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  1. hello meat .. i enjoy your company on jay2 .. ur a great fella to play et with.. maybe apply to join fa..id love too see that one!!!!!!!glade u finally came here . too forums. i enojy making u respawn also.lololol
  2. for the most part 95 percent of the time . we dont have potty mouths on server.jay2 jay2 is a relaxed open server. id like to keep it just that way. i see the censor not really making a diff either way. i can understand why it was added tho. but those times are gone. i can however c how if no admins are on we could have a problem...... i like the idea of giving it a trial. and c how it goes. when all of us buddies are on ... . we do have to be mind ful of how we say things and it can get a littlefunny...it is a video game ..... we are here to have fun!!
  3. an here i thought he was just off making another one of his popular vids..
  4. just between 22 an 30 k euro .lolthat would buy every vehicle i ever owned.lol
  5. happy thanksgiving pat . hope ur doing good !!!!

  6. happy Thanksgiving bud.hope all is well with the baddest ass eni ever in et!!!!!

    1. Blunt


      Hey Capt, hope all is well and wishing you a great Thanksgiving as well.


  7. have u check too see if ur on a vpn or he is????
  8. dam i wish i had ur $$$$$ lol u got some nice rides.
  9. is that a sheet in the window .lol never knew u where rich butter . looks like a good time on that lake.!!!!
  10. my son worships jim morrison he loves the doors.
  11. my man !!!! never ever give up i cant is not a option......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16826567025?Description=minos&cm_re=minos-_-26-567-025-_ this is the one im using now . nice an smooth. better then my steelseries.
  13. u forgot most important part .bud price??? https://www.newegg.com/silver-hp-probook-g6/p/2WC-0001-01V32?Item=9SIAMRPCBF0480 https://www.newegg.com/p/2WC-000N-01YB5?Item=9SIAMGNBX84755&quicklink=true i hate intel so i wont advise to buy anything with intel in it.just my preference. et will run on almost any laptop.and u can always buy a external hdd for more storage. if u would like to go cheaper buy a nice used one. ive bought a few over yrs for my wife. last one i paid 240 for and its a nice one with big screen. now if money is
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