^7engy^2/^7smg^2*" set r_e2 "team r 2 23 3; set r_en vstr r_e1; say_team ^2*^7engy^2/^7rifle(grens)^2*" set r_en "vstr r_e1" // Field Ops set r_fo "team r 3 3 38; say_team ^2*^7fops^2/^7smg^2* // Initiate Script - Makes it work. vstr ts
  10. Leatherface

    Class cfg

    still not work
  11. Leatherface

    Class cfg

    maybe, maybe not ... must be an logical reason
  12. Leatherface

    Class cfg

    i tryed the same with ur cfg, and got same result as u... so dunno whats wrong

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