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  1. Still looking for a new switch game ? 😄 




  2. DeKing

    Library of Babel

    At first I was, "what the hell he say.." but now you really convice me that all the truth is on this library
  3. I hope everything is good for you Mister Rantala 👋

  4. Je viens de tomber la dessus 😂



    1. 0siE.


      Je ne m'attendais pas à cette chute, ah ah

      Tellement disruptif, anar et iconoclaste que je ne peux qu'adorer. Après, je ne suis plus à mon stade anal depuis longtemps (quoique, mes peintures parfois 🤔) et il est des blagues parfois plus "angoissantes" que d'autres :)

      Mais me vient une question : où traîne-tu donc ? 😃

    2. DeKing


      J'ai pas encore eu le temps de toutes les regarder, j'imagine qu'il y'en a des meilleures :) 

      Je me perds parfois sur youtube.. 😛 

  5. Oh nice ! Feel free to share them if you want to I play mostly drums but I try to play guitar and keyboards sometimes
  6. That was unexpected. Thanks a lot to everyone here !! 

    Founding an awesome community like FA give me the motivation to involve myself here.

    In the end, every work here is a pleasure.

    You are all so kind, accepting everybody like they are (as long as they are respectful and polite) 

    Giving the chance to express ourselves in something who made more sense than a lot of things who should be more real.. 


    I just love you ! Thanks a lot for your kindness and for giving me a place here 


    See ya soon for an easy target on servers 😘

  7. Hello Chimp welcome here What instrument do you play? As Mx Said, feel free to give a try to Enemy territory
  8. I love it, maybe because I'm a drummer, but not only
  9. DeKing

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    The supply depot is running on B2, come to test it and it's a good one aldernest is too dark for me
  10. I found the good one? 🤣 damn don't call me like that anymore xD 



    1. XeRoiX


      🤣 lmao!! yes thats the tiger king! haha! come man thats your new name!


  11. Wow, that's beautiful pics, I'm in love of the first one, the colors are amazing In france a lil bit too, nothing like that Is that the view from your house window?
  12. As usual we had a Fun event, thanks everybody for that That was a little bit hard to wake up after the easter, thanks a lot @Ins4ne And thx @D..X for taking the time to stop here I hope you will like the pics @RockstarBe See you in two weeks, Sunday the 18th of April (Nice to see us in video, what a great idea @rambozo37 )
  13. You was on the melee I watched again all the SS I took and it seems I didn't post all So @bigbro you have an approximate Idea of how much FA members came on the event xD We were at least 43 to come ! and more with the applicants Thanks again everybody for making this event alive
  14. We Will begin the event on Beginners2 in 7 hours now See you there ! ( for the one who miss the easter you can join us for Fun )
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