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  1. Hey, welcome back! Long time no see you I hope you are all right, Sparrie
  2. I have to say, this was a very good movie, and also a not very good movie It had its ups and downs. The story was meh. It was not scary (its a horror). It had good moments. The cinematics was a huuuuuge plus. The animations in the movie, and how it looked during the second part, that was amazing. The beginning is what you could expect from a chinese horror movie, but it had turns and twists, which I enjoyed. The very last moment was not very clear to me. Which I both like and dont So it is definately worth of watching, when you are in the mood to watch fantasy/horror/adv
  3. Damn, when I saw the title, I thought maybe its a good bye topic. Im happy it is not and you dont leave @Leatherface Happy birthdhay!
  4. I would say at this moment that my best recruits are @CheepHeep and @GHARIB But Im proud of all my recrouts I had. Even if they became inactive. Maybe they will become active again one day
  5. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone
  6. Happy day of your birth to you
  7. Congratz to you all, guys, good job
  8. I couldnt drink milk for a week, because I had a surgery, and after that, the first bottle of milk tasted like it is the best drink in the world. I could feel it even more detailed than before 😋

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Hulk


      hope everything went well and healing going as planned.. milk always best with COOKIES!🍪

    3. Vindstot


      I couldnt drink because the surgery was inside my mouth, and doctor said because of bacteria and stuff I cant drink milk


      Healing was not good at the beginning, but now its okey. But I will have to have another one next week tuesday. Not a big thing tho, but thanks you :)

    4. RedBaird


      "AH, OIC"  at the first line.


      The second line produced these emotions:  Oh, No!  Oh, Good!  Oh, No!  Oh, Good!  Whew!  You are very welcome!  😄 

  9. Congratz to you all I know you must have been doing very good job. Well deserved!
  10. I had about 3.5 kr on HC server, which is rather high there, and I usually came close to 50%/50% Stat. I died a lot from nade/mine/rnade/mortar. But I won most close combat. Also, you can get high kr if you kill bots with knife as covert ops. I saw many ppl doing it So yeah, kr is not representative of skills, of what will your usual Stat be, how much you will contribute to objective (that is rather prw), or how good you are at the game
  11. I keep getting tasks at my work which I look at, and I have no idea how to start doing it
    The last task, even my boss said she has no idea how to complete it. She gave it to me to solve it. I could solve it, somehow, and what I did actually worked, which surprised me.
    After solving a lot of this kind of problems, I feel Im getting much better at this kind of stuff, which is great!


    1. CheepHeep


      Good stuff man. :)

    2. RedBaird


      That IS a great feeling! :D 

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