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  1. belated best wishes Lizenzierbar Lizenzierbar
  2. There are only three people who can drive tanks and artillery only for two and things like that
  3. .D You got the house clean I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I am very impressed with this game nice to see that you are interested
  4. sorry hell let loose it has to be called
  5. nice to see that you are interested, Hell it loose is the direct competition of post scriptum i think it is the best shooter there is at the moment ,But I also know that it's always a matter of taste if you like to play team play, this is the place for you I just recommend watching a few youtube videos i would like to find a team that wants to build something, it's just my favorite game. I think it's even better than Battelfield because more strategy and team play is required. It's just like Et, just very modern to say so if there is in
  6. in many cases this is the case, but unfortunately not in mine
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