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  1. We welcome you back to one of the greatest games ever. Welcome to the forums and the FA Community! Get to know us as we get to know you. I look forward to seeing you on the servers.
  2. Welcome back to ET. Welcome to the FA Forums and thank you for the introduction. I hope to see you on Jay2. Drop in when you get a chance and frag with us!
  3. I echo your comments. I think that shuffling helps to break the team stacking pattern, which is contrary to objective-based game play. I ask people frequently to balance the teams and move some if needed. They jump back and so it goes. I do not like it either and think that we have several good objective based players on Jay2. At times though it is not fun being the only engi on a team . . . I hope we can change things and improve the game.
  4. I agree with you @captnconcrete. We are kind of like Timex Watches . . . we "take a beating but keep on ticking"
  5. I agree with you @HipKat that Jay 2 at times seems like Jay 1, especially with numerous rambo medics and corner camping panzers. I don't mind the flamers so much as they can be a tactical advantage when teams are defending the objective closely. I do not think that flamers or panzers should factor into games that are 4 on 4 or less. Regardless, of my opinion, as long as these weapons are available, players will use them. I think that @Gameplan is correct when he says I, along with many other admins, try to keep Jay 2 as an objective orientated server. Sometimes, players
  6. Happy Birthday! All the best!
  7. Happy Birthday! May your special day be blessed.
  8. hey bud keep up the good work .. godbless and happy holidays!

    1. AirRaid


      @captnconcrete thank you! I just saw this note. Godbless and Happy Holidays to you as well!!!

  9. Welcome to the forums! Hope to see you on the servers . . .
  10. Frustration is the father of anger and depression. Frustration leads to anger, and if not dealt with in a healthy manner, it become depression. I get frustrated more so than getting angry in playing this game. Moving the tank on Gold Rush is one of the most difficult objectives across many ET maps. It takes teamwork, as everyone knows. I play engi 95% of the time. When on this map teammates do not help, I keep trying to move the tank. It's frustrating. If I/we can get the tank into the courtyard before time expires, at least in some respects it is a win. In my mind the best way t
  11. A powerful and creative artist he was and his death brings much sadness to the hearts of many people. The music world has lost a good one.
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