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  1. Another 10 million gathered
  2. If you need any help just hit me up on Discord dude, you can find it on the left Dest!Ny Desti#7006 Co-hosted a cup made by deathbringer a couple years ago. Was also always willing to help small cups I played in to keep the idea and the cup alive. Roughly 6 years of ETPro experience in general, played some cups and a league. Used to play in puggy scrimteams like F|A's, EA#'s, [dd]'s and in unknown scrimteams like Negative and LOWES.
  3. I agree. It has merits. For example you can see which countries need to combine in order to create a team and which countries could make even 2 teams. Although, as Dare mentioned on the other topic; not everyone watches the forum, not everyone who might be interested is on this forum etc. Creating polls to get a gist is never a bad thing to do, obviously, but it is far from a perfect indicator so I think the previous topic/poll was enough to make bigger steps.
  4. You should select somewhere that it isnt required to vote for all polls. I only have 1 nationality Maybe a list works just as fine but a poll can work
  5. It's Lenovo's idea so it is his decision to make. If you want me to help organizing I'm up for it probably, but it won't be my ideas that will be carried out. When I was reading your earlier reply I thought you were affraid it would just be a fest of rambomedics like on standard Jaymod servers, so I tried to assure you that competituve ET is nothing like that. If what you said was only meant as a suggestion to make the cup interesting in it's own way then please, accept my apologies, I misinterpreted you. I am trying to help, just like you!
  6. Traditionally the is only panzer allowed for soldiers in 5o5 cups :). Usually teams run 3 medics, a rifle, and a standard engi in 5o5 and for axis maybe a fops instead of an engi until they need to defuse something. Unlike normal Jaymod there already exists a fair amount of diversity in the classes in competitive play so I do not think you would need to restrict anyone with what classes they have to play
  7. I think nowadays people want to see a promising organisation and planning before commiting to a tournament. Right now it is just an idea, there are no rules stated, no dates specified, no minimal amount of teams etc etc People post tournament ideas maybe every month, yet there are never tournaments being held. You want to distinguish yourself from all these failed ideas.
  8. Its actually quite nice. They added PvP not too long ago, which a lot of ppl.think is a great new assett. Raiding is quite fun still and you can grind your gyms to gold. In my personal opinion the game itself became a lot less boring compared to 2016, however the hype did die down a lot.
  9. Whether or not someone likes the map is purely subjective. However the fact that factory is extremely unbalanced for axis (the attacking side) is as objective as it gets. I was told, justfully, that it is just a christmas map that will be rotated out fairly shortly so I dont really mind coping with it, especially since I personally dont have a lot of time during the christmas holidays. However once christmas 2019 hits, please dont consider this map again. Thats all I wish for.
  10. Dest!Ny

    Really bad lag

    Can you tell if its FPS lag, connection (ping) inconsistency or anything else? Maybe a picture of your lag-o-meter if there is anything on there. Also it is always useful to run a WinMTR. Just enter the server IP in the top left and let it run for a few hundred packages.
  11. Sounds cool. Do you have a servercfg that would work with Jaymod? And a general idea of how you would adjust the ruleset to fit Jaymod or adjust Jaymod to fit the ruleset (I'm thinking about doublejump, spawntime intervals, maps, weapon restrictions, etc etc)
  12. "again"? Have you been stalking me?
  13. Will be there unless mortgage f***s me up
  14. That's not what is happening :). Maps are classified in 3 groups, at the end of the map the server checks how many people are online and decides which group of maps are allowed to be voted on. Meaning maps are the consequence of the amount of players, however the amount of players are never the consequence of the map

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