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  1. weez3l, in that last pic it totally looks like your kid is holding the stick and has massive hands! had to look twice.
  2. You should hang that on a wall.
  3. I splurged a bit on my keyboard and it is my pride and joy - a corsair k63 wireless. It has red cherry MX switches and rubber rings for added silence. A keyboard for life I love it. I use a Logitech G305 - it has a hero sensor and lightspeed connection, it's quite nice. Cost me 35£ and it's everything I need.
  4. That dog may look calm but he's mad as a hatter, he's a brittany spaniel called Matisse and that stuff on the wall was my final thesis for uni hence why i look depressed on that photo, still an important chapter of my life as it took me almost 2 years to finish writing :)
  5. If you have a high KR you will be placed in axis 10 ou of 10 times so I don't think this says too much. I might be wrong though.
  6. I agree with cheep, 15-20 is a bit too much but I would jump straight to a 6/8 map delay. Looking at my gaming session on the 23rd of November: Capuzzo Supply Depot Capuzzo Fragmaze Temple Special Delivery Seawall Battery Goldrush V2 Base Venice Oasis Special Delivery ET Beach Invasion Egypt (blegh) Goldrush Cathedral School Reactor Snatch Pirates Italy Venice Fragmaze Tc Base Special Delivery Supply Depot Adlernest It was actually not bad at all, there was a good variety of maps being voted on that day but you can see Special Delivery being voted 3 times there. Between the 1st and 2nd time that Special Delivery was voted we had 12 different maps. The second interval shows only 5 different maps and 3 of them are Venice , Goldrush (these were both voted twice in the session) and Oasis. We have a great variety of maps therefore a 6/8 map delay wouldn't be an issue and I don't think anybody would mind playing Goldrush/Venice/Oasis/Special Delivery/ Italy every 8 maps or so. I think it's a good idea.
  7. PHNTM

    Beginners 2 Error

    You know I like TC base so... keep that in mind :)) I know!! x))
  8. PHNTM

    Beginners 2 Error

    Goldrush, the version where you blow up one of the side walls of the bank. All the players got disconnected, had never seen it before. edit: =F|A= Goldrush Beta 2
  9. PHNTM

    Beginners 2 Error

    This just happened on Beginners 2. Any idea of what it might be?

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