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    Heavy Metal and Punk from around the globe. Playing Guitar and Bass. Old School Rap/Hip Hop late 80s and early 90s. Cooking. Collecting Vinyl records. Comics. Enemy Territory. Team Fortress Classic. Motorhead! Wu-TANG!
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  1. Hello! Hows it goin man? Welcome to the forums and see you around the servers!
  2. Yes I think I can hold my next friday evening to be the DJ at you Millionaire Party. 😘


    TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?????? 🥳🥳🥳


    Everybody, You should book your night now !  🔥



    1. XeRoiX



      silent party right now on VC, we save Aqua - Barbie girl song for a bit once everyone is nice and fubar!

    2. DeKing


      Don't forget video killed the radio stars 😄

  3. Here we go @DJ aka GDR DJ and thanks @DeKing for the reminder of this topic I reached 2 million XP! Party, woo! From: IP: Name: F|A BEGINNERS #2 XPS
  4. TBH i never listened to much Benediction. That intro alone... im gonna give this one a listen all the way through, thx. Check out this split. i picked up the disc some good years ago.
  5. Kick it old school with that Swedish death metal sounds. some pioneers right here...
  6. @skizochile hell yeah war brother get some more panty dropper tunes goin. ill see what i got stashed away in the infernal catacombs. I pre-ordered that Crypta record on red vinyl and like that video... fukin shreds!
  7. whatsup man i saw you in beg2 earlier. work in a beer factory eh? nice! which do ya prefer to drink? Back in them days I liked blonds and ambers, occasional reds. if hanging out all night, pilsners ofc see you around benjibird!
  8. Hope to see all of you at the next one once i get the new laptop running!!
  9. Amazing games for the past month! DAMN! No trophy for England..... southgates curse continues!
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