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  1. Ever saw a car being ran over by a tank? I did 😎😁
    Tank day is AMAZING!

    1. RendeL


      I'd like to see it too! With my ex in the car! :D

    2. Vindstot
    3. Hulk
  2. Got my hair done, went and bought a new dress, I think I'm ready for packing and studying the rest of the day xD

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    2. Sisje


      Or to try and look good when doing my electricity test on Monday and hope I get a good score after all 😂

    3. CheepHeep


      All the best with that!

    4. D..X


      good luck on your test :)


  3. DOI is also on sale https://www.humblebundle.com/store/day-of-infamy And if you have neither game, a top deal for both insurgency and DOI https://www.humblebundle.com/store/new-world-collection
  4. Orders something online, sends it back because the size isn't right, asks for another size to be send back, 2 e-mails, no response BUT I do get an e-mail a package  is on the way, yey. Package arrived today. Same size as I originally ordered... I had to pay alot of money to send it back because it was from the UK.. Why...

    1. D..X


      Oh dam.. 


  5. Fragger disappeared a long time ago..
  6. Still alive, spending as much time as I can with the love of my life and working hard to get to where I want to be so dearly, Canada.. 🍁

    1. CheepHeep


      Awwwww. Hope that happens some day!

  7. Thanks for all the lovely Birthday wishes!
  8. Rayman!!! So good to see you are back!
  9. Congrats minidoc! Keep up the good work
  10. What a day.. and it just started, water running from the roof in my room on my wardrobe 😑 then you get to work, everyone standing outside, they couldn't get the door unlocked and the alarm turned off, someone with actual keys had to come, started minutes late then you discover that the old building they are going to break down was under water due to heavy rain and part of the building is already broken down and the just connected electricity cables are in a really bad spot right now because the roofing is broken and it's just raining inside xD 3hours in 

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    2. Kooki


      So Sorry Sis.. it will be ok.

    3. D..X


      oh dam good luck 


    4. AnG3L
  11. Love how great the DOI/INS group is! From old to new members, so proud! 🤩😍

  12. I didn't think this was a secret?
  13. Being forced to sing at a personnel party, not cool at all 😆

    1. CheepHeep


      Holy crap. Record please haha. Raziel will be proud :D

    2. D..X


      lol not cool for sure 


  14. Last 24 hours in Canada, so sad.. 😭 Had a blast though, can't wait to get back here

  15. Happy 2019, may all your wishes come true! 

  16. Sisje

    RIP MOM...

    My condolences Butters, my thoughts are with you and the family
  17. Sometimes things look soo good from your perspective but it doesn't mean that everything is what it seems. It's not easy being someone that is responsible for making the right decisions without making people upset and getting less respect because we DO have to make hard decisions. We are never biased.

    1. daredevil


      Sadly people believe what they see and reach to conclusion before they even talk to others. 

  18. Happy Holidays to all my beloved friends!

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    2. Sonofdoc


      Happy holidays!

    3. Hulk


      Happy Holidays! Hope you enjoy time with family and friends. 🎄

    4. GoongalaJones


      Happy holidays! May you, your family and loved ones enjoy a most joyous time :D

  19. Sisje

    Happy Birthday Jere!! :wub::cheers

    1. D..X


      happy b-day visit more 😉

  20. Woo big congrats you two!! So deserved!!

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