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  1. Putting bots to spectator will just have another one connect and it will mess things up quite a lot from what I understand. It used to be in the wiki but I cannot find it anymore, maybe because attempting is now systematically blocked. However I don't understand why you want to putteam them. They didn't break the rush rule
  2. are those 3d paintings yours as well? Very different from your usual style but very well done Also find the random addition of plants quite funny
  3. Noticed that spawntimes on Braundorf are now 16/20? Allied spawntime should be lowered to at least 14 but maybe even 12. Spawntime needs to compensate for time it takes to reach obj for both teams. P.S.: Many maps don't have the old 14/18 anymore. Can we get a list of current spawntimes? I would love to nitpick them
  4. Personally I like auto-shuffle a lot. It keeps teams fairly even both in size and "quality". It is also good to be on different teams sometimes. If you think axis is fun on a certain map, chances are that most people think that, so instead of always trying to claim that spot allow other people a chance on that team as well. Sometimes you play on your preferred side, sometimes not, nothing to go crazy about imo. Also I want to remind everyone that an autoshuffle is no different from an actual shuffle, meaning the rule "don't mess with shuffle" still applies.
  5. I don't know how much is possible with LUA. Personally I would like the idea of MinMax scaling the KR and PRW of the people in the session and adding those values together and shuffle on that
  6. First time in the 23 years I have lived on this planet that I am wearing glasses. Say hello to the new me!
  7. Week starts at monday, walking/cycling about 8-10km per day
  8. About a week ago I finally managed to get into the nonuple digits with xp! With the increased level cap drawing closer and closer who knows if this will help me get a tiny start up boost
  9. Once I have the opportunity of needing one I'll make sure to send you guys a picture
  10. I post a picture like once every half a year This is from the room I have been renting for the last year, hoping to get a place completely for myself within a year
  11. try using Display capture rather than screen capture
  12. Oh goddddddd the memories. I think one of the main culprits for this topic got their profile deleted (or renamed?). I miss the pictures of her cat
  13. Oh man... @Hustul @nani* @rAmbolike @null @schNee @-=First=- @Antichrist @Teukka @ancientmule @Reptile* @Raziel @Pepperonipizza feels like I am missing a lot of people, especially from the old nq1 crew... It's been so long
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