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  1. 9XY197573V980524A 100 USD, hadn't donated yet this year iirc
  2. First time in 6 or so weeks that I had some time to play. Forgot to bring my 3,5mm splitter so I am using earplugs haha, also on cheap hotelwifi but what gives? Playing was a blast, hopefully again next week :)

  3. Dest!Ny

    Weekend Plans?

    Last weekend in my current country (for a while anyways), so trying to fit as many people as I can to see a last time before I leave
  4. Errrrr .. not sure but doesnt this message happen when you join the server for the first time on a new etkey/silent.dat? Thought it had something to do with some kind of registration Been a long while since this last happened to me, for me the problem resolved itself rather shortly
  5. Would you like a game day on hc? Wondering what the reasoning might be.
  6. Thought of jumping pn vc when Im streaming but there wasn't ever anyone there, guess I can be the first one to enter tho Dont think viewers mind anyone other than myself talk about anything other than myself
  7. Equal spawntimes favor axis actually, also spawntimes are usually 20/30 on ETPro however sometimes 25/30 if you wanna help allies via spawntimes you would actually want them to be more equal haha. Then again Im sure a map like bremen can be made balanced enough to be very playable with standard spawntimes, the mapdesign is pretty great as it allows for a lot of little tweaks
  8. Send me jay1's server cvars and I will absolutely 100% pinky promise not create an EU clone out of it! Promise!
  9. I know, I wasn't trying to imply that the existence of adren was the secret ingredient There can be many different reasons there is a difference, the most notable ones are already expressed here and frankly, I can't tell which of these is the real cause. It will just need to be investigated.
  10. That's correct. On adrenaline you take 50% less damage from body shots and AoE. Only headshots still deal 100% of their original damage output
  11. Conqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq welcome back man! Sick to see some oldschool nq1 ppl, giftig messaged me literally yesterday as well, IlluminA comeback inc Good to hear you have been doing great, you made some big steps in life for sure and even bigger steps are soon to come!
  12. Most if not all scenario's where SK would become an issue can be deduced, I'll try to deduct the examples that are given in this topic here and there: Last axis spawn Goldrush: Most SK happens at first arch. Yet a lot of people will still try to exit there. Second arch has artillery sometimes, especially on FF servers. Nontheless it is very easy to gain controll on third arch as axis can go around the back and often have complete controll over the bank. If you can wrap around third arch it becomes quite easy to clear the courtyard making second arch more accessible. Last axis spawn Oasis: Regardless of whether you are talking bout top or bottom the house is always crowded with whoever controlls the area. If you want to gain back controll you'll have to wrap around the back or from the cave side. I have never seen it happen where allies had full controll over all of the possible exits for axis. Arty on area behind the broken wall for allies Oasis: The area is too wide for the entire area to be dangerous, aside from that you can usually estimate the time between two bombs and enter the house. Not to mention that the area is right outside your spawn so you are barely getting held back. Last axis spawn Braundorf: I can honestly not recall more than a handful of times allied mortar would position himself in such a way, let alone be a continious influence on the flow of the game. Braundorf is incredibly small tho, therefor the line between allies having full controll over the inside area and not being able to enter at all is very thin, tides can turn in literally two spawns. So what can we conclude from that? Maybe Braundorf gets balance issues after a certain amount of players and it should be played with fewer people, or maybe you will have to take the bad tides for granted and wait for the oppertunity to overpower the allies The spawnprotection is already incredibly long in my opinion, especially on some maps you really notice it (f.e. on Special Delivery axis can be around the elevator before spawnprotection wears off). Especially if you look at the fact I cant even pour in a drink with how short the respawn times are. If you found an balance issue with a map you can always go to the suggestion subforum so people can take a look at it, I'm sure there will be some maps out there. In other cases SK issues are almost always caused by uneven teams or players stubbornly taking the same route over and over. Looking at how short respawntimes are getting we would be nearing a point where players would have spawn protection for an entire spawn
  13. Dest!Ny


    Edit: Whoops, that's not correct
  14. Dest!Ny


    Sounds like ET isnt saving your etconfig.cfg, do you open ET as admin? P.S.: Do consider Kajto's suggestion. There are easier ways out there

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