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  1. really miss u bud hope your doing good....

  2. Come back :) 

  3. Three weeks without smoking as of today! I feel lighter in my footsteps, I can jog easier, and I notice I can go longer without nicotine than while I was smoking. (I'm using snus now)
  4. ♫Gonna break the rules and hearts in two♫

    1. RedBaird


      Or are you quoting a song????

  5. I reached day 3!!! Not even a single craving, snus is working great for me. Thanks to all for your support Now I'm working on cutting back from one portion per hour to one every two or three hours.
  6. Well today is a good and proud day. It marks day 1 (yesterday being day 0) of being smoke free. Some of you might know that I've been an on again, off again smoker... since I was a teenager. Although about two years ago I managed to quit by using vaping, but often found myself reaching for cigarettes when I'd run out of supplies, juice, etc. This cycle continued through 2020- and the recent regulations here in the U.S. - the PMTA - put the final nail in the coffin for vaping for me. I had just bought a new mod, found a favorite juice, and I can't get those supplies anymore. It was also expensive, and I found myself "chain vaping", even with high level nicotine salts. So I was consuming more nicotine than I was when I was smoking. But in about March of 2020, I discovered snus. The American stuff-- not the real deal... but I tried it. And found that it worked. And I was able to go multiple weeks smoke free at a time. It worked better than vaping, in a sense that I wasn't blasting huge clouds every 30 seconds, I wouldn't get cravings every hour, get an attitude from withdrawals, etc. COVID-19 put a pause on things though. The added stress caused me to go back to smoking. But those few weeks of being smoke free gave me a desire to permanently quit. And every time I would drag on a cigarette I noticed physical discomfort and a desire to quit. I started gagging, and wanting to toss the cigarette halfway through. The seed had been planted, so to speak. Fast forward to a week ago, I gave snus a try again. Real Swedish snus this time, that I found using a store locator. I didn't like the first portion. But it grew on me throughout the day, and I started tapering down smoking. I'd go out every other hour instead of every hour. I'd take walks with a portion in my mouth, replacing the cigarette. The last packet of cigarettes I bought lasted me half of a week, and yesterday morning I finished my last cigarette, putting it out halfway through. Continued my walk home, and I know, deep down, that it was the final time I'd be putting out a cigarette. And here I am, 28 hours later, smoke free. Now some might be displeased that I'm "replacing" the product so to speak, others might be pleased that I found something that works. But I'm posting this because I've found a new desire to share my journey and help advocate for safer alternatives. So I figured I'd make a post here, as I know there's plenty of folks who smoke, and share my story... and I'll also continue to make posts at day 3 (the first big milestone), day 7, 14, etc. Heck, I might start a blog about it. Maybe a YouTube channel as well. Here's to a healthier future. For you and me alike.
  7. Skiing! I absolutely love skiing. Fresh mountain air, the cold bite of the alpine snow, the exhilaration when you hit powder and point your skis downhill...
  8. Let me just hide this quick as a test... Fixed. Thanks carb! Now to write a tutorial...
  9. Title says all. I was hoping to edit a post in a private section, and noticed that I can't even edit my own posts.
  10. Got the new oil pan installed, no leaks! Sorry, was too busy staying dirty to take pics.

    1. RedBaird


      My cartoon-mind pictured your camera-phone running away as you approached it with oily fingers.  📸🏃‍♂️

    2. captnconcrete


      how long did it take . was it easy or hard?no leaks is a plus ..lolol

    3. Xernicus


       It didn't take too long, it was relatively easy as I didn't snap any of the rusty studs on the cat. (which has a perfect honeycomb, obby)
      The oil pan was a b!tch to mount, as the transmission is mounted transversely to the motor... I had to pull the shift lever and torque converter covers, and even then it was a tight squeeze, but I managed. I'd say it took 4 hours total. Most of the time was spent wresting the rusty nuts (LOL) off their studs. 

  11. Whenever I open my inbox, I get this error when trying to view messages: [[Template core/front/messaging/conversation is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Just a heads up, that's all
  12. I know I'm late to the game, but Rambo... you go way above and beyond what anybody expects of you. Your dedication to the clan is tremendous, your work is amazing, and I look forward to your future promotions.
  13. Hmm... well I had a quick glace at your config, and noticed some duplicate cvars that could be contributing to your problem, I'd try using Rendel's version of your config and see if it helps. If it does not, could you answer a few quick questions: -When did this start happening? -Do you have this issue on all of the servers you play on? (Try joining another =F|A= server, such as Beginners #1 which runs on a different mod, if you only play on our Beginners #2) -Could temporarily enable your lagometer and take some screenshots and upload them here? (The cvar is cg_lagometer 1 to enable it) I'm not expecting to see anything that is of much info, but it could prevent us from looking at any "red herrings". Just to keep you updated on my train of thought: as of right now, I'm suspecting an overheating issue or failing HDD (if applicable)
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