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  1. $4.49 is the current price on Steam. $4.99 for Deluxe edition.
  2. If it's still under warranty - which lasts for 2yrs afaik.... RMA it. my experience with Logi RMAs has been great- they didn't even need me to return or cross-ship, I kept the broken mouse. From what I've read, two things seem to help the most: trying another USB hub (like another bank of ports on your mobo), and downgrading LGS. You could also try going into LGS and seeing if your firmware just got updated- looks like there was an update that caused this in the past(?) If it were just those three switches I'd suggest spraying some de-oxit into the switches and see if that helps first.
  3. XP reset is done because not doing it can cause major issues. It happens after 90d afaik. For "0" set to all classes, problem here is we get mass suggestion to change xyz, then these changes don't work for pqr% of players and they complain.... it's a repeat cycle-- we can't please all. What we look for is balance-- that includes the player who joined 90, 180, 360, 900, etc. days past a veteran. So that they're able to fight on the same "playing field" sooner rather than later. If we set classes to 0- it would give the veteran player a huge advantage just based on play time alone-- not skill (unless you're talking about mass reset which is no, period) Hopefully I worded this correctly. Note: This a JayMod - a mod made for fun. This includes poison knifes, adrenaline, double jump, goomba, etc. This is part of our pub style game-mode. For those who don't like it, silEnT servers - esp. HC will suit you well.
  4. Xernicus

    Asian pop music!

    Daniwell's back (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
  5. What's the MP situation like nowadays? I tried it for a bit, but it was always such a cluster at ports/tunnels/etc and major cities that I stuck with the vanilla client. The traffic in those areas was too much like driving IRL for me xD Been awhile since I've played though (last fired it up in early May) It's a nice flexible game, that's for sure.
  6. Where you have to click play twice in JayMod when selecting from the box for it to actually play (demo file.dm84 works normally afaik). @Neuro did you manually put demoview in your wine folder for ET, or did you use like PlayOnMac, winetricks, etc?
  7. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't believe there's an issue- I know there's a problem. That's why I'm here and addressing it. Long post, so bear with me. First things first- If admins are ignoring someone who's bothering you and they're aware of the problem, best thing to do is shoot us a message using Contact Us. This gives Staff+ a heads up and we can then talk to the admins/members who were online and give them a gentle reminder of admin duties and advice on how to deal with the situation. Admins have the commands necessary to take care of the situation, so they should be using them. Our goal is to: A. Prevent these things from occurring in the first place and B. Deal with them swiftly so everyone can enjoy their game. For A: We use the level system to help proactively prevent PM spam/harassment, requiring someone to play for a certain time before being allowed to send PMs. For B: They get short/long/perma muted, PM abilities blocked, etc. The length and severity depends case-by-case. There are various people doing this off and on through the years, this particular individual has been doing this off and on for a little less than a year, from what I can see on records. Issue from one doesn't mean issue from all, and various people respond to various measures-- ie: some might learn from simple mute, others might need PM abilities blocked or a shadow mute, some might need a ban. So it's unfair to lump 20-30 different people- some of whom don't play anymore- into "this has been going on for years". We take the measures we can to prevent this, but some always fall through the cracks. We want an easy going atmosphere- not strict chat rules with a sterile feel. Now the first report I see about this person is January of last year, and the last report and last actions I see about this person (aside from this) is from September. He went 6 months in 2018, and then again from September to November with perfectly fine conduct as far as I can see. So when these reports fall off like this, we assume that they've learned their lesson, so to speak. Yes, logs get checked and we can verify whether this is the case, but that's a very time consuming and tedious process. Unfortunately, we can't be everywhere at once and it helps us to get these reports. That's when we take a detailed look at logs for specific issues with a player, and figure out what the best next step will be. As for why we're "keeping him around"- well it's his choice to continue to connect to our servers. Typically, if someone causes no disruption to someone's gameplay while muted, we won't ban them. If they start team-killing, nadeswitching, or being generally unpleasant then we'll look at giving them a vacation. That's also decided case-by-case. Now what I can do is start camping on Silent/HC so I can look into this a little more in-depth.
  8. Eventually what ends up happening in cases like this is this person will get PM abilities permanently removed among other things. So no, it's not a complete if you feel it's a waste of your time, than so be it. But if you keep the pressure on us, we're aware of a constant problem. If the reports drop off, we're inclined to give benefit of doubt.
  9. Xernicus

    Asian pop music!

    Nostalgia time: people often ask me "what was the first Vocaloid song you listened to?". Well, wonder no more. But dang, I haven't listened to this in like 7-8 years The producer also remastered the song in 2013 (with the then-new v3 vocalbank afaik) on the "Oriental Mind" EP:
  10. All you have to do is follow the game directory on Twitch. Directory: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Wolfenstein%3A Enemy Territory App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tv.twitch.android.app
  11. Xernicus

    Asian pop music!

    No clue if this has been posted:

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