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  1. Good song but I think I missed the clip somewhere @HulkI think it was a topic for the clip in video we like the most, not only for music And if it's in spam does it really disturb the forum? ^^
  2. Ofc the first woman of a man is his mother.. I agree 100% on it !
  3. You know life bring us some difficult things to surpass sometimes. cause nothing is really gain forever in life. We need to fight against things everytime, against ourself. Life is being better than yourself at anytime, not a long chill time . Keep the motivation, that will bring you lot of things, and stay positive !
  4. Still nobody answered " my wife, cause she is everything"
  5. Nooo boy Maybe invest in a quality razor or stop shaving ? it hurt me to imagine your skin after it..
  6. Yes and badly, it's "Light weapons" Congratz for all this time spend on ET
  7. Gharib, you're breaking the boat now !! 🤣



    C'est trop drole a 1:40 , avec le check a la fin haha

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    2. TBAR Flash

      TBAR Flash

      L'accent français ...


      nightmare 51 yrs ago at school ladys 🤪

    3. DeKing


      There was french on the clip ? 😄 


      Nice french skills Flash ! stay on Gharib profile a bit and you will speak fluent french !! 😛


      T'inquiètes pas ca va bien se passer !! 😁

    4. TBAR Flash

      TBAR Flash

      Flash runs..... 🚀

  8. DeKing


    Nice introduction Welcome to the forum ! Haha yes I can understand ^^
  9. It was here too But thanks You have the2.60b and the solution for ETL works too ?
  10. I'm sure Shane is one of the stars you can see when you look to the sky ! Loosing your best friend is like lossing a part of you... but life can continue and can bring you lot of new experiences! Take care man.
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