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  1. Rambomedic is like the best class there is tho
  2. Maybe it's time for me to switch servers after I get my pc back
  3. A good mousepad doesnt slip
  4. Do you separate levels to seed the teams or to create different leagues?
  5. Damn, I guess the bottom one is that gamma map then But I have become so unfamiliar with those... Is it Gamma Mill?
  6. Tabletop is a great idea! I haven't had the chance to try it yet (do own the game) but from what I hear you can play pretty much everything there. Would love to play some Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride with you guys
  7. Read your PM, we can continue there if you want
  8. I used the phrase "you make it sound", I am not putting any words in your mouth. However you do seem to agree with me so why do you even make a point out of it? No need to be tense... The 51 is not related to the way people vote, it is the total amount of votes. Your last phrase is quite funny, coming from someone who thought I was putting words in their mouth while you are practically choking the server visitors with all the words you put in their mouth. Please stop clouding your posts with overly exaggerated arguments because it takes away from the point you are trying to make
  9. You continuously make it sound like the whole server is backing you up on the removal of fuel dump yet I cannot remember anyone but you complaining about it here. That contradiction alone makes it pretty hard to properly understand the situation, so maybe it would be better if you spoke logically rather than emotionally
  10. I have yet to see two random top players with exactly the same settings Also I know there have been many many top players playing on crappy Windows XP with crappy monitors. You really can't "buy" aim/skill. To become better depends on your determination and talent, not at all your set up and cfg (graphic-wise)
  11. In general (this will apply to whatever I or anyone else will say) it all comes down to personal preference, but anyways: A lot of people use way too high of a sensitivity, if you can do a full 360 or more by moving your mouse from the left to the right of your mousepad (assuming you don't use mouse_accel which I highly suggest to not use) you are using a sensitivity that you will very likely not be able to control consistently. Lifting your mouse because your sensitive is "too low" shouldn't be an issue, it should be something you have to learn to adapt to. Visual wise lowering certain graphic settings will positively influence your ability to see others thus making you a better shot from distance. I can go through some details but I would much more recommend to have a look at our player config database here: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/category/11-player-configs/. If you need help putting everything in the right folder etc etc let me know, I have no idea how new you are to ET. Lastly (for now): Don't constantly switch your settings because you died a few times. Allow yourself instead to get used to your settings so you can build muscle memory. I feel like a group of people don't take that advice to heart enough. "Aiming" is a very broad subject. Depending on the problems you see yourself facing I could go into more detail but since you stay pretty non-specific my advice will be the same. If there is something specific you want to know tips or tricks about then let us know by all means.
  12. Really sad to hear man, but also glad to hear something from you again. We aren't a getaway drug tho
  13. mfw the internet cable cant reach the pc. Guess I need a new one..

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mufasa
    3. m00jii


      OR, you move the PC closer to the cable 🤔

      OR rip the router off the wall and bring it close to PC 🤔

    4. Dest!Ny


      Neither of these options will work out well unfortunately @m00jii:( Router really cant move and if I move my desk my chair has no leg space anymore 

  14. Last night in Spain tonight. 10 weeks go by sooooo fast

    1. Hulk


      It always goes so fassstttttt😑

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