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  1. \et.exe" + set com_hunkMegs "192" + set com_zoneMegs "64" + set com_soundMegs "160" do u have your target filled out correctly .these settings wont change in a cfg .. is there alot people on when this happens i get horrid fps loss on full server my self. u could try diff driver for your gpu. i once had a ati card ..yrs ago it had some cyalyst crap messed my et up big time theres settings in there u need turn off too.
  2. how u like it  happy holidays   too all the fine  fa people!


    1. Hulk


      Happy Holidays to you as well🎅🦃

  3. drawcrosshair 5 crosshairsize 32 crosshaircolor red depends on mood and map may also be white or black or mixture of these colors. fov 107 mouse sense 2.01
  4. run in xp mod and use alt enter not tab.
  5. in et both guns are exactly. the same ... heaven is very correct!
  6. i watched the demo scores where like 320 too 170 .... it was 5v3 .. but i didnt see anyone say even teams.. 2 admins on. all i can say is ask a admin to even in future if he or she doesnt then u get a demo and send too staff. it will be handled .
  7. good to see u back bud ..always a pleasure playing et with u.
  8. http://bunker.aaxxss.com/forums/topic/28249-the-gauntlet/ https://et.trackbase.net/index.php?mod=mapinfo&midx=165 http://bunker.aaxxss.com/forums/topic/29969-koth-warehouse-final/ http://bunker.aaxxss.com/forums/topic/30003-nightclub-beta-1/ http://bunker.aaxxss.com/forums/topic/29906-fragmaze-fixed/ http://bunker.aaxxss.com/forums/topic/28424-et-tower-900-points/ looks as tho madbunkerreloaded is a special map for only bunker ill see if jeco will let me have it.mean while heres some other fun ones.
  9. bunker does have a ton of maps .. check em out. madbunker reloaded is fun one!

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