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  1. lehm

    found old ss from 2012

    How does it feel to be a copycat
  2. Hey and welcome to forums! Pop on to HC or Silent1, I’ll be on those for you!
  3. Hey, great to hear that you got pieces in your real life together, welcome back! I hope too that FA would never go down.
  4. lehm


    Hi Caroline, great idea to come visit the forums, welcome!
  5. lehm

    Private messaging

    Hey Lucas, this was the right way to do it, if you don't get answers on servers, come to forums. Thank you for that. I answered you on HC today but unfortunately you had left already, but nice that you came along here. See you in-game!
  6. Welcome to the forums mate! E: and indeed a nice and interesting introduction
  7. Welcome to the forums!
  8. Ahh welcome back, great to see old fellas around!
  9. Happy birthday to you my man!!
  10. Happy happy birthday Kelf!
  11. Heeeyy Krissss happiest birthday to you m’lady
  12. Yoo Vindstot, happiest birthday to you bud!!
  13. Yass welcome back!!
  14. Hey, I saw just recently you got lvls up. Congratz, well earned bud! ;)


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