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  1. I totally missed your avatar tho haha
  2. I would prefer Chelsea to win, what about u?
  3. I would say, I like pineapple on my pizza, but only when I'm hangover lol.
  4. To watch - soccer and tennis. I'm supporting a local soccer club, which is part of the top league in the Netherlands. Not one of the big famous Dutch clubs such as ajax or psv To play - volleyball and tennis
  5. Haha sorry! What I find most alarming is that the rich only get richer this way. Smaller clubs will start to earn less from their national competitions. Aand how interesting will for example the Premier League when the six top clubs play top players in the Super League every week and perhaps set up a B-team in their own country? It's just arrogance at its best..
  6. Thanks man, I'll try these settings!
  7. Hey everyone! I have bought a new mouse - logitec g300s - and I'm struggling with my mouse sensitivity. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. This is an interesting thread on reddit tho! https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/mtvo2m/assistant_professor_economics_eu_should_intervene/
  9. I hope the final will be between Chelsea and Manchester City tho! PSG - buying club Edit: well ... LINK. Don't think so
  10. Wanted to introduce myself very shortly; I'm 26 years old, im female and living in the Netherlands and still trying to finish my studies. Love to drink beer ! Not only just lager, but also some triples and stouts. I'm always in for having some chat about soccer (Dutch league and European/champions league). So feel free to send me any soccer related pm's! If you want to play ET together, you can find me on Jay 3 - Beg #1! Any other girls here?
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