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  1. Yea, I use 120 all the time. Actually Id like to use more like 90 on big maps, like baserace, venice, but Im too lazy to change all the time, so I just leave it on 120. Looks like its easier to give HSs that way. And many ppl noticed I dont have great acc, but have high HS count compared to my acc, which I wanted, so thats good
  2. On jaymod with doublegun and 150 bullet in each, Im indifferent. On HC/silent I choose the one which is the primary weapon of enemy (eg if Im axis, I choose thompson (as allies use primarily thompson)), so I can get more ammo
  3. Well, I bought a 500 HUF mousepad, and it actually doesnt seem to be a bad idea to have one One face of it sticks to the table the other doesnt. My last mouse pad I used was same on both sides, thats why I didnt believe in it I also tried a 8000 HUF mousepad at a friends house, and only difference I can tell is that it was bigger, a small one is good for me But my table still looks nothing like that one in OPs post, and I have been using my mouse(s) on it for 5 years
  4. Not long ago I rewatched Yu Yu Hakusho, which was my favorite anime when I was a child. I also enjoyed Bleach One Punch Man might be my new favorite, but the 2nd season wasnt that great, still good, but the first one a lightyear better Death Note ofc is also good Enjoyed Full Metal Panic as well, but maybe I was a bit young for that when it was aired in Hungarian on TV when I watched that And Full Metal Alchemist is also great. Wanted to watch it sometime, but I just couldnt find a reliable upload with all episodes up there, so after some 10 episodes, I stopped it Maybe some day I will watch High School DxD for the plot Also watched Trigun and Cowboy Bebop when I was younger. Was long ago, but I think these were good
  5. Nice car really I remember your last post with your new car. Many ppl I know buy cars less often can you buy me one for next time?
  6. Congratz for the 6 years and the extra 4 days as of now Hope you will have at least this much more

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