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  1. If you want to follow this part, you can use our pk3 cleaner here:
  2. Oh man, I hope your wife makes a swift recovery. You guys will be alright. Dont worry about your application. Focus on the things you need to in real life first. We will wait for you whenever you're ready to return.
  3. To be honest, I am not sure of the purpose of this topic. I don't see what can be gained from reading this. People have different perspectives for many situations. You have yours and all i see in this topic is its a bunch of he said she said. All I can say is the next time you see something wrong happen, send staff a message when it happens, not months later when the dust has settled.
  4. I wasn't aware that you helped FA run servers for the past decade. Which servers did you run? You must have had pretty darn good success if you have the know how on how to keep servers populated for years on end. PS. I am repeating because it seems its going in one ear and out the other. Keep trying to paint us as villains. Not going to work. Bring proof of abuse and it will be handled. Just like in real life. A judge will kick you out of a court if you have no proof and only words.
  5. God forbid that most of us share the same opinion. This is certainly not allowed right? We must agree with you or its bandwagon syndrome. SMH. Its been said time and time again, if you see abuse, report it WITH proof. If you have been wronged, report it. This doesn't guarantee anything though. We look at your case and then we decide as a group on the outcome. If we blindly just believe every case that comes our way with limited proof, everyone would exploit that and make complaints. We do our best on the facts provided. Sometimes we are right and sometimes we are wrong. We hope to
  6. only 20 KM this week? Rookie numbers man. You can do more!
  7. 100% deserved. Well done mate. A lot of what you do is behind the scenes stuff that not many see but just know that it is all appreciated and keeps the clan running smoothly!
  8. How is everyone?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Hulk


      busy with work but im still alive.. 

    3. CheepHeep


      @Hulk Hulk smash? :D 

    4. shanniii
  9. Welcome back dude. What was your name before? You have an old account here?
  10. Hey bud, welcome back. Is there a reason you are not using your original account? Im asking because making duplicate accounts is against our forum rules.
  11. Did you just watch the project power movie or something?
  12. I would say that an admin has to see you use it for 3 maps in a row. They shouldn't go off on what others have said. Just like no action would be taken if another regular said you insulted, cheated or broke any other rule without proof. So I dont think you need to worry too much about what the regulars say. Our admins should be acting upon what they see and not he said she said.
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