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  1. Happy belated birthday Unhit, I wish you only good things for the future ;) 

  2. @DeKing Yeah very very beautiful pictures I don't know if it's true, but it seems to me that the pictures are becoming more and more professional Good Work Mate was a nice event thank you all for playing Greetings Unhit
  3. Congratz and welcome in the FAmily ! 

    1. GoldenWings


      wow i'm touched ,

      I would like to thank everyone again and say that I am very happy about this decision

      thanks also to everyone who spoke out for me

      i appreciate your trust and hope for a good cooperation in the future .

      it feels good to be there again


      Thanks for all


      Greetings Unhit

  4. @jackiejo7804 maybe you would like to visit us until you get another offer isnt Fa but a nice small other Family We all there go everyday work so we play in the evening but there are always a few troops feel invited to stop by #C998UJ22
  5. DJ aka GDR DJ ? A member looking for a new virtuell home may be able to help
  6. Hello Bige , Saw you today on jay 3 you seem like a nice guy So I say welcome here to the FA family
  7. Congratulations .. always nice to see when performance pays off
  8. ups sry mate was the wrong topic sry
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