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  1. Visually there may be no difference, but higher FPS reduces input lag. You will definitely FEEL a difference with higher FPS. With certain FPS games, you will notice this more than others. Obviously the higher you go, the effect becomes less noticeable but on the lower end especially crossing monitor refresh rate boundaries, you will definitely feel something. For example, with a 60hz monitor, you will FEEL a difference between 60FPS and 120FPS. 100%.
  2. Happy birthday big man.
  3. Beautiful drawing bud. However, I need to state that this topic is exclusively for sharing pictures of members of this community. Perhaps you could create a new topic to showcase your artwork. I would love to see more but in a dedicated thread instead. I'll leave this one up but I hope you create a new topic for further artwork you wish to share. Hope you understand.
  4. If people only took things at face value without investigating the reasons for why things happen or to understand why certain things appear the way they do, we would be stuck in the stone ages. Bullets dont curve even if the illusion that this happens occurs. My guess is that its just the hit boxes lagging behind the player model.
  5. Back on topic now please. Thank you.
  6. For ET? Theres already a small playerbase for ET and even smaller number of cheaters. Where do they get "good money" when demand is very limited? Also, it's the same for us though, we are always keeping watch. It's also obvious to say that there will be cheaters here and there but for the most part our servers are clean. As long as there are good players there will be noobs claiming cheats but at that point it's all speculation. Accusations =/= fact.
  7. Lol. You know this how? You think people are 24/7 on the look out for ACs being updated for an old game. Maybe its the case for new games but doubt it's the case for ET. Also do you know how and when our AC is updated as a result of new or updated cheats? You make a lot of assumptions.
  8. CheepHeep

    ET BEGINNERS #2 Murderers

    Save your stamina for when you get in a fight. Most people use it all just to run out of spawn and then when they get in a duel they strafe slowly. When those people face players that have learned to conserve their stamina, they just look like they move faster than normal and it's because they do, they use stamina.
  9. I am now 2000 years old.

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    2. daredevil


      Happy B'day and I hope you touch 4000 in near future :)  I thought, I am getting older faster but you are god speed ahead! 

    3. D..X


      Boomer Getting Old GIF by swerk

      happy b-day!

    4. MikeSlayer




  10. The answer to this will determine your fate in our community.
  11. Both times I did it, it was self administered which made it even harder. Was so uncomfortable. Came back positive too xD
  12. It's just exposed those that need mental help, that's all.
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