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  1. so i tried too go see bunker gaming an i have just been informed that SuddenD3ath who owned the server that bunkers forums ran on has passed away. april 25th  2020  .. He was a wonderful human !!!!! rip ... maybe we can rename one of our bots on jay2 ...

    1. CaRaNo


      Thats a nice gesture captn

    2. Santos FC

      Santos FC

      Yes, thats a  nice gesture captn.... good idea !!!


  2. well thats exactually what i try to do pm them and try to fix lag. but we cant just kick players for high ping sometimes it just is what it is.
  3. thats all we need is u seeing better in et .lol busier is good . glade to see ur doing well bud!
  4. hunk megs zonemegs and sound megs wont change if u just have em set to ur cfg. has to be written into your target field... u also have stuff like: seta r_roundImagesDown 0 seta r_roundImagesDown 1 seta r_subdivisions 1 seta r_subdivisions 20 seta r_lobdias 0 <-----------------not spelt right!!!!!! seta r_lodbias -999 id go in try clean up that messy cfg.
  5. my daughter went on her honeymoon. for whole week so me and the wifey have been watching the grandbaby  so wont  see me much till after fri . sorry.

    1. Gameplan


      enjoy it while u can :)

    2. captnconcrete


      well shes back they went too florida spent a whole week there. going to beaches. and seeing the sites. 


      already miss my grandbaby but im so ready to frag some peeps in et. she was so funn shes got me singing mulan what can i say accept ur welcome and the im shiny song ..the crab sings.lolol guys at work are sick of it tho..

  6. in etpro spawn together die together. only time i see fit to /kill i always thought ur a sally if u /kill in a fight just so u dont die. i will / kill if i want to go diff class or am out of ammo. or to gain spawn point advantage. an sense 2004 i have mine set too / bind k kill ..... i also think panzer was created in et to destroy tank trucks .. notto kill one player..
  7. what he said.. interested to know what kinda business u run.??
  8. what did ur last windows update actually update??? o/s screen shot of error.
  9. hey bud how u doing in this cranaa covid times..

    Corona Social Isolation GIF by INTO ACTION

    1. Blunt


      Hey Captn, doing good under the circumstances.  Jersey is still mostly locked down, they said next week restaurants can open inside dinning at 25% capacity.  Evidently the virus depends on how dense the population is and how dense the population is.   Hope all is good with you and been reading the Dakota's have been mostly spared.


    2. captnconcrete


      yea ive been getting 50 plus all summer. glade ur doing good  .. jersey is alot bigger place than here.lol have u been working .. ??? 

  10. bought a evga torq5 mouse ..


    big piece of shat. scroll goes both ways at once and i couldnt hold it steady in et .. gonna take it back for diff brand steer clear these junkers.

    1. Xernicus


      EVGA is crap for peripherals. Great for PSU's, GPUs and Mobos.

    2. captnconcrete


      took it back got a cougar minos x5 instead much better

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