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  1. Hello Rado, Welcome to the forums its nice to see you here i have alot of fun playing with you on beg1 playing as a team and you're a great player and it always brings a smile to my face when I see you've killed your brother after he kills me even though you and nenich dont revive as much as I'd like I do enjoy throwing med packs at you both during a team fight
  2. Run the .pk3 cleaner this used to happen to me.
  3. do you have CPU OR APU? make sure you have the GPU priority set to PCI-Express x16/8 w.e your graphics card port is set in BIOS before boot. I had this problem in windows in past with AMD gpu. Also if the fan spins on the gpu at post then goes off possibly faulty card, if the fans continue to spin thats a good sign.
  4. Hello dude I kill you alot on Jay3 and always found your name with the green and purple colours looked real cool! Welcome buddy!
  5. Happy new year all it's a bit late i was partying hard/recovery mode all the best hopefully things will go better this year!
  6. kYmo

    New computer

    you need to move ur etkey and write cfg so u dont lose ur guid/xp and settings ofcourse. i made this mistake last week it is in the my documents folder > etlegacy > etkey. your cfg should be your profile name or autoexec.cfg put it in your new etmain folder and do /exec filename.cfg when in game in console.
  7. I completely agree with Fighter and Chef has some good points. Personally i think we should test 1 new map in the rotation per week or two or have a poll thread voting in a new map into the rotation and removing another. Oasis for example is the worst map imo and there is some really silly maps on right now which i see a lot of ppl complaining about including myself the one with the coloured walls and the one where u go down ladders and it's all red sorry idk the names. Cathedral would be a lovely addition once the xmas maps are removed.
  8. Greetings compadre it's nice to see you here! what you got cooking?
  9. Greetings, I'd like to introduce myself here, I played ET from 03-10 and just recently started to play again and I'm enjoying myself . I remembered F|A servers back then and always had fun there! i was in a clan called -=AN=- under the alias Narcotic/Narc for a few years back then. I mainly play on jay3 due to lag but I'm going to start to play on the other servers more now. I try to have banter on the server and make people laugh but i probably just make my self laugh most of the time lol, I do try to balance the teams out wherever and whenever possible.
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