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  1. Yes! I've kept it all this time hehe.
  2. Awwwww hey old friend! Those babies are just adorable! So nice to see you pop in man.
  3. oooo titsup! Welcome back man. Hope to see you on the servers again soon!
  4. CheepHeep


    Holy crap. I can totally see the resemblance. The long hair is a big give away.
  5. Thanks for reminding me again.
  6. Do you mind sending me money so I can get a machine 0.01% as good as this? Thanks. Im jealous as hell @Heaven:) im from the uk too so should be easy sending a couple thousand to me. Will PM you my address, awesome thanks. No wonder they call you heaven.
  7. Nothing comes to mind lmao with some of the questions I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING. except tats.
  8. I think you have to wait a bit longer because the award doesn't exist at the moment : https://fearless-assassins.com/awards/
  9. Perhaps if you had a life in the first place, it would matter. JK Thanks for the interview muff
  10. Hey guys, It has been said many times but just keep in mind that us admins want to play and enjoy ourselves too. If we forget to press tab or don't notice teams are uneven straight away, just give us a friendly PM and i'm sure one of us will move or sort out the teams. If the same admin continues to neglect the teams over several maps, feel free to make a complaint but remember we are here to have fun just as much as you guys so sometimes we miss things. @ed_ I watched both of your demos. Demo0014: You did !howfair and after about 10 seconds, Scoofi moved. I don't see the issue in this demo? He noticed you asking for teams, after his killing spree ended, he was more than happy to move. Renegadepig also did !teams2. Demo0015: You PM'd the admins to sort out the teams. Immediately, Renegadepig moved someone to other team (a weaker player) which allowed you to join and help allies. I noticed scores were pretty bad there (in favour of axis) but axis were 2 down so when you asked them to sort out teams, they must've assumed you were talking about the number of players being uneven on each team. Map progression was also pretty okay on that map anyway. When looking out for uneven teams just keep in mind the map progression as well. Also, high skilled fraggers are good but a good objective player is better sometimes. Thanks for the reports.
  11. MP40 here. Sometimes i use thompson coz i get fed up of the sound the MP40 makes and need a change but i definitely prefer the MP40.
  12. Welcome FCC! See you on HC!
  13. Welcome back! Was great meeting you on HC yesterday. It's pretty awesome too see people come back after a long break. Stick around this time eh.

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