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  1. Hell to the no. No. Just no. RIP.
  2. Happy birthday to @von Rantala and @Odeonn. A great leader, despite having life taking up most of his time, he still is cherished among us for the hard work and everlasting loyalty he has for the clan. On the other side of the spectrum, we have one of our new members. Even though, English isnt her main language, she still puts a lot of effort into trying her best to help out wherever she can. She is living proof that in cases where English may seem to be an obstacle, she has found a way to work with it and still push through. Bravo to you guys, hope you have a pleasant birthday FREE CHICKEN FOR ALL!
  3. That is so creepy. I'd totally pull some pranks at night with that door.
  4. CheepHeep


    Wassup man. Welcome to our forums. Hope you stick around!
  5. The coder award icon is such a troll icon :P I keep thinking its still loading and that  my connection is too slow for it to load properly. Am I the only one? 

    1. Vindstot


      I was thinking that first. Waited for some time for it to load, then looked back after 5 mins... then I understood what is up

  6. Welcome! Your english is more than fine so dont worry too much!
  7. Some advice. Dont stay up late. Reason? Well Its 3.35am right now, I poured myself a glass of milk and for some reason I put some ketchup in. Ultimate brainfart. You've been warned. Unless you like tomato milk sauce,  be responsible, go to bed early.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Vindstot


      But going to bed early is also strange. I fell asleep at around 9pm for the 2nd consecutive tuesday, and after 3:30(am) I couldnt get back to sleep.

    3. GoongalaJones


      Oh no! Sorry you had to go through that, bud! @VindstotThat is just how the body works. Gets the rest it ends from when you sleep and the earlier you go to sleep, the earlier you wake up, for the most part. 

    4. Vindstot


      @GoongalaJones but I don't understand why I can't continue sleeping at 3am after 6 hours of sleep if I'm tired af x,,,x 

  8. I wonder if you guys will realise this topic is a year old and daky hasnt been on forums for a year.
  9. Happy birthday little bro! @Smileyyy Finally turned 13 eh? How does it feel being a teenager? Our little one is growing up! hehe. On a serious note, smiley is one of my all time best mates here. Its been a real pleasure to bully him on a regular basis and I hope that just because he is becoming a "man" now, that it wont change a thing. He's incredibly smart and hardworking when motivated and has done valuable work for FA. He's come a long way in terms of his own personal development and growth and I'm sure he's going to become someone that im going to cherish forever and be prouder than i already am to call as a friend. Best friend. btw you suck. Happy birthday!! #nohomo #bromanceftw #idontknowwhyimusinghashtagsidonteventusetwitter
  11. Hello, my name is CheepHeep.

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    2. Cumquat



    3. Nancy


      Hello, my name is Nancy!

    4. m00jii


      Really? Go figure

  12. For the past week or so, @Smileyyy and I have been playing Dying Light together. I played it twice a few years ago but never with Coop. I loved the game and playing with someone else gave it a totally new feeling. Despite playing with 20fps, Im still having an awesome time. From the 18th to the 23rd of April, a community event was held involving hidden eggs whereby collecting a certain amount would unlock special items and rewards. At 10 eggs, you get a high end weapon. At 30 eggs, you get the ultimate chicken outfit called the cock-a-doodle-doo. ON THE LAST DAY I FOUND 30 HIDDEN EGGS AND WAS AWARDED THE ULTIMATE CHICKEN SUIT. I can now go around killing zombies as an almighty powerful chicken. HERE ARE SOME PICTURES: Here are some extra screenshots from smiley and I's walkthrough of the game. This is Smiley sneaking up on his bae at night when she mad. It is always intense and scary when being approached by these creatures, no matter how skilled or powerful you are. Their screams coupled with the dramatic music really immerses you in the game and makes you want to run. I just killed a bunny zombie using a sexy weapon I crafted. You can see the eggs on its clothes. This zombie is completely 'armless and yet he still chases me. lol. This is smiley attempting the trust fall exercise with a zombie. The second photo is smiley and his mate "hanging" out. Smiley and I going for a drive. Some zombies are just insane though, crashing our party. Some of the mighty freaks of nature we defeated. Will be sure to add more as we progress!! Enjoy! P.S. MY CHICKEN OUTFIT IS DA BOMB.
  13. How is the typical admin supposed to monitor the PMs. Seems like unnecessary extra work for the admins. Warnings are given initially followed by mutes that start off relatively short in the beginning. The good ones will stop by then or reduce it significantly. The guys you see muted constantly have no hope, even if there is 1% chance, I'd prefer to play the game rather than babysit those people.
  14. Not a bright idea in my opinion. For people that insult, if they can't insult in main chat they'd resort to PM if its their only available outlet. Besides its a punishment so they learn to follow the rules after the punishment expires.

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