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  1. Just click it once, then select a key. Usually it is mouse 2. I see you have clicked twice on attack, so click it twice with mouse 1, then the alternate click mouse1 and then mouse2
  2. RendeL

    A little help jaymod

    Hello. Im a bit rusty with server stuff, as it's been few years since I ran one, but doesn't the watchdog from server.cfg do the job...Just make sure you have it activated and make it run correct cfg. // WATCHDOG // in case the game dies with an ERR_DROP // or any situation leading to server running with no map //set com_watchdog 10 // defaults 60 set com_watchdog_cmd "exec campaigncycle.cfg" // defaults to quit
  3. I had almost 10k hours of gaming on ET and I installed xfire as late as somewhere in 2008. Damn me and one mate sat on server like 90h/week when I had less work or was on holidays. That program was awesome and like many, I lost a loads of contacts. Most of it all, I miss the easy server monitor and game launcher, the easy user interface and the ingame chatting possibility, which I haven't got to work with discord (dunno if it's possible tho, but I gave up with that).
  4. RendeL

    Amon ra

    Hello and welcome to the forums
  5. RendeL

    et install

    ETL works now perfectly and wb nub
  6. Hello and welcome to the forums.
  7. Hello and welcome to the forums.
  8. RendeL


    Hello and welcome to the forums. We work in the same field as I am a forest machine driver and started my "career" as a lumberjack.
  9. RendeL


    Hello and welcome to the forums.
  10. I hope this goes for full aged ppl (18+), as what I'd like to know is your drinking habits if there is a one... So here in Finland, what I do: A case of beer of 24 (4.5%) cans is usually my weekend "joy", costs about 29€ . If I go to a bar/club, a beer costs 6€+, drinks starting near 10€... So I'd like to hear what is your "normal" way to go to a bar/club and also how expensive it is.
  11. Yes and we still investigate it, as it is the normal procedure, but we surely dont delete profiles like that way.
  12. Haha I think Village isn't there anymore. My bad I quess, but instead hydro_dam could be removed.
  13. RendeL


    Hello and welcome to the forums.
  14. Hello and welcome to the forums
  15. If a map has waypoints, it is usually good, tho some maps are bugged or causes crashes, so we'll see about those before adding. But here is also some list to have a clue: Ok so here's my suggestion based on yours so far: Remove Industry Heart of gold Railgun Village Add Frostbite Fragmaze with TDM Library Karsiah_te If it is possible to remove flame and panzer, then a map like reactor would be nice. Just that on small maps the flamers ruins the fun (ex sp_delivery). Also not too many new maps is not good, as ppl may not know those and takes time to get used. @daredevil

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