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  1. Oh gosh that just reminded me when I was around 8 years old and had this overwhelming urge to call the police for no reason. I was in my grandmothers house and I dialed 999, I heard a voice and panicked hahaha and put the phone down quickly. For the next few days, I was freaking out thinking im going to go to jail. I never told anyone until now lol.
  2. Hey! In my opinion, If you get poisoned by a bot, you must be pretty terrible sorry to say haha. Servers that have poison needles have double jump as well right? So its easy to get away from them (even without double jump) and if you can't then I am not so sure how you are able to keep up with real people. I agree, however, they shouldn't have panzerfaust because theres a limit on it and real players cant select it. If bots having flamethrowers and shotguns makes it difficult for you to kill them, wouldn't you say its good to "practice" against them to get better?
  3. So the fan in the boiler needs replacing. The house is going to be cold for a few days and last night I was lucky enough to get a cold. Im talking Niagara waterfalls out of my nose. Yes picture it please, i just pray you aren't eating because if you are, you're not anymore. Quite unpleasant haha. 

    1. GoongalaJones


      Get well soon, brother! Hope the fan gets fixed ASAP!

    2. Symfony


      the fan went on ours last week. good luck

    3. captnconcrete


      no fun  . i had my old furnace crap out on me few yrs back it sucks .. rest up bud colds suck ..good luck on ur boiler fan.id tell yea about chicken soup but im guessn u already know.

  4. Great start to 2019. Really made my day haha. Well deserved promotion man! Woot Woot!
  5. Hey! Welcome back and thanks for the kind gesture. Im not sure how accurate or up to date this tutorial but perhaps it could offer you some help : https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/30422-donating-to-fearless-assassins-with-a-credit-card/ Thanks again!
  6. CheepHeep

    ui mp 86

    Start ET as administrator. EDIT: Ah you tried that already.
  7. Welcome back to the best game in the world mate. Glad you came back to your senses hehe. Stick around!
  8. So i see a chicken egg has become the most liked photo on instagram. My plan of global domination is unfolding quite marvelously.

    1. Schmerzen


      I'll fight this war, one omelette at a time.

  9. Level 5 is reserved for applicants. Levels 1 to 4 are available to regulars and they have been given out already to those that help out on a regular basis. Levels 6 to 9 are Vip levels also available to the public if they choose to support FA financially a bit :P. Level 10 are special cases. If you check the admin level structure on the wiki, you can see what and who each level is designed for. https://fearless-assassins.com/wiki/index.php/W:ET_Admin_Level_Structure
  10. CheepHeep


    I'd give it a 6 or a 7 too. I enjoy all movies and agree that this a better movie from DC compared to the previous DC movies.
  11. If the server isn't that full (If bots are present for example), the server wont kick the spectators because players can still join the server and whether people are in spec or not wont make a difference. Only when the server is nearly full or full does it start kicking peeps. In the mean time, you could try out our other servers if one of them is full. We have quite a few populated servers.
  12. Generally, players in spectator mode will start getting kicked automatically if the server is full or approaching its player limit. I'm not sure how long the period of inactivity has to be but perhaps if its an issue for many players trying to join the server, it could be shortened. What is the current value at? @daredevil

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