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  1. cant remember the brand but has good tactile feedback, weird plug though.
  2. Your cabins looks much nicer than the big mansion. As per usual money doesn't get you good taste. That monstrosity looks tacky asf.
  3. PHNTM


    Hello and welcome. I've played with you on beg2 a few times now, you shoot well and you're a good medic so I hope we can play on the same team as often as possible!
  4. Current map list is awesome. We could at some point in the future re-add haunted mansion. Everyone knows how to play it and it's a good map to bring back when it's time to refresh the list. Same goes for Ghetto. - I'm not saying to add them now but these would be my recommendation for the next map list revision. Is there any way we can sort out school's issues? @K3rmit you mentioned some FPS issues but could you be more specific please? Was this reported by a few people or was it more of a general issue? It's really sad we can't have it, we should try and work on brin
  5. Beg2 is usually full every evening, stop by.
  6. 5 years to get 100000 kills? How much actual gameplay would you say that amounts to? Because looking at old beg2 stats (from back in may 2020) I can see players having a lot more kills arguably quicker. Flamma had 167k kills in 24 days of gameplay (I assure you only a negligible fraction of that will be from heavy weapons). But don't even have to pick a top player like flamma because yooXi has 137k kills in 22 days of gameplay. 30d of gameplay is basically what you get if you play 2 h a day every day for a year. Which is not that much.. Not impressed.
  7. I've been in a particularly bad mood lately and I think it's because I'm trying to quit smoking so accept my apologies in advance. But artillery spam in beg2 has always made my blood boil so, what I really need is a 10 hour long video just showing field ops being exploded to pieces. Bonus hapiness if they're obliterated whilst looking through their poncy binoculars. Smug roof camping bell ends.
  8. Don't get rid of Bergen, I think people need more time to learn it. I know I do. I played one called tanks or something the other day and I didn't like it, I don't know how people feel about it but for me it could go. Have we got haunted mansion at the moment? Also Paris was not a bad map we should bring it back, although it's a bit of a flamethrower dream map. Edit: I'll have a look at the map list later because I can't remember which ones we have now. I think we should come up with a tier list A,B,C,D. Maps A would be capuzzo, bremen, Italy, delivery, beach, s
  9. Yeah, I was there, can confirm. Also can confirm you'd lose that game either way.
  10. I've said this before, medic adrenaline settings should be the same as all other classes, super sayan medics have it way too easy and generally speaking this is the class with the better aimers (with the exception of a few players like hexch, etc). Why would we be making it so much easier for the higher skilled players?? Or at least have a the eng class with the same adre settings as medics to stimulate people into playing for the obj. Yeah, if there could be a way of automatically balance the number of bots on server it would be great. I could be wrong but
  11. Ah I forgot you were quite the panzer aficionado. Nothing a well timed little jump can't cope with. I literally have no bind for /kill, what annoys me is when I get the 3hs but the panzer shot is already coming my way. Sad feeling.
  12. Jamppa would give you a heavy weapons lecture every day of the week. He's half man half bot, has MG42's permanently attached to his body and goes into prone position 385% faster than normal players. Respect the true master. XP means nothing really. Bye
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