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Happy holidays/Merry christmas

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Merry Christmas Guys! I wish everyone a blessed holiday filled with laughter and a whole lot of good food 🤶


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Special thanks to everyone!! Be it regular, complainer or members and special thanks to those who have put every effort to keep servers alive and running. I could name if it's few but it's massive big

Usually @daredevil does this post, but since he is very busy with work, I took the liberty to wish you all the best during the christmas time!   Special thanks to @daredevil for the awesome

Merry xmas F|Amily, it´s a pleasure to be part of this community!   Love you all! ❤️ 

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Thanks to all of you, making this FA community a really great place to be, thanks for all your kindness, your help, for everything ! 


And a specific thanks to @daredevil @JoeDirt @RainierWolfcastle to put the seed on the ground 12 years earlier ! 

Without you there's nothing here, You should be proud of that today 


Merry Christmas to everyone, I wish you the best 😘


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Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! 🎅🥂🎄

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