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  1. man them strawberry's growin good.
  2. u did say to me this isnt a static ip. thats prolly why u are encountering lag eh????
  3. need to xxxxxx out first too ips in those txt files please do so asap.
  4. hunk zone and sound megs must be set in your load perimitter line or they wont change. there is quit a few visual things that will help u .. just like el! said hit me up on the server and we can help u no problem.
  5. best looking person in fa !!!!!! you look just like one of my best friends .lol im a stoner too.
  6. godbless brotha we havent chatted in a long while how u been doing!

    1. Rolan001


      Im 100% fine bro and you? Pm me

  7. as i agree with uthis does need to be set. this wont make et pix elate. just lag and lower fps.
  8. i would just save my etkey . and reinstall et. you could post your cfg. with new pc specs. could also be settings in your gpu .. more then likely its your old system settings trying to load .. remember if u play silent . it saves your key in diff location then other mods. etkey saves your xp.an level. if u dont want to reinstall et.... u have to go into your cfg and modify your video settings to work with new pc. /r_ is video settings . as mike said /r_lastvalidrenderer must match current gr
  9. nice .!! we definitely need new maps. keep up the good work ... ps... dont forget bot way points!!!!!! ive had few nice maps my buddies have made over the yrs but cant use em cuz the bots dont work on em.lol
  10. whats a iqos .. ive been a smoker for 30 yrs wish i could find a way to quit ive tried many times.doesnt work. and for cigars not much of a fan makes me want a cigarette but i do like these. https://www.cigarsinternational.com/p/don-lino-habanitos-cigars/1497723/
  11. whats up havent seen you on jay2 in while hope your doing fine!!!!

  12. at this point id like you to check out this page.!!!!! read it well.. more than once!!!!! https://fearless-assassins.com/wiki/index.php/W:ET_Admin_Level_Structure people earn these levels. and your comments totally disrespected every level ..... https://fearless-assassins.com/wiki/index.php/Forum didnt you say u where a school teacher or going to school to be one.?? WOW iam a 45 yr old concrete worker.. im someone you would walk by a 1000 times and not even say hi but thats ok...... id still hold the door open for you!!!!!!!
  13. someone told me last night on jay2 have fun with your hacks.lol


    listen  ive tested old cheats in et.. if  i was gonna cheat in et.. last place id be is in fa .


    an if i did use a cheat  i am confident i could clear server in less than 30sec .. so educate ur self .. game is open source im not even half as good as i once was im so sick of these idiots ... ima start muting them.or maybe just rename them to dipshit.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. iOmen


      I take all cheat calls as a compliment 😜 I should take it the same way and thank them 😇

    3. Haruhi Suzumiya

      Haruhi Suzumiya

      There's quite a few fussy regs on jay2.  Even jay1 with all it's activity doesn't see so many accusations. 

    4. Haruhi Suzumiya

      Haruhi Suzumiya

      "listen  ive tested old cheats in et"



  14. some people growing up got a trophy even when they didnt deserve it and it shows in this thread. what i didnt win well theirs gotta be a reason and it cant be that the otherguys just better. no way. theirs a saying in construction .. where im from just shut up people will tell u how smart they are.lolololol your playing a game with people all over the world . im sure lag is a factor .at some point.
  15. yea i was thinking same thing. firewall blocking ip request.
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