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  1. Sick and tired of how biased GTA is towards prime members and those who don't spend a dollar on the game

    1. Almondo


      Siiiis! :)

  2. Only GTA can tell you to buy an upgrade that they will compensate you for (stupid bug) and give you just over half the amount you spend on it back.... Great thanks..

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    2. Sisje


      I think you got lucky lol!
      My problem is solved so I'm happy about that but still.. spend over 1.4m and get 800k back, not really what I was expecting..

    3. Smileyyy


      Get yourself insurance! :D 

    4. Grizzlyoldman


      just got playing there now lots of thing change (grumpyoldman11) 


      on Pc steam 

  3. Since quite a lot of people might have just gotten the game, some help or insight from fellow gamers might be useful Here is my list of my favorite locations for businesses MC businesses: - Document forgery: I haven't gotten one, since it barely makes any money so no opinion here but probably the cheapest one (650k) - Weed farm: San Chianski Mountain Range (715k) - Counterfeit cash factory: Grand Senora Desert (845k) - Meth lab: Grand Senora Desert (910k) - Cocaine Lockup: Alamo Sea (975k) All the cheapest locations, they are located in the top middle map around the lake, most convienent for sales and resupply runs. Main rule is that you have to invest a lot of money to make money, getting the upgrades is more important then it might seem Nightclubs: I'm at my second location for the nightclub after doing some research it was mentioned as one of the best locations for the nightclub, however it can be quite expensive for a start up so I'm still gonna stick with the area from my first nightclub, I think it's great because there is lots of room to land a helicopter, planes as well but a bit more tricky. Right next to the airport so it's easy to get a helicopter if you have to go far. The Del Perro nightclub I chose because it's close to the middle of the map and was right across the office, don't like that I have to land my aircraft further away, just as my vehicle spawns a bit further away as well. 1. LSIA nightclub (1.135m) 2. Del Perro nightclub (1.645m) Hangars: I did a lot of research about this and it seems like Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499 is the best, easy to land planes in front of it, only thing you have to look out for is jets that are taking off. This also gives you access to the fort, access to 2 lazer jets (they won't like you if you take it but it's fast so who cares right? ) you will be able to fly over the area without getting stars as well (however sometimes you still get cops on you). This one costs 2.650m Arcades: For this one I think you're favorite playstyle is important. I've bought the Wonderama one, grapeseed area (near the big lake, 1.565m) It's close to the McKenzie airfield so easy access to an aircraft, since I do a lot of work for the MC businesses it's also in the same area so that's nice. Paleto Bay (1.235m) is possibly for free with twitch prime, it's closer to the bunker so if you enjoy doing the gunrunning missions you might like that location, there is a decent spot to land a helicopter close to the garage entrance. After some research I've found that people like Videogeddon in La Mesa (1.875m) because it's the closest to the casino, has decent entrances and a spot to spawn your personal aircraft closeby As most of you I've gotten the criminal enterprise starter pack so I got a free office, a free bunker and a free MC clubhouse, the clubhouse or office are not really important imo, the bunker seems a bit out of the way but if it's free it's not really a concern. Might look for other options at some point in the future. Facilities is another thing I have to invest in, to give you my favorites location I will have to do some more research myself. There are lots of websites available with information about anything you could ask for, only after doing a lot of research I managed to really get the hang of the game and make a lot of money. I also enjoy reading other people their opinion on reddit for example. Mainly you got to do what feels right for you, cheap is not always bad, just as the most expensive might not be the best option. I apologize for the possible bad grammar (it's 1am when I'm writing this), hopefully it helps give some insight, I'm curious to hear other people their opinion and I'm happy to help anyone who has questions about the game.
  4. Hello GTA V lovers, I have created a crew so we can all play together, make more money, help each other etc. Invite only, you can ask to join but someone has to accept the request. Please post your username here when you apply. Crew link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/fafearlessassassins/wall My username is TravelAddict Hope to see you guys and girls in-game soon!
  5. Currently free on epic games (till May 21st) https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/free-games I was wondering if other people are playing GTA V? If there is enough interest I could create a FA crew so we can play in the same server if anyone is online. Poll added.
  6. Kind of embarrassed to admit I still play this game from time to time, it's usually like a month or so I get into it to ignore it for the next 6 months I think I play RS3? username Darktkd (it's a 15 year old account or so)
  7. Good to see you here Leroy
  8. Tomorrow is THE day! 💙💍🎉

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    2. JOHNNY008


      Congratz, enjoy!!!!

    3. Hulk



    4. ancientmule


      Felicitaciones!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)❤️ 

  9. OH no! not cheep! Congratz everybody! Big thanks for what you all do for this community!
  10. Happy Holidays sweeties! 🥳🎄🥂

    1. Kai


      To you too

    2. AnG3L


      Merry xmas 🥳

    3. D..X


      Merry Christmas 🎄🤶🎅

  11. My experience playing GTA V: WAIT, WAIT, WAIT

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    2. Sisje


      not funny, it literally takes 5 minutes to simply load the game, then usually it likes to give me an error message, makes me change servers and makes me wait another 2 minutes, every mission you do and end will make the game load for another 2 minutes, it's honestly best to not do anything at all cuz you'll end up waiting more

    3. D..X


      Oh my bad I mis understood the wait comments 


    4. Xernicus


      Wut. I never have issues connecting to GTAV servers. Connect using a VPN (not on our servers of course!) and your experience should be smooth as butter.

  12. Ever saw a car being ran over by a tank? I did 😎😁
    Tank day is AMAZING!

    1. RendeL


      I'd like to see it too! With my ex in the car! :D

    2. Vindstot
    3. Hulk
  13. Got my hair done, went and bought a new dress, I think I'm ready for packing and studying the rest of the day xD

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    2. Sisje


      Or to try and look good when doing my electricity test on Monday and hope I get a good score after all 😂

    3. CheepHeep


      All the best with that!

    4. D..X


      good luck on your test :)


  14. DOI is also on sale https://www.humblebundle.com/store/day-of-infamy And if you have neither game, a top deal for both insurgency and DOI https://www.humblebundle.com/store/new-world-collection
  15. Orders something online, sends it back because the size isn't right, asks for another size to be send back, 2 e-mails, no response BUT I do get an e-mail a package  is on the way, yey. Package arrived today. Same size as I originally ordered... I had to pay alot of money to send it back because it was from the UK.. Why...

    1. D..X


      Oh dam.. 


  16. Fragger disappeared a long time ago..
  17. Still alive, spending as much time as I can with the love of my life and working hard to get to where I want to be so dearly, Canada.. 🍁

    1. CheepHeep


      Awwwww. Hope that happens some day!

  18. Thanks for all the lovely Birthday wishes!
  19. Rayman!!! So good to see you are back!
  20. Congrats minidoc! Keep up the good work
  21. What a day.. and it just started, water running from the roof in my room on my wardrobe 😑 then you get to work, everyone standing outside, they couldn't get the door unlocked and the alarm turned off, someone with actual keys had to come, started minutes late then you discover that the old building they are going to break down was under water due to heavy rain and part of the building is already broken down and the just connected electricity cables are in a really bad spot right now because the roofing is broken and it's just raining inside xD 3hours in 

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