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  1. Died at the age of 95, all within the scifi genre will be sure to miss him, although we can enjoy the continuation of his work by his many fans I'm sure.
  2. I found an old picture of me with my baby sister ^^ I think this was in 2014 or 2015
  3. Hmm, but a rotation of HC would also mean the deletion of some maps, or the HC maps/"Odd maps" (for lack of better terms) would be a rather low ratio and a lot of regulars might stop attending that server I think? I've never cared much for having a billion different maps to choice between anyway. A selection of 12-20 maps is enough, but I know I'm one of few who thinks that
  4. My mate wanted to see the city of Leuven, and so he came to visit.. This picture was taken about 20 beers into the night ._.
  5. When closing my laptop lid, it will not go to sleep like it has always done before. This problem only occurs when the laptop is attached to the AC, but the laptop will go to sleep properly if not connected to a power source.


    The settings for behaviour upon closing the lid are set on going to sleep both when connected and when not connected to AC, so it's not that. A driver issue, or a problem with one of the newer W10 updates? Input welcome :)



    1. Xernicus


      I'd start with running "powercfg /requests" and/or "/energy", see if anything comes up while the machine is both plugged in and unplugged (run twice). Could also use sleepstudy flag, and see if it reports any issues.

    2. Flible


      As soon as time allows I'll look into it. Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it :)

  6. Happy Birthday!!😊🎂

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    2. Hulk


      Happy B-day! Hope you do something fun on your day!🎉

    3. plv


      Happy b-day! B)

    4. Flible


      I have actually gone out of my way to be as unreachable as possible today. It worked fairly well, lol

  7. Is there a way to stop FA from mailing me about new posts? I am being spammed :D

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    2. Xernicus



      There's several options, all work. You can uncheck "Send me news and info" at the top to stop receiving any emails and unsubscribe from our mailing list. There's nothing illegal about anything, everything's in your control. To stop automatically following topics you post in, simply turn the setting off under the "General" category.

    3. Flible


      Thank you :)

    4. Cumquat


      thanks i didnt scroll further down in the notification settings because i saw the save button and thought those were all the settings

  8. We're talking about Hardcore.. Adding SGR is a sure way to kill the population instantly.
  9. Flible

    3 word story

    But I didn't,
  10. Oh, the FA Italy is a little confusing at times, but I don't think it's better or worse than the old one. Has its ups and downs. I feel ungrateful for saying this, but Bremen has turned from one of the most popular maps on HC into one of the maps that are seldom voted for. I'd really opt to bring back the original version for this one /e Fixed a spelling error

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