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  1. Good for them! Energy companies play a huge role in climate change, and refusal to look into new, safer nuclear plants, or investing in geo-thermal or hydro methods means that the price to pay is a lack of electricity. With that said, homes and businesses should not have to incur financial losses-- they should be square on the energy company's (PG&E) shoulders.
  2. Xernicus

    Asian pop music!

    my face when Hachioji releases a new song
  3. Nice rig! Keep a close eye out on that 5700XT though, and RMA at the slightest suspicion of a failure. None of my Sapphire cards have lasted more then 3 years. Been looking at AIOs lately. What are your load temps on that 120 rad? Thinking of going 360, but perhaps I won't need to.
  4. LOL MSi is still using Nikos mosfets... avoid them like the plague folks!

    1. Nancy


      Gamer in sane mind never use MSI motherboards. :":

    2. captnconcrete


      lol i have a msi k9a2 neo still kicking.its from like 2005.

  5. Xernicus

    ET 2 Update

    ET2 is closed source and AFAIK nothing based on Unreal Engine is open source. No worries! Licenses and whatnot can get pretty confusing real quick.
  6. Xernicus

    Xernicus' Photography

    Photos Xernicus has taken throughout the past few years. Some taken with DSLR, others with phone or point n shoot.
  7. I've had enough of this bullsh*t. Once again, suggestions are suggestions. Opinions are opinions. All are welcomed here. What isn't welcomed is pointless bickering, arguing or putting others down. Whether that's through text, memes, photos, pulling rank, etc. There doesn't have to be any escalation if everybody just treats others with respect. So let's start there. And let's stay civil. Thank you!
  8. Xernicus

    ET 2 Update

    Indeed, the source for ET has been open since 2004. If this pans out, it will be a win for all. The current game engine is past it's limits, and runs poorly on even the best of the most recent hardware- despite what your FPS count might show. The connectivity to multiplayer platforms is actually a huge win-- it means new networking engine is 100% backwards compatible with the Quake backend.
  9. No. No. No. What in the hell? messing with the pagefile to fix crashes? Yeah, nobody is suggesting XP-era suggestions because they're just that, history. I'm sorry, but this pisses me off because this is gatekeeping nonsense that will only make problems worse. And computer knowledge gatekeeping might fly by some, but not me. If anybody wants to know how Vista+ handles older applications, it's simple. memory access isn't altered at all- but system access is diminished to nill unless a program is run as an administrator- instead writing files to an %appdata% directory which is symlinked to make the program *think* it's accessing Program Files. The only thing that changed memory wise in Windows XP was the introduction of DEP - Data Execution Prevention - and nobody has ever had to mess with that to get ET to work.
  10. Wondering if anybody is using Serif's Affinity Photo instead of Photoshop, and if so, what your opinions were/are. Currently on the 10 day trial, and liking it so far. My Adobe subscription is coming up for renewal, and trying to decide whether to keep or ditch it. Pros I've found so far: -The panorama stitch seems significantly better -3rd party plugin support seems pretty decent (less buggy than moving from PS 2015.5 to 2017) -Layout is pretty similar -Far less RAM and scratch disk intensive -Live Lighting is much more intuitive and seems more powerful -Price. One time payment of $50 compared to $120 yearly. Cons I've found so far: -Photo stacking is marginal. It passes, but ghost reduction and focus stacking are sub-par often leaving artifacts -Not impressed with chromatic aberration reduction in the Develop "Persona" (equivalent to Camera Raw)- there's no sliders to choose the aberration colors or the reduction amt. I'd have to use a third party plugin to replace that. -Settings in the Develop persona do not "stick" like they do in Camera Raw. If I go back to change exposure/white balance/etc, all of the sliders are back at 0 after I click "develop". -Limited presets for things like tonal range, curves, etc. I often used one of Photoshop's baked in presets and adjusted curves/levels from there, saving me time. I could make presets, but some should come "out of the box" -Lens distortion tools are finicky. I really liked Photoshop's smart "auto" correction features, which Affinity lacks. With all of the above said, I think it's definitely worth the $50 asking price, especially considering lifetime upgrades. Migrating my workflow has been a bit of a learning curve, but that's to be expected. It would be hard to justify using both Affinity and Photoshop though, so it'd probably boil down to one or the other.
  11. Send me a PM, I'll hook you up with full size images.
  12. I tend to drink local (micro)brews. Pints usually range from $4 to $6 USD. Compared to my local shop where I can get two pints for $3, or a six pack for $9- a bar is pretty expensive for me. Cocktails around here go from $6 to $15 depending on where you go and the quality of the alcohol they dish out. I wouldn't go by myself but if it's a night out with friends then I've got no problem with the cost. I tend to drink gin and tonic or VSOP Cognac neat if I go out.
  13. Month two of invisalign. Teeth already look better! Now I just need to learn how to smile
  14. What better way to spend a Saturday than learning the Likey dance?

    1. RedBaird


      A Tutorial for you!



    2. Xernicus


      Thanks much~! Gotta say, it's pretty fun!

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