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  1. I can't date you if you 're religious
  2. I agree. I think on silent there is a goldrush map that takes very long and is impossible. When the game stops advancing, it can get boring.
  3. I have the same thing. I also use et legacy. When I open a door for example it sais: error sound file doesn't exist, but the weird thing is, I hear the sound so I never looked for an answer.
  4. I noticed that you guys have added the "baceracemap". It is really good that it has double jump set on it I think. I like that map and the idea of building a fort, but what I don't like is that you can't finish before 25min. So I was thinking, and I don't know if this is possible, or hard or a lot of work, could it be so that at some point the fort is finished and at that point a team wins. And maybe that one objective constructs more things to speed things up. Anything to not have to sit out that map. Am I thinking something new here? Must be something someone came up with already, no? What y
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