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  1. OP seems halfway legit. Unsure if unlimited spambot works or not... Good topic though. I'm waaay behind on everything. Used to check every season. Guess I'll have to go with my all time all-round favorite... Monogatari series.
  2. @Wef 2 Lake Bellevue Dr. (Also better to start a new topic rather than bump an ancient one :P) Cheers!
  3. Huh? Speed does not equal bandwidth. They're very very different. it doesn't matter- You could have a 15, 150, or 1500mbps package, and you can get the advertised speed on one connection, but as soon as you start opening multiple connections (or multi-threaded networking as some call it), some ISPs simply can't keep up and you'll notice higher latency and slowed downloads, buffering on streaming video, etc. Conversely, good service can offer the advertised speeds throughout multiple connections/streams/whatever. Typically, yes- higher speeds offer higher bandwidth, but overselling, bare-bones infrastructure and false advertising is very much a thing. Think of it like a freeway. Speed is the speed limit, and bandwidth is the number of lanes. You can have a speed limit of 120km/h. But if there's only two lanes- there is going to be major backups/slowdowns. If it's four or five lanes, you can travel at a higher/advertised speed, even if there's congestion. https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/blogs/vip-perspectives/2015/10/16/bandwidth-vs-speed
  4. If you check your NQ folder- do you see a file named "autoexec.cfg"? If you see an autoexec file, try renaming it to "auto.bak" or something like that- then making a copy of the "exec.cfg" you uploaded, rename the copy to "autoexec.cfg" and put it in your NQ folder- effectively replacing the old file.
  5. Hmmm... the config you attached doesn't match up with what you're describing. Are you executing this config every time you play? There could be some conflicts or cvars that are getting overridden. Edits could be made to your config if you dumped the results of /cvarlist, but it might be simpler just to make a new one from scratch.
  6. Reminds me of Staind- namely some songs from the "Break the cycle" album. Completely unrelated (and nearly polar opposite genre of the quote)
  7. 8400 and 8800 series are the same architecture aka "Tesla". If anything, the 8800 is superior in all ways. What you're seeing is most likely due to driver updates- or your old card had some form of degradation going on. You're not wrong though- the 8400 isn't a "gaming" card. It was released shortly after Windows Vista and was basically an entry-level option for running Aero (the glass effects in Vista/7), watching 720p HD video- which was just entering mainstream, quick web-browsing, and lightweight gaming- which could include ET. Historically, onboard graphics used to suck- but they're catching up to $100-$150 GPU's pretty quick. AMD's Ryzen APUs and Intel's new CPUs with AMD Vega are the perfect example of this. that said, there's two types of "onboard" graphics. 1) on the CPU 2) on the mobo The first is higher performance, the second is lower performance- but good as a backup option- especially if a PCI slot craps out. That said, I run the same config- no onboard. Absolutely. I'd recommend 900p- 1600x900 for the 8400 while running any game. You'll get higher definition textures than 720p- while having a more comfortable gaming experience on a 1080p monitor. Here I thought I was finally getting some free time, but been busy with craptastic audits galore this month due to some unforeseen circumstances- but I'll PM you with the ISO to update your BIOS within the next day.
  8. Xernicus

    Weekend Plans?

    Got to sleep in and catch up with some friends
  9. Even at full price, this game is worth it. I'd call it the true successor to SimCity 4.
  10. Decent idea in theory. In practice- at least for JayMod- I could see this melting down pretty quick. And honestly I cringe at the thought of the filesizes of these DB's and the response times- major overhauls would have to be done across the board. And TBH, I'm not 100% onboard with this. It'd be fun and have a novelty factor for a day or two... but it'd get boring pretty quick and tilt those who like to reset their XP when playing for a challenge vs keeping their XP on their favorite server when playing for fun. All I can think of is "why?". What purpose would it serve besides being a novelty side project? I'd call that impossible. -Pressing TAB to display XP is clientside. So that'd would require client modifications. It'd be a pain, only work for one mod, and bloat the code... but not a huge deal if we use some a prefs file to store those servers clientside. But who wants to start five different ET executables just to see their XP across servers by pressing TAB n times? It'd be faster just to type "/connect server.domain". -When you press TAB, netcode of the game queries the server to get XP. How would it get XP if you were offline? Opening up userinfo queries is a big no-go, that'd be huge security risk.
  11. Set the "Run as an administrator" option under the compatibility settings in your shortcut or the executable's (et.exe) properties. That way it's just set and forget.
  12. Happy Friyay~!

    1. RedBaird


      Are you going to relax or are you going to use the weekend to "catch up"?  :D

    2. Xernicus


      A bit of both. Definitely trying to maximize the relaxation time. :D I've got some prep to do though... four meetings next week.  😨

    3. RedBaird


      With the heavy rains that fell here, I have weeds to fight ... and now the temperatures are in the 70s...I am loosing! 😱

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