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  1. hey mini me u better change ur occupation before it kills u .hahahaha 

  2. what happen ur et had to be reinstalled.

  3. what a nice view in that first pic u lucky dog.!!!!!
  4. got a good chuckle on that last one daredevil. thats funny. all those snipers.....lol and then bam heres some spam an eggs!
  5. nice i too went with asus and amd when i built my little puss pc .lol ull love this pc ..cant wait to see how u do cable management!lol
  6. im sure ive said it before but the human mind is the best weapon. anyone can train to shot good . not everyone has the right mind to manipulate your enemy too do what u want em too do.
  7. my son  got him self a laptop  so you all will  see him on jay2. 


    he goes by the name Ihateplayer2 . let me know if hes being naughty when im not around haha!



    1. Hulk



  8. i disagree forcing ur timenudge just makes u warp all over and.is very annoying. also can make u hard to hit. everytime i see a -50 nudge i shake my head .. idiot i say idiot.lol when i messed with this setting .. i found anything below -15 was just peer warpage and . annoying. but hey it will make ur ping number lower. lololol an in my view army of one u warp like ur pings 500 .
  9. i think overall jay2 has great maps.. very friendly players .. overall great atmosphere for some et!. el! does a wonderful job on the maps and settings.. i would like to remind everyone that we have several servers with diff settings and maps... an maps will never plz everyone. id also hate to see all the servers running exactly the same maps ... i would really like to see if we could fix the issue with voting a map or voting to switch campaigns. didnt mean to sound like a nay sayer but had to get that out.lol
  10. nah just fix it so we can vote one in theres 2 campaigns on jay2 if u go to vote option in menu u can vote a campaign or a map ud like. but its broken. even when everyone on votes yes it still denies it.
  11. if we could just some how fix the vote nextmap thingy it be nice we try to vote a map we want to play and it denies it everytime. https://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=serverinfo&idx=760160&section=mappool

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