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  1. I want to say one more thing then I'll shut up about this. Perhaps you're right. I'll be the first to admit that PC culture is a cancer and ruins most things especially art. Nowadays so many films and tv shows have been ruined because of this. Having said that, my points were in relation to the context of FA in general. If it's about making the servers a pleasant experience and encouraging newcomers to stay then that vsay has no business being there. It adds nothing to the discourse and as I said in my previous post makes us hypocrites.
  2. Well if I was soft, I wouldn't even be online. It's not about being soft, it's about empathy. I for one, don't play on that server and am not black so it doesn't affect me. If our rules state "no racism of any kind" then we can't have it both ways, it just make us as a community look like a bunch of hypocrites.
  3. 100% agree with @Gameplan and @CabaL. It's so easy for others to dismiss the vsay when it's not aimed at them and as Gameplan said there's a certain responsibility that comes with using such a vsay on a FA server which clearly sends out a bad message.
  4. How dare you...one doesn't simply eat Baby Yoda



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    2. XeRoiXBSU


      Had bday cake yesterday and he looked like this....  Chocolate raspbery cake,his liittle body insides was rice krispy treat,, outside sculpted  with fondant. nomnom. 





    3. Hitch


      Cute, didn't know it was your birthday. Happy belated birthday mate.


      !beer xero

    4. XeRoiXBSU


      haha, sisters bday but thx anyways!!

  5. While I understand the points being made, there is a difference between what the original developers of the game had made and what someone put as an addition. We get it we're playing as a Nazi but that vsay is just an addition that is not needed and is intentionally racist. It does nothing to benefit the game and will only end up offending some people.
  6. I couldn't stop laughing at this during the entire round, thanks for the laughs mate @PHNTM Best soldier
  7. Quick, gather around boys and girls. Class is about to begin. Today's lesson: how to kill flamma.
  8. For the future, if you're looking to add more maps I would love to see Beer Run on the server. It would be good to have another map similar to special delivery and that map is perfect for its scale and intensity.
  9. Being the best is stressful
  10. I definitely agree with the points being made about medic + adre, if they were nerfed slightly this may hopefully reduce the egos of certain players and in turn help with the issue I have with KR.
  11. Genuine question, how come you have the sky turned off?
  12. Hey Oli, I won't reply to everything as others can do that but there's a few things to mention here: - Kermit recently just added 2 new maps on the server. You can always suggest new maps for Beg2 on this topic here https://fearless-assassins.com/forums/topic/75785-beginners-2-map-suggestions/page/21/ - The only map I see people leave on (including me) is fuel dump, the others seem to be fine. - With respect, I do not think reducing the amount of bots is a good idea. This has been discussed many times before. It is easy for someone like you who has high KR
  13. Just mentioning @Lt Steiner here and as a reminder, he had some really good ideas that could potentially work really well. Hopefully he'll post them here soon.
  14. Dayum son, that's some sick carving skills.
  15. Traitor!!!!!! I thought I was your best friend? I've been a supporter of the frogs for longer. Kermit 4 life Welcome mate, played many games with you. See you on the battlefield.
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