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  1. Uhh, shrug. I cook Chili Con Carne which is usually 6 plates worth, I eat it that day and the next, freeze the rest. I do the same for some other dishes, mix it up with 1 soup/cold meal a week or something and I'm basically fed for 2 weeks by cooking 3 times.
  2. Flible

    some blue´s

    I suspect I'll be playing all in this thread upon returning from work today. Been meaning to look into blues a bit more In the mean time, I offer you this small sacrifice.
  3. I stole my brother's newborn just to get a picture in
  4. Rip Belgium, mediocre defense and questionable actions by ref 😧

  5. Yay, passed all exams 🤩 

    1. CheepHeep


      Happy for you!

    2. Hulk


      Nice going! I knew you could do it :)

    3. Vindstot


      Congratulations ^_^

  6. This song hits me right in the feels these days
  7. I'll be in Leuven for another 2 weeks, but the place is void post-exams (as is every city in Belgium, apparently). I'd be happy to just walk a few marathons and cycle a few centuries and fill my time with that, but sadly I have a muscle tear and can't really do much moving What do you lot do in your spare time? Specifically looking for non-laptop activities Looks like it'll be 25-30 degrees with lots of sun for some time to come, too. This muscle tear came just at the right time
  8. Flible

    Weed time!

    I don't smoke at all lol (I know right, what kind of a Dutchman am I..) but, saving you the entire Bob Marley repertoire, I'll throw this at you.
  9. @Wanheda when the Dutch do not play, we support Belgium. This is law.
  10. That's equal to killing the need for a covert ops as well as skipping the entire first phase of the map. I'm against this.

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