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    I'm classified as an all-rounder. There's not many things you would find me disliking provided its decent in nature.
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  1. Happy Birthday ViP3r*

    Happy birthday viper
  2. Hello everyone

    Hey! Welcome to our Forums! Damn! Another cookie!
  3. CheepHeep our new top actor ??

    I trained really hard for this role. No stunt double needed., nobody is qualified or skilled enough to come close to representing the almighty cheep. This is the first step towards dominating the entertainment industry. Soon all movies will include major chicken roles. MUAHAHAHAHH. The make up though the only part I hated and also being manhandled all the time. Ugh. Humans. Seriously though. Lol DJ. What a find.
  4. I've officially spammed 3000 times successfully. Indoctrination of humans at 50 percent. 

    1. yoyo


      why u flew away from jay1 u flightless bird. 

    2. CheepHeep


      Coz you were there!

    3. yoyo


      I'm on forums too .

  5. Wow this is really sad. Such a talented person and to die at such a young age... Rip...
  6. How fast can you type??

    This is how Chuckun types and why he needs a new keyboard everyday. (20sec)
  7. How fast can you type??

    Found one of his old assignments.
  8. How fast can you type??

    Dad stop. You're Embarrassing me.
  9. How fast can you type??

    New Rule: Those that took typing classes at school have to - 50 words off of their final score. Thank You, Good Day. If The Flash was real, he'd be you guyss fingers. Goddamn my fingers are dead. I hit 100 WPM. Im done for today xD.
  10. How fast can you type??

    Now thats fast. Im gonna beat that lol. Now i've got a goal. Thanks Im getting there but damn you type fast.
  11. How fast can you type??

    Hey guys! My older brother sent me this link because he wanted to know how fast I type. I think it'd be fun for all of us to have a go and see who can type the fastest! https://typing-speed-test.aoeu.eu/?lang=en - This test gives you random words to type - each time a different set. See how many you can type correctly in 1 minute! Here's mine on my 3rd attempt. CPM = Characters Per Minute WPM = Words Per Minute Who's up for the challenge?!
  12. Happy Birthday CookieMonster!

    Happy birthday CookieMonster. I know you've been going through some tough times but I hope you can enjoy today as much as possible Lots of love mate!
  13. Hello everyone!

    Hello and welcome to our forums. Thank you for your donation too!!

    FA hosts many ET servers that include 4 silEnT mod servers, 3 Jaymod, 3 NoQuarter and a few ETpro/Stopwatch servers. There are other servers out there that aren't run by FA but we are certainly ahead and at the top! Stick around :DDDD
  15. Where do bot names come from?

    The real MVP.