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  1. Raziel sang me happy birthday. Life is complete.

    1. Professor Tony

      Professor Tony

      😮 I missed it?

    2. CheepHeep


      Was a personal voice call

    3. Nancy


      Congratulations it's your birthday, time for lots of fun. So roll this post up nice and tight and stick it up your bum! :P

  2. I am now 1000 years old... what a life I've had. 

    1. m00jii


      You have two extra zero's there :}

    2. Mufasa


      Now it's been 1,000 years... cheep has cried a billion tears. For what he never knew. Now the chicken's reign is throughhhhh

  3. CheepHeep

    Interview: von Rantala

    Awesome interview! I missed these Neuro.
  4. It's not wiped. Just needs updating from what I see. I also can't use warn. It is not in the list when I do !help.
  5. I was going to say this too! As much trouble as I gave you before, really happy to see you slowly coming back!
  6. Hardcore prevails. #editingskillzonpoint
  7. Enough aggression please mate. People are allowed to state their opinion on things. If you don't like it, you can always ignore it. Spawn killing is allowed on NQ1 and basically all our servers. If an admin or a player is telling you not to do it, just kindly tell them that it is allowed. You guys are welcome to open a topic discussing the spawn killing rule but for the time being it is allowed.
  8. Guys, please keep this topic about map suggestions only. This means the addition or removal of maps only. If you want to talk about the faults of a map or something that should be implemented into certain maps or a server, search for a more relevant topic and comment there or start a new one if no such topic exists. PS. We all want whats best for the servers we enjoy playing on so lets work together rather than against each other. People have different views and opinions so take that into consideration before responding. Any further replies that aren't related to the theme of the topic which I repeat is to just talk about the addition/removal of maps, it will be hidden. I encourage that you take these debates into another more relevant topic. Thanks for understanding guys!
  9. @L3ftY. That sponge one is the best! Absorb the coronavirus!
  10. That moment when you live on the server so much that gametracker thinks you're a bot.
  11. Welcome back!

  12. Welcome to our forums! PS. Move to introduce yourself section

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