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  1. i appreciate all music . cant stand one kind tho that rap crap where they just talk really fast it annoys me..music is the best teacher on the the planet..listen learn! first thing ireach for on a bad day ..
  2. hey bud hows life .. miss ur funny ass around jay2.

    1. m00jii


      Seen osie on jay1 for a few days now, pop by captn!

  3. had to take my wife to a oncologist. high white blood count . hers is at 17k .and the doc  mind u its fri at 330 say oh u smoke cig ok  thats why bye.lol im little peeved at this . but i guess now we will both try to quit.love my wife .

    1. Hulk


      I myself am going on 9 years cig free.. I tell ya what u can breathe so much better.. I wish the best no matter what choice you make.🙂 def was not easy for me.. just gotta keep at it and reward ur self for milestones,

    2. captnconcrete


      thats amazing man  cigs completely consume me i grew up in a shop with a chain smoking dad an grampa , run s in family . any tips i would be thankfull for. my wife has MS it kicks her ass all the time .. her doc freaked me out with this high white blood cell count .. u look it up its leukemia .doc left it up to her to take the tests . and said its probably the cigs .lol shes smoked for 23 yrs .

  4. are u from bunker? |>B<| reading thru ur profile looks like its u bud.. lol long time no see its captain america hows it going dude!

    1. DoubleDragon


      yes that is me been a while Im sure but never been part of bunker directly

      as I am here being my self minding my own business

      it's been maybe 10 years haven't been on there in a long time not sense John X retired / moved on not sure which


  5. i have alot of work next couple months might not be around as much!17 crete jobs on the books at work and side work every weekend.

    1. Kai


      Good luck

    2. Bleed


      Nice it's busy! Can't wait to be done my job I haven't stopped yet lol. 😁

  6. i love that baserace 2 ... but it wasnt to popular either. i dont know if im familiar with smileys version we could sure try it .. isnt there a diff one tho that has more rooms and a spawn for allies by the first tank barrier.? im not apposed to taking out baserace but we need to replace it with something good. axis lab? i do get annouyed by the high pingers trickjumping lol on dren.. its horrid when ur on a team in baserace that thinks defending base is good idea.lolor builds fence first .lol
  7. i personally like bassrace.. i was wondering tho we have been playing same goldrush map version for long while.. as goldrush is my favorite map... could we swap it out with say stop watch version. i really appreciate what ur doing here el! thank u .. but im not a fan of massive gigantic maps. marketgarden is no good to me.. just my opinion.. i love seeing new maps thanks again.

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