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  1. Well where when you purchase private slots or VIP or make any donations. There is nothing that says that you are not bound by the same rules on the server as everyone else. If you break 'em, your loss. Most likely, a little more leniency may follow just to show we do appreciate people financially supporting FA but dont push your luck. Cheating is obviously a big no no though. So dont plan on doing any of that.
  2. Too much cake needed. Happy birthday guys! Have a blast
  3. Ah right. I misread your post. Well like I said, maybe you could try on gameday tomorrow when gravity is set to low.
  4. I think FA 'bout to make a few million.
  5. Higher than ETpro? Never heard of ETpro having the reputation of having high jumps. Always thought everything on that mod is dampened to make it more difficult. Would be cool to see though. Maybe you could try on gameday tomorrow when the gravity settings are gonna be changed. Its on NQ though.
  6. Welcome back dude! Nice to see you make your way back here. If you want your level and group reinstated, post here: https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/246-qa-reports-issues/ with prefix "return from inactivity". See you around!
  7. I've been playing a lot more on Jay1 recently and its made me realise how bad i am at the knife on that mod haha. That being said, i can see why people dislike the knife because those that are really good at using the knife (looking at you @Eazy :P) are unstoppable especially in narrow spaces. BUT, i found it to be more fun and challenging to try and dodge the knives. Half the time i did and half of the time i didnt and i think that is completely fine. Its another element of the game that attracts another set of players and just like how many people dont like rambo medics for example, we shouldnt remove it IMO just because people dont like it when theres a good amount of people that do like it. Maybe I haven't played a match where theres a tonne of people using poison knives but from my personal experience it hasnt been over the top or a problem. Just another part of the game. Besides, there are a tonne of other servers without poison knives.
  8. Hey man! Welcome back dude! If you are having trouble with ET, you can always post your problem in the support section here: https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/11-et-support/ Hope to see you on soon!
  9. Welcome to the forums! MikeSlayer from NZ? Yeah he plays on our HC and Silent1 servers. I can't say i've seen him around recently but thats mainly because i havent been on too much myself the past month either. You should come visit. HC : /connect hc.clan-fa.com Silent1: /connect silent1.clan-fa.com See you around!
  10. CheepHeep

    Hello there :)

    Damn. Welcome back man.
  11. Welcome back dude. Nice of you to pop in.
  12. Welcome to the forums man You can apply here if you wish to join the clan: https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/184-applications-join-us/ Be patient though and familiarise yourself with the rules etc. See you around!
  13. Yeah dude. You're a great dude. Do what you gotta do in real life and we'll be here when you find the time to come back again. No need to leave and no need to feel bad if you feel you haven't been doing as much as you could before for the clan, everyone goes through the same thing every now and again because thats life. Stay mate!
  14. You should meet alyssa. Shes a baddie for sure. Get on Discord.:P BTW, Welcome to the forums!

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