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  1. 4FuN

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    Hello Katon, Maps I'd like to be added: - Radar (with single jump) - Fata morgana - Huertgen - Stalingrad - Eagles 2 ways Maps I'd like to be removed: - Italy FA version -Karsiah TE -MLB Egypt -Paris Bastille -Supply Depot pro
  2. Hoşgeldin Ateş, çok güzel bi enerjin var dostum. İstanbul'dan sevgiler Cheerio!
  3. My point of view of that glorious situation that happened a few days back. Hope you managed to get over it 😁

    1. 4FuN


      Still drinking mate.. 



  4. 4FuN

    ET Suggestion ETjump server

    Hello there and thank you Hashi for opening this topic, I was about to open one. It would certainly be nice to have our own ETjump server people.
  5. 4FuN

    do you love me?

    Exactly thinking the same thing . It must have been a helluva hard work for coding. It is clear how they progressed indeed, very clearly. Proud of people who are responsible. And I fell in love with yellow robot, so damn cute =).
  6. A great video of dancing robots was released by Boston Dynamics several days ago. Must have been so much fun for the people of the team. Great work!
  7. Happy Birthday 4FuN!

  8. Happy Birthday 4FuN!

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