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  1. personality in enemy territory speaks for it self. 


    get over ur self ur part of a team.lol

  2. i have noticed a pattern i have lots screen shots demos ..


    when u play et and ur ranked in top ten plz join team down in score.. some of u get on pay no attention to teams and join the team already up by 1k points and u really make  server lame...just sayin.. i dont think u want me to single u out but i can if needed its annouying and makes me not want to play.

  3. this is where i go if i had a bad bad bad day.... my bong and some good ole sam cook

  4. 130 plus floor tomorrow .3 finishers and 6 laborers pumping from one pump to another .. going to be a night mare.

    1. Cit0


      damn man I hope for it all to go smoothly

    2. captnconcrete


      it didnt what a mess .  i cant stand doing shotty work so my boss can make a fast buck.. 2 other finisher gave up lost bunch i had too go back fix it all.loli really hate the work ability of my forman now, he really sucks balls. couldnt finish a dog kenal correct. pay cks a pay ck.first pump was a conveyor pump  in to a over head line pump  dam first one over loaded his belt .. jameed had 5 trucks waiting. wanted to argue with me whn i came to help ..lol life of a cement head..lololol

  5. good too see u back . hope all is well.
  6. rain day dont get tomany of these . what to do what too do.lol

    1. D..X




    2. Hulk


      hours and hours of ET i'm guessing😜

    3. captnconcrete


      changed my oil .. clean out my truck.lol then et et et


  7. i think , its a nice idea but i would suggest .. it be private with password.. or ur gonna get the dipshits..thing i hated about tj was some idiots just showing up to mess up ur fun.
  8. happy bday sweetie.! hope u had some good times on ur bday.
  9. im for shorter spawn times .. i hate waiting so long.. like 3 too 5 sec .lol
  10. of to hospital again second injection of ocrevues . i hope it helps her..

  11. hey who where u in nsa..

    1. Pride


      I did not belong to the clan nsa. Once I long ago, before my long break, we were familiar with sneak aka freak. I belonged to the clan * [R] -Random Clan as *[R]-Jason ... We trained together with + hr. Ah, good old days ...

    2. captnconcrete


      yeah i joined nsa .. 


      i used to pug a bit with sneak ..  and scrim.

  12. ah is that for me hot .lol u need my address.
  13. oh boy sneak . thats a swear word here.. to smart for his own britches funny thing is i liked him..busted him cheating twice but still guy was a flood of knowledge if u tookit for what its worth. he even helped me with bad hitboxes on a server once . mins a fricken beast in et.. great teammate..good too see u here. ur the choosen one wow that was a mouth full.lol ur fun to play with on jay2 i like ur style. destiny what u mean by that sneak comment hes gone for good ?

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