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Happy holidays/Merry christmas


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Happy Holidays and merry xmas to you also Rendel and to all the F|Amilly and friends. Wish you all a great time despite this shit year world wide. 


16 minutes ago, RendeL said:

Special thanks to @daredevil for the awesome work behind the scenes, despite the fact you've been occupied sometimes 24/7. Yet you've put in every effort to keep servers running. It is highly appreciated and I hope you get atleast few days off from all the work during the holidays.

Well said :) 


My special gift for DD is not ask him anything for at least a week 😛 

I sent him a message this morning, he will probably think OMG what happened... and see xmas wishes lol! :punk

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Merry Christmas to all. I am very grateful for this community over the past 3 years but this year especially during the pandemic where we had to quarantine so long. Coming on the server and playing was one of the few things that seemed normal. I wish health, peace, prosperity, and joy to everyone, everywhere.

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Same wishes to you my dear friends and college's, I wish us a great next New Year, with much more fun, great atmosphere etc etc. For time of beeing a regural player till today as an admin i wanna thank you all for the great work, gamedays, i cant even remember what to add, just want to say that this is best community with such a nice people... 

Thank you and love you your lovely Chuu💕

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Merry xmas! Best wishes for you and your families! 🎅🎅


It's a pleasure to be part of this community 😄

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