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  1. I'd love to be your neighbour, I'd find your cameras and go there at night wearing a bigfoot costume. You'd freak out so hard.
  2. Not the same person. You can read L'Engle's signature clear as day.
  3. It does look like a 10th century benedictine punk rocker, could even be an earlier example because this order of punk rockers was founded in 744 AD. I know a guy at Sotheby's, I'll PM you his contact. We can discuss my fees later on.
  4. Looks like it says "Lucy Earglas". Nothings comes up on Google though, very likely an amateur painter, you can see from the quality of the painting she wasn't very skilled.
  5. Marsupial anal glands
  6. PHNTM

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    V2 base is such a fun map, so straightforward but for some reason axis have no clue of how to defend. Not even the basic camping at obj. It's one of the most popular maps on beginners 2 so I find it hard to understand why it doesn't work on jay2..
  7. PHNTM

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    It's a nice map, the problem for me is that jay hitboxes are all over the show when a player is in motion in the tram.. it's really frustrating on top of this because allies can easily spam the tram with cans of goblin farts and a flamethrower/shotgun. It just doesn't work with the server settings...it's never an interesting or engaging fight for the attacking team. Radar is one of the greatest maps in ET and the fact that people dislike it just makes me sad.
  8. Punchy scrotum scent
  9. There must be some sort of hidden code then because something has to explain those neat FG42 headshots from 100 meters away. I reckon the number of slots on jay1 should be limited, why bother have many servers if they're empty because (for some inexplicable reason) people prefer heavy weapons spam. Played a few maps yesterday evening on silent1 and it was great, no spam, good shooting and teamwork, but jay does offer some sort of more enjoyable/fun gaming experience. Idk, if people aren't happy about the adrenaline why not just get rid of it? I think it can be really fun but I wouldn't mind to see it go if this brought more players in.
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