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  1. mfw the internet cable cant reach the pc. Guess I need a new one..

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mufasa
    3. m00jii


      OR, you move the PC closer to the cable 🤔

      OR rip the router off the wall and bring it close to PC 🤔

    4. Dest!Ny


      Neither of these options will work out well unfortunately @m00jii:( Router really cant move and if I move my desk my chair has no leg space anymore 

  2. Last night in Spain tonight. 10 weeks go by sooooo fast

    1. Hulk


      It always goes so fassstttttt😑

  3. Guy who made the map actually built it from the Soldier of Fortune 2 version of italy I think, which was ported from CS ofc
  4. Happy bday @von Rantala!!! Show yourself some more!
  5. Please make a seperate topic for that
  6. Dest!Ny

    ET jay1 issue

    I do agree that your path is very curious but more often than not this problem is caused by an error in pak0, best solution is to save your etkey and silent.dat and reinstall
  7. Nahh, he still lurks sometimes I think, but he got busted multiple times and started believing everyone else is cheating. Guy got less cool as time went by
  8. Sneak lost contact with himself mate. That guy took a turn
  9. Well, it might be interesting if you differentiate muting someone entirely and muting someone to the point where they can only pm admins to work things out, and if he uses that power wrongly he can be entirely muted as per the first type of mute.
  10. Different engine different rules.
  11. Abseiling? Or what did you use the gear for? And where? I love stuff like this!
  12. Whats up my dude? Legends never die
  13. Hello Owl, it has been a long time. We used to visit DA when I was in *dA, maybe you remember V4nDaL or Stupido/I-2-Stupid Nice to see youre still around, you found yourself a great place here
  14. Unless you would also make it possible to hit two people with the same bullet (i.e. the idea goes both ways) I don't see this idea working. The nice thing about ET's current mechanics is that maps actually are playable with 32-50 ppl, if all 10 ppl camping in the Special Delivery control room would be able to hit you together the map would be unbearable for example. Being able to clip through teammates seems really wonky to me, but maybe it turns out better than I would expect in practice. However what argument other people might bring is the unrealistic aspect of being able to walk through people.

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