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  1. Perhaps silent1 is a nice inbetween for you?
  2. 3631 0184 3223 Nickname: koolmees I dont add ppl whose nick I dont recognize
  3. Im affraid you can already determine the outcome of adding this map beforehand. Its too big for HC and it distracts from the original obj of the map. I do agree with you that certain maps would be better of being removed because they will kill the server in the slim chance they do get picked but SGR is not the map to replace such maps
  4. There have been sign up problems for months, current date is set to early November 2018 but still there are way too few sign ups to be able to organize it
  6. We played our match just now, hadnt informed refs about the date. Sorry for that
  7. Just a bit of teeth never hurt anybody
  8. Sigh... If I wanted to join FA I would have filled in an apply, you are not drawing the right conclusions. To answer your questions: No, as far as I know you never wrote about me. No, I dont use any "tricks" and am not offended by that. I am indeed not your friend though. If you are looking for my motivation, it is because your stupidity annoys me, thats the reason Im replying here. Also if you were still wondering if what I wrote was an indirect offense and consisted solely of insults then yes, that is correct.
  9. Well, I defend Dare because he is obviously right on this matter. If I would always agree with him I might still be an admin here today but I am not. In a different world I could have picked your side, would I then be asslicking you? No, I am just choosing someone's side. There it nothing more to it. You ask for your account to be removed, this is what staff has done and now you come here complaining about it. If you wanted your account to be removed than be prepared to not be able to post on forums anymore. The sad thing is that you bring all these strong claims about wanting your account to be removed and that you are a real man with platinum balls while in reality you are just a weak human being with little to no common sense nor any will to admit and learn from your mistakes. Im glad you are laughing because you are the only one laughing right now... Most people would rather find it pitiful how you are portraying yourself here. A 40 year old man acting like he just entered high school.
  10. You want your account deactivated but you still want to post. You say you dont work for FA anymore and here you are reporting ppl you suspect. Although history has proven that this is difficult for you, I would like to advice you to think before speaking. It is actually extremely hilarious that you attack Dare by saying he thinks he is always right while YOU are the one that doesnt want to admit your obvious mistakes even when multiple people try to help you. Literally I see is a man who got his (platinum) balls stepped on and doesnt know when to quit. Please try to get a job again and maybe they will teach you how to grow up.
  11. Haha, okay this should be easy enough. If we are comparing ppl who won 1 tournament in 2005/2006 (game was 2-3 years old) versus people who have played for so much longer. To name a few: Whole Parodia lineup, sqzz, perfo, sNoOp, azatej, kot, wiesiek,
  12. Winning Quakecon 05 would already guarantee a top 10 spot on this list, goes to show how accurate this list is (if you want to compare earnings with skill) AND how trash ET pricemoney has always been
  13. goodmood.jpg

    1. CheepHeep


      heheh yes you are. *wink*

  14. I only recorded locally, didnt stream but the difference shouldnt be that big. There are two major ways to record on OBS, "Screen capture" and "Game capture". For ET I would recommend using Screen capture. First thing you do is add a "Screen capture" to your Sources somehwere in the bottom left of your OBS. Then double click this Screen capture and make sure the window is set to your ET.exe. This way the only screen OBS will record is your ET.exe so technically speaking you can do whatever you want while OBS will continue to capture what your ET.exe is capturing. Only issue is that ET will mute its sound when you dont have it on the front and thus OBS won't be able to capture that audio as well. Secondly make sure you have turned on your desktop audio and selected the right device (default = default), same goes for your Mic/AUX if you choose to use one. Last of all in the case of streaming you will probably need to use the settings function found under the "File" tab, in there is a tab that reads "Stream"
  15. The discord is a pretty safe bet, Xash is online quite a lot so you can easily contact him through there

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