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  1. Bourbon ... i prefeer Jim Beam but Jack Daniels can be ok too.
  2. Happy new year all FA family. I wish all of you have a great year and i think "some wines get better with the years, and this year (2020) got better with the wine"
  3. Hi m8, welcome forum!!! Hope to see you in silent1 or HC to splat some blood
  4. And alsoy must said for spanish Speakers Feliz Navidad
  5. First name: Fabricio Any sort of Nickname?: Fabri Age: 46 What country are you from?: Argentina Are you a Parent?: Si How many siblings do you have?: A brother and a sister What's your shoe size?: 43 europe What do you do for a living?: I am an acountant, financial advicer and real state Greatest Fear?: Die Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: In the night a few things, better no tell Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!) Once a friend asked me a about a girl who used to be some kind a girldfriend for me. I finally advice him
  6. There were so many ... De first was The Prince of Maquiavelo Apology of Sócrates of Platón And finally all of Dostoievski specially Crime and Punishment I love classic literature
  7. Maybe beacause i am argentinian or because i love football, but i need to say GOODBYE to the GOAT of football. He was a men who made so many mistakes, but probably the man i know who recognized almost all. I will miss him very much, here in Argentina and also in Napoli he was a member of our family, for that the 25 of november is a BLACK DAY.
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