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  1. Hello! Welcome back to ET Come hang out in beginners 2 server when you can! By the way, we also have cool events every other sunday for a few hours! (click link below) Take care! Sunday Fun on Beginners2!!! - Site Announcements - Fearless Assassins (fearless-assassins.com)
  2. RIP Singer/lead guitar Alexi Laiho \m/ Children Of Bodom - Children Of Decadence (hd) - YouTube
  3. XeRoiX

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    We need to bring The Ghetto back. The short time it lived on beg2 during the xmas holiday was not enough. @Lt Steiner and I would like to see this happen. Thanks.
  4. Happy Bday Leatherface!
  5. That hospital panzer map was great! Gj to the events guys for another Sunday Funday. Till next time!!
  6. Sunday funday starting NOW!!!!
  7. Goodfellas (1990) Official Trailer #1 - Martin Scorsese Movie - YouTube
  8. Municipal Waste - Wolves of Chernobyl (Official Video) - YouTube
  9. food porn cake GIF

    1. XeRoiX


      hurry up already and bring it to me !

  10. XeRoiX

    Dream Travel

    And where is Arizona on yours hmm? Poland 1st, and then We go to Spain, Italy, etc .. We need to get our specifics down @Bells
  11. XeRoiX

    Dream Travel

    Ah crap! Abort mission! VERIFY: Will Iceland pay you to move and marry Icelandic women? | krem.com
  12. XeRoiX

    Dream Travel

    @Hitch Iceland?! I'm with you on that. Lets go! Spain and Italy would be definite destination spots to experience the amazing futbol and cuisine both countries have produced! Egypt and the pyramids, New Zealand to travel into middle earth too many places and such little time to experience such things. Being in a band for many years I got to experience traveling on the road every night on occasion. A few of my favorite or most memorable were going from Houston to Phoenix in one long miserable shot. The landscapes of the southwest are mesmerizing! Driving up t
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