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  1. I think the fine is legitimate. I could care less about the value of the discs or licenses... but the toxic chemicals released from burning those discs--- and especially the holographic layer... that could add up to serious pollution.
  2. Xernicus

    Website Donations

    @daredevil You forgot to hit me up man! 20 bucks coming the clan's way tmrw after I stop by the bank.
  3. Xernicus

    Share the new things which you discover on new update

    It works for all content. Please don't test it.
  4. Xernicus

    Share the new things which you discover on new update

    New report options! Request: if you're reporting a spambot, make sure to type something funny so Staff can have a laugh! like "Damn, wish I could have a pool but these spambots don't work worth a crap"
  5. Let's all buy a beer for daredevil, send it in through donations. Cheers mate! :cheers

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    2. Vindstot


      Set the sensitivity to max, you will need less space :D

    3. Xernicus


      I wish I could do that mate... really wish I could.

    4. daredevil


      As the saying goes - if you don't make enough for beer, you don't deserve it! All the money goes to server bills because I don't make enough to keep it going for next 10 years i.e. I could buy 2 cars brand new in 10 years with that much expense :)

  6. Xernicus

    Share the new things which you discover on new update

    No more big grey boxes on top of your profile! Instead there's a really neat fractal image. Looks like it's based on colors in profile pic for those who have one (aka not sincity)
  7. Xernicus

    News Welcome our new staff member

    Woop woop! Congrats man! I've never had much to do with the COD side of things around here, but just from browsing around I can see that you've always come up with great ideas, advice, and you're one friendly dude. Keep it up! I look forward to see our future in COD being full of fun and success. Also: Now the only other member from WA makes it to Staff. The plan is succeeding.
  8. Xernicus

    Website Welcome to our new updated website

    Thought the round avatars looked good on Deflection (currently only on Elegant now for non-VIP)... matched the rounded edges of the buttons and whatever you'd call the "divider" between posts that lists the user; more of a fluid and modern look. Not that square is bad, but thought the round avatars were quite a defining feature/look of the new platform.
  9. Xernicus

    Website Welcome to our new updated website

    Very nice changes! New banner, post updates on sidebar are better than ever, app section is fixed up, and my favorite part... the announcements on a sidebar. Great work! Keepin it fo sho.
  10. I need some coffee

    1. OnionKnight


      I know a guy in India who can make you coffee that got digested from an elephant lol

    2. Vindstot
    3. Vindstot


                                )     (
                     .-""       )    (          ""-.
               .-'``'|-._             )         _.-|
              /  .--.|   `""---...........---""`   |
             /  /    |                             |
             |  |    |                             |
              \  \   |                             |
               `\ `\ |                             |
                 `\ `|                             |
                 _/ /\                             /
                (__/  \                           /
             _..---""` \                         /`""---.._
          .-'           \                       /          '-.
         :               `-.__             __.-'              :
         :                  ) ""---...---"" (                 :
          '._               `"--...___...--"`              _.'
            \""--..__                              __..--""/
             '._     """----.....______.....----"""     _.'
                `""--..,,_____            _____,,..--""`
  11. Xernicus

    I think I'm not the only one who has this problem

    Huge -1 to forced maxpackets to 100. I think there's a huge general misunderstandings of what the client-side network settings do. Let me clear up maxpackets for you: For maxpackets in particular... It should be relative to maxfps and upload. For those with low upload speeds or poor bandwidth, a lower value actually improves their connection. Otherwise, it should be equal to 1/2 of their FPS afaik. If everyone's MaxFPS is higher than 200, then and only then should 100 be enforced. General advice: don't focus on anyone's settings besides your own. What's "incorrect" for you might be perfect for someone else. Ping/latency doesn't really mean crap. Someone can be living nextdoor to the datacenter with 10ms ping, and have 64k dialup. They'd have a low ping, but a shitty connection. Yes, latency/ping affects gameplay. But what really matters is stability. If it's stable, they can enjoy their game. If not, then everyone loses. Just enjoy the game. Also, calling other people lamers for their net settings isn't cool. As said above, clientside cvars don't have a "one size fits all" setting. Heck, with that mentality I could complain that you're on Wi-Fi, but I don't. If you seriously want cvar enforcement, we have ETPro servers. The rest are pub aimed at enjoyable gameplay for all. Also: for me, I'm on 1GBPS FTTN. (Fiber) I live halfway across the world from Jay3 where I see you most often. I have 168ms ping there. You call that a bad connection? My connection is faster than yours, and because I'm on Ethernet from my computer to my modem, it's more stable. Does that mean I should enforce my settings on you? No.
  12. Xernicus

    improvements in the connection

    Sounds like it could be buggy router firmware. You might check to see if the manufacturer has an update available. If not, you could try a factory reset. Note: Only flash the firmware over Ethernet.
  13. Hey man. Did you get your build yet?

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      I heard that it's building him.

    3. Vindstot


      The computer is building Xerni? o.o

      My world just shattered!

    4. OnionKnight


      Xerni is actually just a series of computers hooked together

  14. Xernicus

    DOI suggestion pvp server

    8 players doesn't make much sense to me, given statistics I see. And for me, I don't want to have to run around a map to have to find someone. Enforce team play, host custom maps, be chill. Be open to suggestions. Also, let's not expand too fast. And for the future... no need for theaters-- This ain't DOIPro. I would say 16+ players with tweaks. Remember that atmosphere is what makes a server. If we can't get 8v8, we need to look at changing things.
  15. Can't leave a build unfinished- new case and mobo for the FX-8350 before the Ryzen comes. ;)

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    2. Xernicus


      It's a pretty affordable platform... but DDR4? Pff, gotta pay through the nose for that. RAM prices are ridiculous, a good kit can cost more than the CPU itself. :huh:

    3. Symfony


      Exactly. Plus DDR4 isn't even a great improvement on the consumer end. 

    4. OnionKnight


      Pics when you get it :D. There is still an embargo on 2700x reviews, but it looks like it is going to blow some socks off