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  1. finally found work.. its funny how that works..  i had saved a butt load last yr.. 


    its well gone .. bam got a job..was my pc money i had saved up .. and car repair s.. well cars didnt get fixed and no new pc.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RockET


      I Figured you was working when I didn't see you. Get some rest and good luck man

    3. captnconcrete


      yep i put in a 14 hr day with no breaks.. im sore and tired.only to get up goin this morning an saw control joints for 3 .5 hrs.. i guess show me the money.

    4. RockET


      youll be glad when that money starts coming in!

  2. cost 100 buck in usa to fix charge port.
  3. i have same problem kiba has .. i was like well they changed it back bummer.. im go change it right now.lol
  4. movies and video work much better with this card than the 8800 .. weird i think this cards for videos and stuff not for gaming.i only bought it as a back up back when my 9800 died.. that card rocked in et.. best one ever. but the fan they put on em is bad dies after few yrs. i got the 7800gtx from tmac.. as im not a fan of on board video gpus cuz they suck... when i built pc i went with mobo with no onboard video..
  5. that is awsome .. i have a son .. who likes to play also.. u two ever play together .. i love playing et with my son...
  6. i agree here .. ive played et sense beginning .. never cared for eye candy.. just good maps with stable fps.. maps which force team play . i like much better then a pretty looking bush or tree..
  7. i did this and it works but i think i kept typin1980 instead of 1920lol big time loss of fps at this res.. now green smoke and flamer lag me and my fps goes down to 50 and 40s.. the blurry is way better tho i can see..i quit my job in jan so my funs are depleting rapidly now.. ill have to wait to get psu and used card some where.. this ones a joke. i had a 7800gtzx a 9800gt and a 8800gts card in his thing.. these cards woop this 8400gs big time.
  8. captnconcrete


    u guys are funny!
  9. i gotta know was it wet fart. bout spit my coffee reading that name.
  10. captnconcrete


    comments on c!tos pic .. made me do it..lol
  11. that was awsome cracked me up.. pepperidge farm remembers.lol fa anti cheat says that was a lie.. great stuff bud.
  12. no floppy .. i just went in my program settings of nvidia card .. was all jarbled up ..hope it fixes the blurry crap. one weird thing i encountered .. is if i set my res too 1920 x 1080 it opengl crashes..this is native for my card.. so i dont get why anything above 1440 x900 gives this error. and changing r_mode doesnt help. im kinda scared to flash this thing remember .. ive read it can fry my system..alot people have trouble after they flash . nvidia et settings. anti-lasing fxaa off antilasing gamma correction on antilasing mod use global settings antilasing transparency off CUDA gpus use global setting all maximum pre render frames use globalsettings single display mode.<----------- power management . max performance<------------ shader cache on texture filtering anisotropic sample option off negative lod bias clamp<------------- trilinear optimization on threaded optimization off triple buffer off vertical sync off ones with arrows had to be changed.
  13. yea i hear yea there .. i set up a old lappy of mine for my son.. i definitely dont like playing on a laptop. i even have a 17 inch old gaming monitor i cant even play on it to small. i noticed thats a small quad core processor.. might just be some settings .. my daughter has a similar laptop to urs.. an as many times as i fixed that thing in no way would i put et on it.lol id say if u can get the pc.. get bud.

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