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  1. Do you know whether your PC has AMD, Intel or Nvidia graphics? If you've got an AMD chipset, you'll need to open the console (~) and type "set r_primitives 2" followed by "/vidrestart"
  2. Instructions unclear, subscribed to dialup.
  3. hi dude


  4. Looks good to me. I've seen 2700x's going for 299.99 (the MSRP) on Amazon, you might get it from there. 3200MHz memory is a good choice, I've heard that 3200MHz kits overclocked to 3466 is the sweet spot for infinity fabric. 3600 can have XMP issues or instability. Timings on the Vengeance modules look a little loose, but those can probably be tightened up in memory OC or simply left as-is.
  5. Ah, I see what they're doing. I don't agree with the practice, since it essentially "breaks" end to end routing among other things, but it's not unheard of for ISP's to cheap out on migrating to IPv6. Anyways, while I wouldn't put it past the datacenter to have some internal issues, I see packetloss starting from Airtel's middlebox, the third hop. Then it just carries down... On that note, your IP is detected as a proxy because it is shared. Airtel ran out of IP addresses and won't migrate to IPv6, and there's the result.
  6. Try going to compatibility tab in the properties for ET. Go to "Change High DPI settings" and check "Override high DPI scaling behavior" with scaling performed by Application. This is just based off of the top of my head, since I don't have time to experiment with it atm, but I know that's where to start. Had to do that on my Surface Pro.
  7. SSD's are tricky. Assuming TRIM hasn't been run yet, there's a chance. Unfortunately I believe most SSDs automatically TRIM when formatted. If you have stuff you don't want to lose, take it to a specialist. I'd avoid any automated data recovery software. They say they get the files back, but 9 times out of 10 there's garbage bits if you open the file with a hex editor. No good for photos. For "undeleting" files, they're alright. EDIT: I see you mention an E:\ directory. Do you know if that's a different physical drive or if it's just a different partition on the same drive?
  8. We don't run on your timeline. We all have things to do in real life. I think you can afford to wait a few hours while we take of real priorities. Quit spamming Staff with PMs too, btw. Bye Felicia!
  9. Could you let us know which server this is occurring on?
  10. Please don't create duplicate topics, I've merged the two together. What server are you playing on? I can test the antispam filter to see if that's the culprit. Generally all caps make people's eyes bleed, so wouldn't surprise me if there's a regex filter for it.
  11. Xernicus

    Asian pop music!

    Ahh, I remember watching that. Was touching.
  12. Much better, that's stable now. Some jitter between the router and ONU, but seems the average latency is holding up well and nothing too terrible downstream until airtel gets involved at 12th hop. No need to hide those IP addresses btw, they are not public facing.
  13. NAT shouldn't affect your latency. This is probably your culprit: - 0 | 107 | 107 | 0 | 21 | 2241 | 0 | <- Super high "worst" latency and high average latency. Really, it should be between 0-2ms for the first hop, if you're on Ethernet... maybe 10ms worst if on Wireless. So this device can't keep up with your demand. If there's no demand, try restarting it, making sure it has good airflow and see if that latency drops. Packetloss at the ONU... not good, because it's connected via Ethernet. So either it can't keep up with the demand (wouldn't surprise me, being an iBall product), or that router on the first hop isn't transferring packets before the TTL expires. Again, 7ms for something connected via Ethernet isn't stellar, even disregarding the first hop.
  14. | IP - 96 | 23 | 1 | 7 | 7 | 7 | 7 | Something's really wonky with your local network (your side). Have you been setting up vlan or subnet configurations or maybe daisy-chaining switches or routers together? At least the first 8 hops are your local network-10.x.x.x is private range. only after that do I see a WAN address. TL;DR: That second hop is terrible, and the next 7-8 are plain weird. If the second line, marked as "IP" starts with 10.x, 172.x, or 192.x, then replace your modem.
  15. Looks like a gamma issue. What's returned for "r_gamma" "r_ignorehwgamma" cvars? (type it in with a preceding slash and press enter without inputting a value)

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