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  1. Thank you for the report! Stacking is not allowed on our servers. Unfortunately admins aren't always on the server to deal with such issues straight away. In the future the quickest thing you could do (if asking people in chat to balance doesn't work) is to report it on Discord and get help from someone that's online. In general please try to take screenshots just in case it needs to be taken to the forums, like now.
  2. Dest!Ny

    ET Classes

    Typically medic but when people don't fly across the map with doublejump rifling is also really fun
  3. Dest!Ny


    If you want to join F|A you have to make a topic here: https://fearless-assassins.com/forums/forum/184-applications-join-us/ Just make sure that you read this before posting: https://fearless-assassins.com/announcement/3-et-how-to-joinapply-for-fearless-assassins-fa-community/ Good luck!
  4. We try our best to create a gaming environment where everyone who plays fairly and behaves has a place to stay. I personally don't have a single problem with having amazing players on the servers, so your "no one really wants" is not really " no one". I've never seen a scenario where teams were impossible to be balanced because of a single player either. If you find it a mystery that some people with the same accuracy as others can dominate a team there is a lot you don't understand, but I'll assume it was a simplification...
  5. Isn't this effect part of cg_wolfparticles? If you want to turn that off you do cg_wolfparticles 0 but I think it's cheat protected on some mods.
  6. @Professor Tony CONGRATS MY DUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Extremely well deserved, you legend!
  7. You must have the wrong Heat
  8. You can make any server active with the right amount of advertisement and commitment. When we first started with the ETPro servers we organized events every weekend that consistently gained 10-16 players every week for over a year which is already a bit higher than what is pleasant for Stopwatch. Yesterday we were playing 4v4 without issues, probably on friday there will be 6v6 to practice for the tournament.
  9. It's me again! We are looking to play this Thursday, 8pm CET. Make sure to join our Discord to let us know if you are interested! It's 10 people maximum
  10. Well, this is the million dollar question right here. There a bunch of different ways to answer it as shown in the good replies already given above me. I'll try to point out which I find the most important and which I find less important. Important: - Crosshair placement/Aim high. The less distance there is between your crosshair and the head of the enemy at the moment you spot him the less time it takes for you to adjust your crosshair to his head. Also if you need to cross a long distance it's easier if you only need to worry about the horizontal axis rather than having to
  11. Dest!Ny


    if I recall correctly there is a slight kick at the start of the recoil for maybe 1-2 bullets but after that your aim is in the original position even if visually it doesn't look like it.
  12. it was great seeing u on jay2 ..had a blast playing with u yesterday thanks!

    1. Dest!Ny


      ❤️ was good to see you too!

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