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  1. News Welcome our new staff member

  2. Hi Everyone!

    It always warms up my heart when people come back to this game after years. That was my story too. Welcome to the forums and our servers!
  3. Happy Birthday ViP3r*

    HBD mate!
  4. I’m really sad of these news. In the past two years I’ve started to listen more edm and I’ve really fallen for it. I listened to a dance music show just tonight on the radio and got the news, some tears may have come to my eyes. He was a great artist, and had such a great improvement from his early years. Sadly he had some problems with his lifestyle, and I believe that took him away too early. Rest in peace Avicii.
  5. Hello everybody :)

    Hello Alan-bud, nice to see you joined the forums and our discord as well! Warm welcome, hope to see you on servers soon!
  6. The speed have you reached

    Oh, there's a topic of speeds as well I've hit 277 km/h (which is around 173mp/h) with a sligthly modified Audi A6 biturbo diesel on German autobahn. It was surprising how stable and comfortable the car still felt in that speed!
  7. Papa Goring reporting for duty!

    You did it as you said, welcome!
  8. How did I not see this earlier! Supercool video, enjoyed watching it! Really good job guys, hope it all pays off!
  9. Donald Here

    Hi mate, welcome to the forum!
  10. Hello F|A !

    Hey rambozo! I’ve seen you on silent1 a couple of times, welcome (back) to the forums and F|A. Remember to join Discord: Good luck with your application bud
  11. Yo0o0o

    Btw, I’m glad we woke up this old post. (alert) Sadly I haven’t seen Risk around on HC :/
  12. Yo0o0o

    What do you think XDD didn’t even cross my mind loll. I must really be a nublet
  13. Hi from Koby

    Hi Koby! I’m really glad you made it to the forums. See you around on HC!
  14. Yo0o0o

    I tested that did my game tracker show correctly on my signature first i copied the wrong link but second i got the right one.. ofc one can’t see it here lol XD
  15. Yo0o0o

    testing testing 2