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  1. captnconcrete

    Jaymod lag

    sounds like 4000 rate an 15 maxpackets .. u can type / rate in server or /players to see. rate should be above 27000 an packets should be 100 .
  2. hey buttface nice to see ur home!

    1. Gameplan


      good to be back!


  3. captnconcrete

    new comers

  4. we love u too.!its a strange love but none the less goodbless et brother!
  5. good idea sounds like fun .. but looks as tho team Germany already won they have syrooxs.lol an last few times i tried hosting this stuff its hard to get enough peeps. to actually commit. would be kool to do this with each pop mod .
  6. captnconcrete

    Quote of the Day

    thats from the movie princess bride.
  7. ur cfg would make it easier ...possibly a performance setting in power options i had lag till i change power option settings in windows. set em to performance. maybe a little video of this lag.
  8. honestly ..really. lol i find not much diff between 34000 and 45000 makes no diff really. server was up for long time tho and needed a restart. this day u talk about server wasnt half full so i dont think rate at 45000 or 34000 makes much diff. i kinda feel like ur not a straight up dude..ur kinda a onesided dude to me. maybe i need to get to know u better. but our disagreements are funny. jay2 isnt a server to go on and be best of best.. have fun.. seems ur only fine with settings an game play when it benefits u. u get mad easy and leave. example other day scores where 611 to like 630 u called for even teams i laugh my ass off. i 1 will test it now my self. but impretty sure i could have a 20 ping u would cry when i kill u.. maybe its just all a misunderstanding .. but u did this to me back before either of us had tags u even pmed me mean ass shit.
  9. planed the night for 2019 shabang .. was gonna get f***ered up watch all jurassic park.lol ended up watching fast and furious and passing out at 1120 lol woops .

  10. well when u do hit me up in pm i know few people who could possibly help ! if they still in it.
  11. that new fancy pc wont go that high with out shutting off.. thats funny . i believe 462a was last socket u could burn hole thru. one of the reasons i dont use that stuff.. i got a good chuckle bud..i love u !
  12. lol .. i bet u where freakin out .lol
  13. 😂game day was so fun thanks guys for setting it up..i could only take the 154 ping for a bit sorry i had to go.

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