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  1. I only recorded locally, didnt stream but the difference shouldnt be that big. There are two major ways to record on OBS, "Screen capture" and "Game capture". For ET I would recommend using Screen capture. First thing you do is add a "Screen capture" to your Sources somehwere in the bottom left of your OBS. Then double click this Screen capture and make sure the window is set to your ET.exe. This way the only screen OBS will record is your ET.exe so technically speaking you can do whatever you want while OBS will continue to capture what your ET.exe is capturing. Only issue is that ET will mute its sound when you dont have it on the front and thus OBS won't be able to capture that audio as well. Secondly make sure you have turned on your desktop audio and selected the right device (default = default), same goes for your Mic/AUX if you choose to use one. Last of all in the case of streaming you will probably need to use the settings function found under the "File" tab, in there is a tab that reads "Stream"
  2. The discord is a pretty safe bet, Xash is online quite a lot so you can easily contact him through there
  3. Oh I see. I had not realized that. If objective happens in the way you ordered them then it should indeed be allowed to take the radar parts before 5 minutes, if logic applies. Rush rule would then be applied on destroying the antennas and not on the radar parts.
  4. If a rush rule is in place on the specific server then you are not allowed to take either objective before 5 minutes have passed. Blowing up side door and/or building CP is all possible but you cant grab the final objectives
  5. After playing the map a little bit there are 2 parts that I would like you to have a second look at. In my opinion the higher roofs you added should go back to being unreachable, they are very different from the usually accessible roofs because you can actually hide on them very easily. Especially the roof at the bank makes it extremely easy for allies to gain map controll and almost eliminates the possivbility for axis to ever get back the CP or the flag. Secondly the new upper exit at Axis spawn actually hinders more than it helps. Allies have a great wide area at the roof where they can camp the angle all the way up to axis spawn disallowing the possibility to stand on that little roof to kill for example the guy on mg. Aside from that allies can hide pretty well at low HP on that roof whereas axis are pretty skrewed both from the height disadvantage as from the narrowness of the alleyway
  6. Coudln't find your announcmeent post about this map @Smileyyy but do you think it's possible to create a secondary exit at axis' first spawnarea the leads to somewhere around the current barrier area because giving only 1 exit makes it pretty easy to get instakilled by multiple snipers shooting at you. It would make sense for the exit to have an axis team door and you could try to move the barrier either closer to the cp or have the axis spawn reset to the 2nd spawn (the little bunker) earlier in the tank's path so the new exit doesnt conflict with the difficulty of the obj.
  7. yea. thats not going to happen...
  8. Another idea: How about axis' last spawnpoint is split between the current spawnpoint and the bed area above the inside arch shown below in blue. Also it could be possible to extend the main exit along the northern ledge like shown in red giving maybe 2 additional exits.
  9. Dest!Ny


  10. What is your in-game name? Dest!Ny / Hotaru Shidare What is your discord user ID? Desti#7006 Have you read the rules? Yes beating cheep is all I came here for
  11. came here to revive dead topic that only I am interested in to share with absolutely noone that I JUST HIT LEVEL 40 BITCHESSSSSSSS
  12. IP is DNS based so no, that is not really possible if you switch on which DNS the server runs. You can still use the same Redirect with hc.clan-fa.com etc if you set it up like that. Maybe its possible to open up the new servers and let the original hc and jay1 IP be a dedicated redirect towards the new IPs for 2 weeks before fully closing them down? Correct me if Im wrong on ajy of this
  13. I mean the existing exit, the top one. An additional exit could still be possible but giving allies easier control over the top area (as well from arty/mortar) would coincidentally give allies more control on the outside area giving them the chance to at least circle around the fortress
  14. you could make a balcony at the top exit (on axis side) making it harder to arty and harder to access from axis side
  15. allied spawntime isnt the issue here, if thats the way you wanna change things you would have a better shot increasing axis spawntime. In the end second stage Oasis comes down to 2 chokepoints which are outside of tunnel and outside of top and bottom exit. The 3rd would be the side exit from top but this route will either way result to either of the above named chokepoints. Not to mention that both chokepoints can be heavily stacked by artillery, mortar, and every other type of explosives while also being easily inside of axis' spawn protection range making it utterly unplayable for allies. Reducing allied spawntime solves nothing realistically, Im sorry

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