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  1. Took a second look... it varies- I see 2x per second to once every 10 seconds. One thing I see that could affect HLSW is fragmented IPv4 headers (possibly from stat tracking?) For the most part it: -Opens the connection, then sends 23 queries within the first second (numerous details, getstatus, getstatus, getinfo, source engine query) which could explain the timeout when quickly flipping through the servers in the list. -It sends getstatus an average of once per second for silent, jay1&2. Every three seconds for NQ and HC. -getstatus doesn't seem to be getting dropped- rather the packets aren't getting sent out. Which leads me to: -It spams out ICMP packets, increasing TTL from 0 until it gets a response, then resets back to 0... that'd be the red lines.
  2. No problem, I can check after lunch.
  3. I see about 4-5 queries per second looking at wireshark.
  4. @Scarface06 Some suggestions to add: /bdo - Black Desert Online /csgo - Counter Strike : Global Offensive /ets - Euro Truck Simulator 2 /wow - World of Warcraft /wt - War Thunder And idk what the poker game everybody's been playing lately is, but maybe that too. xD
  5. No reason to keep beating a dead horse. /locked
  6. Watching people in WA trying to drive in only like an inch of snow 🤣

    1. RedBaird


      I would be worse.  :)

  7. Friendly reminder to never buy USB-C or Lightning cables from your convenience store or gas station. Having a dead battery is better than a dead phone.

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    2. RedBaird


      'Oly Shi' !  Relayed that story to FB!  you should make a post in our TEch forum!  🙀

    3. RedBaird


      BTW, thanks for taking care of that "Male Enhancement" post.   Behind-the-scenes work. 🌸

    4. daredevil


      @Xernicus - pls share on forum? 

  8. You can just uninstall GeForce experience if you don't like it, it's not part of the driver. Alrighty, try this:
  9. A 1050 isn't a bad card by any means. I'd call it a lower mid-range card. Definitely more than adequate for ET. What driver version are you running? Does ET have a custom profile under "3D settings" (I think that's what it's called anyways)
  10. I've never seen oil that looks *that* fubar.... wtf happened there? Gas in the oil? Got a Honda F22 to pull apart shortly, but the last rebuild I did (AMC 4.0) was due to this: Thermostat failed shut in gridlock traffic, blewup the rad and seized the 2nd piston.
  11. Hmm... don't know about that. See how green spikes below are like one/two frames before yellow up top? That's extrapolation. Bottom spikes could be from resource constraints (CPU, Disk, etc.) or ping spikes. In any case snap updates were delayed, so the netcode estimated your location. (this also correlates to 14 snaps indicator) Not sure what happened in 2nd SS. FYI: It's relatively normal to miss some frames in heavy fire, because of flame/smoke, field ops, etc. But the server isn't dropping packets...

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