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  1. The Sword - Freya [ Age Of Winters ] - YouTube
  2. congrats on the promo there buddy! 😄


    1. DeKing


      Thx a lot mate ! 😊

  3. Hello Chimp welcome to forums and comeonn do what @!MX said and download ET its a great game. Hopefully see you soon!
  4. Thats still chilly right there @RedBaird Wear a hoodie weather and the best! Enjoy it Pretty soon the sun over here will be like the dream Sarah Conner had in Terminator 2......
  5. I found the good one? 🤣 damn don't call me like that anymore xD 



    1. XeRoiX


      🤣 lmao!! yes thats the tiger king! haha! come man thats your new name!


  6. Mannnn.... All of you guys are lucky to have such snowy/rainy weather... Spring is in full effect here. Summer is coming. (this picture is from yesterday)
  7. Deking buddy, that was fun!! good times man!
  8. Happy Easter Bells! 😄

    Dog Bird GIF

    1. Bells


      Happy Easter:)

  9. Still going come on people get in and join!!! /connect
  10. Hello harm! Welcome and cool to see you hanging out forums. Cya on server!
  11. Heyy whatsup harm! 😄



  12. 486221f9f965ab6df81986f8a9118815.jpg.4b65cd6dd7b4cee42286eacb93deb075.jpg

    1. XeRoiX


      Haha! Thanks Jedi Knight Gharib! 😄

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