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  1. PHNTM

    ET Jay #2 Difficult targets on Jay2

    I'm going to buy a 34" ultrawide 144hz monitor not because I need it for ET because my current 24" is more than enough but I need the extra space for having windows side by side. Obviously I wouldn't buy anything lower that 144hz, everything is just so much smoother.
  2. PHNTM

    ET Jay #2 Difficult targets on Jay2

    @spectator do you, by any chance, know someone who has a 144hz monitor so that you could give it a try and see if you feel any difference? I say this because playing on a 60hz or a 144hz monitor is like night and day and a higher refresh rate allows you see and track your enemies a lot more clearly, specially whenever reaction speed and precision are key. You picture won't be as blurry and you'll be able to better identify your opponent and correct your aim. The key is to get the first shot and always ignore the damage kick, keep your aim steady and react as quickly as y
  3. PHNTM

    ET Jay #2 Difficult targets on Jay2

    I don't know, I mean, Spectator has some points which I reckon are worthy of a healthy debate and discussion. We need to understand more. @spectator What's the refresh rate of your monitor? Also, do you play with a wired or wireless mouse?
  4. PHNTM

    ET Jay #2 Difficult targets on Jay2

    This topic is for further discussion on the subject of hard to hit players on Jay2 as I don't think we have yet pinned down exactly what makes some players seemingly unhittable. I think we should structure this debate by providing a few base points as per previously discussed, this will hopefully provide continuity to the debate. We shall take the points below as fundamentally true: - No player is invulnerable to damage; - The potential for damage exchange is equal for both sides; - For reasons yet unknown some players are unhittable or invulnerable to damag
  5. How many pages do you guys reckon we'll get out of this topic? I say keep this thing alive cause it may become a cultural movement.
  6. xD


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    2. PHNTM


      Uhh, that looks nice, and it's awesome to have a high refresh rate, mine is 144Hz which makes all the difference in the world compared to the standard 60Hz. Did you get a 40" as in that video? Isn't is too big for a desk? 

    3. MikeSlayer


      yes 40 the bigger the better i love it my  24 looks so small beside it now 
      the TN panel on my 24 gaming monitor is slightly faster but i love this slight curve it is very immersive it sort of pulls you in to the picture

    4. PHNTM


      Yeah, I can imagine the curvature of the screen makes a huge difference.

      I might upgrade to something like that too in the near future but I think I'd settle for a 32" because my desk is not that big. Anyway you got yourself a nice piece of kit now, you'll have no excuses for missing long range shots 😛




    1. PHNTM


      Well playing football is pretty much like making love to a beautiful woman.


      Bet Jesus is gutted!

  8. I had rendering issues last year. For some reason the game was sluggish, I never found out why. I saved my config and all the important files such as etkey, etc, reinstalled the game and the problem went away. My best guess is some sort of cfg clash between the different mods, because things were ok in silent but sluggish in etpro. Anyway, if you reinstall don't forget to save the important files so you don't lose your xp on server, there's a topic somewhere in the forum about that, right now I can't remember which files exactly.



    1. PHNTM


      I am now fully proficient in putting up a tent, laying carpet, hanging wallpaper and making coffee. Thanks Mike!! 😄

    2. MikeSlayer
  10. What I do to avoid getting hit is to crouch randomly in a fight, very quickly obviously. Even when reloading if you go side to side while randomly crouching you'll be hard to hit for most players.. this is something everyone does more or less I reckon. On silent you can actually avoid being shot.. sometimes you hear like a water droplet sound, I don't know exactly the relation but it has something to do with crouching. I've tried exploring this both on beg2 and hardcore, it works but I can't pin exactly why it happens so it basically occurs randomly for me. I surviv
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