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  1. I am pretty sure its on all mods. If not, direct me to that mod because it would be super easy to kill people without any knockback from being hit.
  2. Based on Barnie's explanation. He is saying that the knockback is only a visual thing and doesn't actually affect the position of your crosshair. If you adjust to counter what you see, then you will go off. What I recommend is recording when it happens and then using Sunlights demoviewer to remove the knockback so you can see what your crosshair is aiming at during those fights. Compare with and without then maybe you could get an understanding of what is actually happening. PS. Head shots probably makes the knock back worse and also I think when the guys quickly turn around and dink dink dink you, its more reflex than them actually aiming so the knock back wont affect them. Just a guess. What you think?
  3. What kind of performance issues are you facing? Dropped FPS? Lag? You tried /r_primitives 2 - if you are experiencing FPS lag, thats the first thing I'd do. I realise you may have done this already but mentioning just to be safe.
  4. Thanks for coming everyone! Special thanks to the event organisers that helped out too! Was a pretty successful gameday! The server had people consistently throughout the whole gameday. Activity from start to end of the gameday:
  5. spacer.png



    It Fits u Lord Chicken :D 

  6. Did you adopt the 3rd one by mistake or something? Or different father huehuehue.
  7. Hello. Try running the game as administrator.
  8. I recommend looking at the date and time of a post. This thread is over 3 years old bud. Hehehe. /locked.
  9. I see @captnconcrete. If the error persists. Open up a topic in the ET support section so your application doesn't get spammed. @Exoh0l
  10. RedB : Cheep's split-from original topic ended up as the first post, instead of the post that I first created in this topic. I was later able to use an 'add message' to put my 'bottom by date' post above this one. HAHAHA @RedBaird RedB: CRAP! I effed-up Cheeps original reply by trying to remove some edits that I had done here! Maybe @CheepHeep can edit this post to restore his original comments.
  11. What does the ui part do?
  12. Happy birthday guys!
  13. Just type /vid_restart straight away when you join a server and you have no crashes - thats a work around fix for now. If you let it crash, you have to do /snd_restart to get the sound back and ends up being longer before you can actually play.
  14. I'm surprised "she" didn't pick up on how I knew the name.

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