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  1. Tried cognac. I'm still a whisky man >.<

    1. Nancy


      say no to cognac

  2. As per tradition, you go semi well-dressed to your oral exams in Belgium.. This is the best I had
  3. I think there's a talk about TJ server elsewhere on the forum as well. I know Achilles and I would love to see that happen :).... Don't need passwords or restriction. Other tj servers don't have that either and the tj community is one that consists of nice people who do not push unless to help somebody else. Just keep the kick vote an option. With 75% vote, let it pass, the culprit will have to wait a few minutes before he/she can rejoin and if the attitude is still standing you can always choose to kick again.
  4. Ge zijt ne west-Vlaming en komt hier wa klappen over taal?
  5. No time for ET T.T I miss you guyz @ HC 😧

  6. If you plan on visiting Leuven sometimes hit me up for beers Waasabi
  7. I will miss this shirt T.T but being old ruined the model.
  8. Chameleon is a fulltime forum lurker these days :>!

  9. Flible

    new comers

  10. Suppose all awards got deleted? I worked hard for my clash royale award for the forum :(

    1. Xernicus


      Unfortunately rewards got lost when the forum software got updated last year :(

  11. The edit looks awesome. If you can work around the width to make a proper 400x150? And probably cut a little bit more off of the bottom part But I guess you know best how to handle signature-making.
  12. Hi Heaven! Render (if possible?) What is the signature about? Bakemonogatari (anime) The size of the signature in pixels? 400x150, width may be lower up to 300 The colour combination you prefer? Should match the render. Here's one I think looks extremely nice (but I wouldn't want that text) but I can't find this as a render anywhere The text you want on the signature? Just "flible", preferably in a discrete fashion (a bit like the "Sengoku Nadeko" in the example above, it doesn't jump out) A copy with "Forg0tten" for a different forum if that is ok Anything signature maker should avoid? Nah! Be creative Is it possible to use only the upper half of the render I provided? Don't care much for the lower half. Bit like this maybe?
  13. Slap me. It's you! I must've send a dozen messages to ask if you were still alive after suddenly disappearing ._. Good to have you back m8, I hope you're doing well.

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