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  2. If anyone is still interested, we've made another trickjumping mod called JumpET. It's very similar to ETJump but it has no restrictions in it, thus being more friendly to new players, as they can skip tricks they can't do and still play other tricks in the map instead of having to change the map. Here are server files if anyone is interested: https://mega.nz/#F!ANpDxAxT!Bkz0ZWxwvNVFRZGMBBmfCA You can copy your etjump config into this mod completely. We spent a lot of time and effort in making our mod have the same user settings as etjump does, just so people don't have to look up any new commands or create new configs. There are few servers running that mod, but I wont be naming them here as I suppose there's some rule against advertising other servers or something like that. Can't be hard to find via trackbase anyway.
  3. im new to tj in general but im interested in learning and trying stuff out so count me in
  4. Hi guys, i'm sad. I can't jump on a FA TJ server, so, count me in.
  5. I came back to this thread to like this post. But had already liked it...
  6. Hello, For the server to be new, I am interested im old player trickjumper
  7. you can trim down jaymod to the point where hns is actually enjoyable, dont expect it to look like some fast ass double jump jaymod servers after the cvars are adjusted
  8. In what world u are in? It's Tjump server. Why it would be jaymod
  9. okay, that is perfect then. That is as much as I would be able to do as well. Im surprised your files are based on tjmod since I havent seen a hns server ran on tjmod since 2013 or sth. Most are ran on either etpub, etpro, or jaymod but of course all is possible
  10. I already sent him a working HNS config, I think he only needs the trickjump files now.
  11. Yes anything helps. Sorry I got busy with master list hacking in ET and Ins/DOI stuff. That's Tjump mod right? config of which mod?
  12. due to conflicting priorities and other personal things I havent had time to further invest time on this matter. If @daredevil could drop a message to tell me if the servercfgs are sufficient material without the lua's then I will still try my best to get those. If you want to get the lua's you would need to contact INFECTED|Micha who made them. Misha used to run hide n seek and infected servers himself but I havent seen him for like 3 years and all of my contact with him and his clanmembers was via xfire so I cant easily retrieve his info
  13. I don't think any version of tjmod have the ability to turn on hit damage.
  14. the guy I was asking did have servercfg but that is based on a private mod that would require certain lua's he doesnt have. I could still try to gather what I can but he isnt too comfortable about it so I could also drop it since it isnt a ready for use cfg anyways
  15. I have hidenseek files for etpub and etpro. Not sure how compatible they would be with tjmod, though...
  16. I'd be very happy to see a copy of the Retro TJ server (which is ETPro). Will settle for etjump if necessary
  17. I'm working on it already. Servercfg was based on a modded version of etpub so I might need to get that also
  18. I'm about to go to bed, but I wouldn't mind looking into it tomorrow when I get home if nobody else does.
  19. Anyone having any success on server files? Would make my life easier.
  20. You should definitely start one up! Not much cost for a low slot server and would definitely be active! You could host hide n seek gamedays that would be a blast.
  21. For sure would love to tj at some gammas or originals! Yes etjump is the only way to go. Eventually etrun if we can have several mods on one server votable by poll.
  22. I probably wouldn't do well on a TJ server since I never learned it but I would love to learn if I found time.
  23. Please, under no circumstance should this be an etpro tj server ETJump only

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