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  1. Can you tell me a little more about who is organizing this?
  2. There's a lot of German words in there if you listen carefully. It makes sense given the large amount of Germans in Santa Catarina and Rio Grande who immigrated there after WW1
  3. Cool channel mate! Subbed and added ingame, playername is koolmees
  4. Do you experience the same problem on a fresh installation? (checking for lingering cvars or even pk3s)
  5. Still playing when I have some time left over, which is not all that often lately. Been good man, nothing major but nothing bad either, just life. How about yourself? We used to play weekly scrims with some NA people until recently, right now it seems like we are on an unofficial summer break tho
  7. AH and to add. Pool went great! We were at less than a handful of people for a while before the tournament but eventually when it all started we had around 6-7 participants. As the tournament progressed we reached 16 (sixteen) people in the pool, a number I am extremely happy with. Sadly missing the start puts you at a big disadvantage and therefore the top spots remained divided between maybe a handful of people. But hopefully next year at the World Cup all the people that entered will come back and play from the start and of course we hope for many more new faces as well. As Mike suggested next World Cup we will be back, with prices this time (but no entry fee!). Thank you all for playing and participating! At least for me this made the tournament a lot more memorable
  8. Italy played consistent. Didn't get big wins but never lost. Deserved winner both tonight and over the course of the whole tournament Congratualtions to the fans!
  9. Went to Germany last weekend. These bars were not high enough but it's the thought that counts
  10. I'm coming for you. Slowly.
  11. Dest!Ny

    Mid pandemic

    You can go free within your borders but pls keep the delta variant away from us PT is already having it rough after opening the borders with UK for only a small amount of time
  12. Dest!Ny

    Mid pandemic

    All in all this will probably ince again take longer than people think. From what is researched so far AZN has less than 50% efficacy against the delta strain which means that possibly these people need to get vaccinated again (at some point at least), or at least I wouldn't be surprised. Unfortunately the people that got AZN were mostly the people that need protection the most...
  13. Dest!Ny

    Mid pandemic

    You're not wrong but it's also no surprise that 3 out of 4 important new strains were from countries with a questionable health care system
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