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  1. so i got phone caLL otherday apparently people know of me{captnconcrete} ..lol


    guy wants to hire me for 4 $ more a hr than i make . i brought this too my boss he got pissed off. lol  shoulda just talked with me.... he didnt.hum?


    so i start new job with 4$ a hr raise.  on monday .. down side is i wont be around here much ..hopefully it all works out. i have a opportunity to reach 30$ a hr none union. wow ......

    1. AirRaid


      Congrats! Focus on the main things is always good. See you when you are able to join us!

    2. mraw435


      Huge congrats! Sounds like a solid new gig even if he eats up a bit of your ET time haha

  2. alt enter is basically the same thing as /vid_restart sounds like a mouse pointer setting too me.
  3. captnconcrete

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    what do u guys think .... an what maps should we take out ....??? i was thinking taking out oasis paris bastille , base 12 ,erdenberge let me know what u want plz.
  4. hello nice to meet you Welcome to the forums , my mom is a taichi water aerobics, health an nutrition specialist ,an high and low impact aerobics instructor now for 40 yrs.i grew up eating twigs and berries . lol and working out. hopefully youll get to jay2 so we can meet!
  5. captnconcrete

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    ima be doing the rotation when i get time working lots hrs . .. or at lest try to i hope i dont mess up too bad .lol anyimput or people wanting to help out with testing an such . pm me thanks. let me know what maps ud like to c and the dl too the map and botwaypoints thanks.id like to see a few frag maps on...a few objective .. a few duel objective and at lest one mad chaos map. like i said letme know what u fellas/ gals would like too play on jay2.
  6. captnconcrete

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    they just go where there is players. if theirs no one on jay2 and i join it takes prolly 10 mins then people start showing up. u and game where pming on jay1 u shoulda just been on jay2. people make the diff not bawts. i try to play at jay1 and i cant stand it .lol way to many people and way to many ping diff.i honestly dont know how anyone can stand 30 v 30 et . with 2 thirds the players warping and lagging.
  7. captnconcrete

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    it was alot of fun going over the maps with El! before they got put up. on jay2 we ran thru em on the test server. i hope we can do this with who ever is taking over map rotation. i havent seen letdown on the server in quit a while. and he hasn't communicated with me in a while either. and goldrush is my personal fav map so it would suck too see it not on jay2 my personal fav server.
  8. south park omg GIF by Comedy Central


    do these 12 hr work  days ever end.lol

  9. just in case u thought u could ... u cant snow the snowman .. just putting that out there for the few who try.lol

  10. i watched this other day it is very funny. my wife was like wtf is this shit .lol some people just dont get it.hahaha
  11. yes this floored me . ive known barnie quit a while very great et player. this is sad news for sure we should honor him in the best way we can. he will for ever be missed.
  12. captnconcrete

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    for me . i have been real busy in rl .. i ll never give up on jay2 .. no one has ever asked for my help other then el! telling me i should do it. so i just assumed they got things handled . wasnt barnie doing rotation a while ago. id be up for the task . if i was asked by the right people. and had el! to help me get cumfy ...
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