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  1. It's kind of suppose to kill you. It's a grenade. Regardless I am mainly pointing out that they are below default DG for sure and it sucks.
  2. Well I will answer you both. As to why I waited this long that is easy. I played etpro 80% of the time until the NA scene officially died. As far as it being to much for a nade apocalypse : it already is bro lol. I am just asking for standard nade damage. Not smurfed DG. If I am taking the time to time and cook a nade what is the purpose if the DG is too weak? I could have been shooting this whole time. The adjustment just makes no sense if you look at it like that. Anyways I think standard is 200 DG. What does HC have it on?
  3. I've played on the FA Silent & HC servers for many years and You truly need to change the nade DG. At least in HC. Many times I have naded someone in the face and they just bounce away. It really should even be and insta gib but I know it's pub settings. I mean honestly what is the point of using them at all?
  4. Pretty much exactly. He's pretty cool on ts and yeah he knows his shit. We fell out and I haven't seen him for some years now.
  5. HC would be a long list tbh, but off the top of my head I'd say Dynasty Slick Derpman Who ( name changes constantly tho) Rosebud The Finnish dude. IJb maybe? idk Dementia aka Tomun Meep There are more I'm sure but basically anyone who knows whats up and can fuggin revive AND kill. But in the end it is a pub server so any help is appreciated.
  6. min

    War bro

    So we'll take this show to the FA discord channel. I'll have a random NA mix on the weekends ready whenever. Schnee hit me up
  7. min

    War bro

    sounds like three so far. I'm taking cheeps response to mean he's avi
  8. min

    War bro

    Also feel free to move this topic to the appropriate forum location.
  9. min

    War bro

    It's been a while since we (nsa & Fa) have scrimmed. We have always had a good relationship. Our guys pub on your server and your guys pug or war on our pro servers. Anyways get a 6v6 lineup and we'll have some fun. Saturday or Sundays are best. Also if it's mostly EU guys we have a server to accommodate. Anyways who's DTF?

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