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  1. Welcome to the forums man You can apply here if you wish to join the clan: https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/184-applications-join-us/ Be patient though and familiarise yourself with the rules etc. See you around!
  2. Yeah dude. You're a great dude. Do what you gotta do in real life and we'll be here when you find the time to come back again. No need to leave and no need to feel bad if you feel you haven't been doing as much as you could before for the clan, everyone goes through the same thing every now and again because thats life. Stay mate!
  3. You should meet alyssa. Shes a baddie for sure. Get on Discord.:P BTW, Welcome to the forums!
  4. Welcome back man! Yep! FA still going strong! Come to Hardcore! :DDD
  5. Wheres donations from Butters, you slippery nugget. I dont believe thats yours.
  6. Welcome to the forums mate! Good Luck in your application!
  7. Hey, Welcome back! Hope you're better now. Regarding your issue, you could try running ET as administrator to see if that does anything.
  8. Hey cptpain. Seen you around a lot on HC. Welcome to the forums
  9. Beg2 has always had that issue. Props to those guys there, honestly. They could use the extra hand possibly if you're interested as well, if you know what i mean.
  10. How have i not seen this! Been so busyyyyy. Welcome man!
  11. *downloaded* *printed* *framed* #DealWithIt. JK. nice pics!

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