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  1. u are already a beast bud!!!. but no weapon at all just win with out killing enemy .an u cant use dren to run.lol i fear my age has caught up with my ability to play et . some days my hands hurt way to bad. i sure enjoyed the pistol fights otherday. made me feel good again .lolcuz i suck now.
  2. thats why i quit playing tf2 . that and takes 20 mins to load a map.lol
  3. hello aussie. when i was your age i always wanted too visit Australia. great to meet u welcome to the forums.
  4. for me its always no team play . always same people doing same lame shit to boost there Eggo on a jaymod server. if u want to rate go play with the raters .my numba1 goal on jay2 is to have fun. if im not having fun i will go ,do something else. if ur getting 100 plus kills dieing 2 times . ur ahh stacking teams ur not that good .lol plus the style of play it takes too do that is just lamooo.(an if u are that good why the f*** did u come too jay2. )lol never understood this logic. try this instead win the map with out fireing ur gun once . then ur truly a beast!lol fun fun an more fun is what keeps a server full.
  5. captnconcrete

    FA Servers

    scan for virus......
  6. hello welcome too the forums!
  7. its a big vote NO for me too just take off adren in jay2! but i am open too say a week trial of no dren if we make some other changes too . just think how powerful soldier becomes! WOW on the work load ur gonna put on the never give up engineers! mines and nades still work fine on trucks and tanks.. a real medic stands no chance .... becuz they have to drain there charge bar and can only heal dead in limbo peeps with needle , if we could change it so u could heal a depleted soldier with ur needle . then he might stand a chance. an limit the amount of field opps .. so it forces people to play a more helpful class. so many times super tard over in corner spamin arty !!!! in stupid spots. an hear i am other field opps and i could call arty if i wanted. drens 10sec speed and -50 damage . big woopie do . a hs is a hs so what it takes a couple more! its a game!
  8. always nice to see old players return welcome back .!!!!
  9. omfg it sure was a joe cocker day!!!!!!!
  10. did a replaster at grandfalls casino in iowa . last 2 days . we layed down 7 pallets of plaster . there i do belive 42 bag per pallet. 80 pounds a piece all done by hand so that would be equal to about three average sized pools. which average size is 16 by 36 .im sore hands are swollen got nice plaster burn on my left knee. and my lower left back is all messed up .an i been doing this shit like 24 yrs or so.omfg. if your curious look up grandfalls casino outdoor pool thats what i had to replaster.
  11. depends what we are doing .. usually 2 man crew or less doing tile work. same for plumbing . 4 to 5 men to set and shoot it . which is pouring it. we use shotcrete. takes all of use to plaster plastering is hard core u dont stop til ur done . like today i plastered a pool i worked 12 hrs straight thru stopped once to piss. and yesmates rates could apply. that pools up top i posted . me an one guy been working on capstone . and the plumbing. so only time we all there is for plaster and shotcrete!. it takes along time to do a pool i wouldnt want to do a concrete one in a week.nor could i. but a vinyl liner . could be done in 4 days. where i work .MC&R pools and spas. we do everything old school way. makes it harder work but looks better in the end. we mix all plaster in a mixer and place it by hand. so deep pools suck ass! with the times companies have a plaster sprayer and it makes it 3 times easier. but my boss wont buy one. so we use buckets and wheel barrows. and lots of elbow grease!
  12. great answer johnny.! spot on. i myself think this is all commonsense. logic. iknow from past experience ,, ull never make em all happy. dont get me wrong here i love this conversation. but its impossible to be 100% fair all the time.
  13. well .. we started that project back in last October so very slow going magic trick .lol price on first pool i posted is around 130k us $ an the land scapper is gonna sock em for that much also on the landscaping. ive got a ton of pic of stuff ive done over the yrs .. i even posted some where in here a 4 mile walking trail and wall and park i built down town ..took 2 yrs .was blast! if it is a intrest to sum maybe i post more an more. there is alot of work that goes into building a pool . u have to know several trades to get her dun from start to finish. first u have to be a excavater. dirt mover then u have to be a framer / carpenter to frame it then u gotta know concrete cuz we shot pools with special shotcrete just for pools. then u must know how to do tile . then u must know plaster. pool plaster. then u must be a plumber and a electrician. alot goes into a pool .and i love building em. ive built few fountains and we do water falls and fake rocks also.

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