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  1. good too see u around again.

  2. im a hypochondriac when it comes to everything working like its supposed too. some site dont work when its off. i dont like this . so to me ur saying yeah one tire is flat on ur car but u still have 3 keep driving. this shit worked flawless for a yr or better . i watch my pc like a hawk. now it works then dont work then works again. if its possible to fix .. i want too.lol ur prolly right tho i need to give up ive done everything i can like a billion times. lady put me on hold came back said .. they actually have no way of shutting off ipv6 it works or it dont. lol why did t
  3. quick question here i did so much stuff last few days i am now qualified for it tech .lol more than i care to ever know about it.lol question is i checked on 3 other laptops on my connection. all say ipv6 no internet access. so this is no way my pcs settings. what do i say to the provider when i call and they tell me all the shit i already did 200billion times. an they say its on my end. um i am 100 % possitive its not on my end. it didnt work for 2 months then one day magically worked now its back to not working. there shutting off the ipv6 arent they??? so up
  4. great idea. but its a hard one to accomplish.
  5. im  not gonna be around as much fur a bit . gotta go to oncologist with my wife.   scary stuff there. 


    one of the side effects from the ocrevius is blood or bone cancer.  i never wanted here to take this drug. 


    its suposed too slow down or stop MS   and MS is when the mylarshething around ur nerves deteriorate.


    basically ms is like wireing. if all the wires in ur car had no plastic coating they would short out . same for ms.  scary scary. im scared too think what would happen if i had to live my life with out my wife.  

    1. AirRaid


      I am sorry to hear this news. May God be with you both as you walk through this valley.

    2. Mad Doc

      Mad Doc

      Let's hope for the best! Take care

  6. there is a address in the ipconfig but . says tunnel adapter local area connection *11 media disconnected and no specific dns suffix . tunnel adapter isatap.hitronhub.home media state disconnected connection specific dns suffix hitronhub.home this worked fine for a whole yr now its not . weird i say weird. when i first set up this pc i did have to enter a or some shit like that but ill be damed if my dumbass can figure it out now. the local link ipv6 address is there and it starts with fe80: never felt so dumb in my life.
  7. i think my provider is lying i just check a bunch of stuff. i shut off my firewall i did everything but reset my ip . i reinstalled my driver when i do ipconfig . it shows mediastate dissconnected. they say something on my end blocking it. lol nope i checked with 2 other laptops lastnite . both had nointernetaccess on the ipv6. i think there lying. to me .lol
  8. so back to square one. wt fen f .. says no internet access again at the ipv6 so i called em they said its a setting in my pc that fin it up . hum anyhints or tips. i am a 44 yrold stoner i forgot what i did to get it to work.lol i am also a person who wont stop till i figure it out im a adhd the hell out of it.lol o/s is w7 64bit. they said at the provider it shows something blocking it . an its def not my firewall.
  9. congrats on the promo bud. just noticed it. im getting old. really miss my engineer buddy. hope ur doing great.

    1. Blunt


      Thanks Capt :)


  10. just think if mirror huri and destiny all teamed together they could get betrayal and el! they would be a force to wrecken with.lol i would love to create a team but i cant commit. ill be watchin tho . id have to get gamplan hessrude and letdown to play. also syrox and jiren.
  11. i always check ips. new names its my job. ur ping/xp usually gives u away.lol we had alot of fun last couple times we played together. now if we could just keep the carrier medic raters off jay2 it would even be more fun.
  12. i wasnt even thinking about you .lolol u did heal me last time we played . i was amazed.lol
  13. hes dam good and smart .. one of my hardest opponents. best advice i ever got in et dont be predictable. u can trick players into doing what u want .even el! lol
  14. ill see what can be done to grvw .. yea i like it when ur on my team ur one of the only good medics who will actually heal .. i get a good laugh when i get in a 3v1 or so situation and some drened up medic jumps my dead body thinking there gonna take em out to only die also. i laugh my ass off everytime.lol u usually never do that u always heal. i love it.id sit next to u in a real fox hole. anytime bud! it was a sad day when u quit.. u where possibly the best admin on jay2. but i sooooo know what u mean about the miserableness of it all. it does get trying.
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