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  1. @MikeSlayer What did I even do???
  2. CheepHeep


    I'm sure it has been mentioned in other topics that the kickback you experience when being shot at is only a visual thing. your crosshair is still in the same place. Any attempts to adjust your crosshair as a result will just end up with you missing shots. My guess is that when you shoot first and then suddenly get hit, you try to adjust and counter it. As for the person being shot at first, its most likely that he isn't trying to adjust for any kickback and is reacting, initially at least, based on reflexes, reacting to being shot at and that is why he may be more accurate. Just a thought.
  3. It has been promiced to me a FULL SCALE CHICKEN INVASION by year 2020. Now its 2021, and I dont see any invasion!.. 


    Where is my invasion, Cheep? 





    1. CheepHeep


      Because of covid, it has been postponed until further notice. 

  4. All you really have to learn is the names of different parts of the map which doesnt take too long. The rest is pretty basic stuff. Just figure out who the bad guy is. If you are the bad guy, win by killing the rest before they figure you out.
  5. Happy birthday mate!
  6. It's been awesome to watch you grow buddy. You're going to make a fine staff member. Congratulations.
  7. You have to make another one. This was so funny. Hahahhaha.
  8. Damn.....i mean, you could always buy a PS5.
  9. I have it already. Come come! Join the fun.
  10. I am proud of so many, if not all of mine. I will say 1 person though. @Professor Tony. Being his only referral, I take a lot of pride in him being able to make it to staff. He is and has always been one of the greatest additions to HC.
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