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  1. I think I'm not the only one who has this problem

    i agree some what brought this up before.. i get flustred up a bit when i do / players and they have 4000 rate and 15 maxpackets.... but lamers for a connection issue is probably wrong way to explain it.. i try to first help them but some just ignor u .. lol i do notice . this my self . i guess i dont understand why in 2018 et dls . at 2003 settings. et is for us old player a sick addiction. so in a way of life . and at times we can for get it is just a game. probably hippy cats five hundred page cfg causing the lag spikes.lol
  2. ETPro CFG

    u have to change your video mode. to handle a large res. like/r_mode -1 or -4 otheer wise it cant go that high. et is crt old ....
  3. Ping problems

    4000 is stock rate in et .not 5000 are you sharing this connection with others in house?
  4. Grey screen?

    i am gonna shot in the dark again here ..as ur lappy is not in my house .lol check ur bios version... and ur gpu driver .. ima bet ur running a ancient bios version ,an there is a update.. and ur trying to run a updated gpu driver... then it creates a problem with ur hibernate! https://us.answers.acer.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/15798/~/latest-available-bios-version also shot in dark but in windows updates ull have a optional dl.. it will be graphics adapter WDDM 1.1 1.2 an 1.3 dont dl this .. it makes older systems fail in et.. like running two gpu drivers at once.. no good. check this also. i had to uninstall it my self.
  5. Grey screen?

    older graphics driver might help ... pc not compatible with 64 bit system..? possibly... http://www.miniputer.com/Acer/Aspire_7720Z.html set it to run in xp mode? reinstall7 in 32bit i bet!
  6. if u play other mods u must save those keys too silent key dont work in jaymod..
  7. I can't join other server F A

    what os. u using?
  8. Enemy Territory List of Playable Maps

    it would be great if it worked like that most rename. doesnt the pool table map have a hockey rink underneath.. i like that map also! there is a ton of custom maps ...
  9. Martial Arts and their importance

    i practiced tae kwon do for 4 yrs.. and i do tai chi!
  10. nothing like 12.5 inches a snow in april . wtf!

    1. Vindstot


      u live in antarctika? o.o

    2. captnconcrete


      close  ..but nope!

  11. them hrs bro..  make for nice paycks.. 


    new place u moveagain?



      Ya I move around too much hence why I only play like 2 months of ET a year. :rolleyes:

    2. CheepHeep


      Hes in search of catgirls you see. Always on the move.



      I will prevail

  12. Wolf Et, Android/IOS Port

    well i think this is stupid but good luck! just my 2 cents here.lol
  13. WinMTR issue

    ipv6 connectivity there is none!..
  14. Weird load screen and game crashes on map change

    doubt its hardware failure.. really doubt ... i had a dieing 7800gtx yrs back that had orange boxes in et.. but orange boxes in et can show up with incorrect settings. if u could go into ur graphics driver pull up your et settings and let us have a look.see... also up load ur cfg so i can have look see there. im still gonna say this is a virtual store .. problem. in silent ur fa goodies sound paks .. an skins are saved in program files86x also. when a gpu fails from heat it . shuts off ur pc. an the fan will go 100% zoom. there is error logs in w7 im asummin they have this in 10 i dont use ten.? but u can trouble shot any problem in windows its easy...its in control panel performance and tools.. u should be able to trouble shot any problem there in advanced tools..
  15. Weird load screen and game crashes on map change

    there is files in et also stored in your c drive .. program files ! the route between these too is possible problem.if i go and chk the c drive program files 86x and enemy territory it stores all the fa exrta files there.. so maybe this is not communicating right? is your target : correct is your start in: correct .. as for orange boxes thats bad textures or not loading textures and id shoot tward your gpu settings! an or change your cfg . settings in target: to up ur hunk megs sound megs an zonemegs! in silent mod there is a crash log file saved to notepad .. maybe something in there? and if ur dl et stock old school ur maxpackets will be 4000 and ur rate will be 15 . ur hunk will be 56.. an so on .. ull need to modify your cfg.