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  1. Congratulations, your group is now set to "Trial". 😄 

    1. RedBaird


      And "almost an oops"  your Admin Level is now 11 . 😄

    2. Hella


      thanks mate

  2. i just moved house now when i open et i get this ET Legacy v2.76 win-x86 Jan 6 2019 Zone megs: 64 Info: fs_game now defaults to 'legacy' mod instead of 'etmain' ----- FS_Startup ----- Current search path: C:\Users\Hayden\Documents\ETLegacy\legacy C:\Users\Hayden\Documents\ETLegacy\legacy\pak3_v2.76.pk3 (1107 files) .\legacy .\legacy\pak3_v2.76.pk3 (1107 files) .\legacy\etl_bin_v2.76.pk3 (8 files) C:\Users\Hayden\Documents\ETLegacy\etmain C:\Users\Hayden\Documents\ETLega
  3. This is my 05' nissan patrol Recently blew it up but I have a bigger and better engine ready to go in when I have the time
  4. This is my pump up song
  5. Hi guys I wanted to introduce my self here on the site my in game name is "HELLA" I have not played ET since I was a kid now 27 I thought "Wonder if anybody still plays" sure enough i download it and start looking for a server I see F|A and i join all the maps and mods download perfectly and I'm straight into the Acton the members and community of this establishment have been great I'm really enjoying my time so far and hope to make some new friends First name: Hayden Any sort of Nickname?: Hella Age: 27 What country are you from?: Australia
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