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  1. PC rules, add me to squad up: valkej

  3. valk

    ETPRO dead?

    ET is kind of dead, competitive wise but there is a LAN coming this year. ETPro, is still played quite a lot, even if it’s pubs. I think the best way is to go to pub servers like hirnot and HBC and ask for matches, you will have a hard time finding 6o6’s all the time but sometimes they happen. I’m always up for one. Add me on Discord: valkej#9568
  4. It's all to do with the pitch of the sound and volume. If you lower the pitch, your hear Laurel and if you raise the pitch your here Yanny, but it's all bullshit.
  5. It might be lucky and Juve did put up a good fight but it was a penalty. Clear contact with that push and wrapping his leg around. Buffon was stupidly silly to do that. Real to win CL
  6. I'll just have to rekk you a few times before I leave then ))
  7. Anyone up for a game tomorrow, I'll try and get my two other guys in my team on too, add me on steam: valkkkkk
  8. I would be avi and interested in this, would be a lot of work but worth it, and also you'd attract more people from the etpro community that would want to play. Just look at the ETernal Damage Cup, they play one game every weekend where people are more likely to be online, so maybe a suggestion; is to do that instead of trying to force it during the weeks.
  9. 3o3 would be better because you would be able to get more teams sign up to be honest, 6o6 is very hard these days.
  10. You have to PM Snatix, with your team and team name, and then after wait as real life comes first. Cheep, let's get a 3o3 going
  11. I'll do a bit of a spoiler alert, I won. We played three games and I won all three, yes 2/3 games were close but I still rekt him. As for the team, if you need any help with it or need a merc then I am avi, I have put my name down for TWC but I'll retract it as I am leaving.
  12. Cheep Heep.... He's to noob for this sort of thing, he can't even beat Swissman on 2o2/3o3 xDDD
  13. I miss the good old days on the 360 and on MW2, staying up all night trickshotting.

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