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  1. just wanted too throw this up here  feeling blessed to have this place to call home in et!want to chat hit me up in a pm .. specially if ur following me.. chat me up lets get too know each other.

    1. Hulk


      I hit ya up let's chat!✌️

    2. Neuro


      hi. do you have discord???

  2. captnconcrete

    Lagging Badly

    so myan and puni watch same pornno.lol
  3. so im back again asking if u could remove replace total tank race .. its a very hated map by the regulars and they keep buggering me to get rid of it.. so again pretty please .. they all say they rather play baserace than that map! hint hint .lol
  4. we know each other from long ago in et.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. captnconcrete


      |>B<| and old farts ..

    3. captnconcrete


      for got elitekillas . *XxelitekillasxX*

    4. Mad Doc

      Mad Doc

      I’m sorry captn, that doesn’t ring a bell... maybe there was another Mad Doc?

  5. was a rtcws slut .tried et hated it .. my buddy kept pushing me to play et. got hooked ..et is like crack .. my pc wont handle new games. an ones i tired didnt have what et offers ..its the people that make the game .. never found cool enough peeps to hook me to another game . and teamwork when it does happen is best fun there is in this world. and has been my scape goat from reality to long to change it.lol question are u the mad doc from way back ..this isnt a new name in et
  6. hi. i played with rc toadvine.an on rc server ..good to see u here.
  7. good luck with work rolan001 . well be here when u get back!



      No you won't

    2. captnconcrete


      oh but i will im still waiting for u too 1v1 me..lol just like in the ole days..lol

  8. jay2 ..cuz i cant wear tags anywheres else..
  9. before u write a config .. try a vid_restart.
  10. hi buddy.. good to see ur still around..

    1. Bean


      Hey man. I’m here from time to time. Pretty casual. 

    2. Hulk
  11. hello fine peeps

  12. happy belated b day bud. hope it was  good times!

    1. Xernicus


      Thx man! Good to hear from you, hope you're doing well :D

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