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  1. Oh don't worry, I won't be there. Panza fun is over for me, no more torturing Beg2 regulars
  2. Hitch

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    Yes the demolished map should be removed, as Steiner said before it plays more like a COD or BF map. That map isn't suited for ET gameplay.
  3. Hey mate welcome, played a few games with you on Beg2. I'm here to make your life miserable with my panza
  4. Hitch

    ET Server FILIPE Map Production

    We're taking a different approach. At the moment, we are designing the map layout on paper first in 2D. Then we will model the layout in 3D. Once we're happy with the design then we can start using Gtk Radiant for the actual map. The problem is a lot of the ET maps are just badly designed and just look good visually. There is a reason why maps like Bremen, Special Delivery, Adler are popular. Their layout is well designed. So if you're recreating a real location from Warsaw, make sure you don't just copy it. Change it up so that the layout would be better suited for ET
  5. Just remember. No matter where you hide, I'll find you and kill you with my panza.
  6. Hitch

    ET Server FILIPE Map Production

    English please, have no idea what you're saying
  7. Hitch

    ET Server FILIPE Map Production

    Can you import your own models into the software? Let me know if you need any custom stuff made, like vehicles, furniture etc. I know how to 3D model.
  8. Hitch

    ET Server FILIPE Map Production

    How easy is the software to use? Tagging @PHNTM here, as we're working on a map together. Might have some questions later.
  9. The panza master in action, thinking about his next target. @Ins4ne You're dead.
  10. It does indeed look beautiful but I don't see the point really of it making visually pleasing. It's a 18 year old game. I really wish Bethesda would stop messing around with the Wolfenstein series and remake ET with current gen graphics. Bring the greatest FPS to a new audience. The newer generation is missing out.
  11. Hey mate, didn't know you were on the forums.


    Welcome :) 

  12. Oh mighty panza, show me your wisdom. Have to take out my frustration somehow
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