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  1. When I used to play lots of etpro, I once smashed one mouse into table and once also one keyboard, as it started to be so worn and didn't register button. After the smash, I also cracked it in half against the chair handle These days only uneven teams raises my bloodpressure. To see many fraggers on same team with scores 200+ while them bashing newbies. And smartasses are another thing. I take a deep breaths and try to think calm...
  2. These are silent mod shortcuts: Not sure if locations are up-to-date on server or was there some cvar for locations as client side. I cant find any on my cfg, so not sure.
  3. That dude on the bed looked just like @RedBaird profile pic
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    Hello and welcome to the forums
  5. Hello and welcome to the forums
  6. Hello and welcome back
  7. Hello and welcome to the forums
  8. Hello and welcome to the forums
  9. Hello and welcome back to gaming and to the forums
  10. Also I have discussed about some changes with DD, the thing is also he is very busy in rl atm. But once he has time, we look into these for more and see what we come up with. Keep the suggestions coming if you have any, but notice that not everything wont or cant be changed. Server settings has been like this for years with just a little changes, tho times are different these days, hence the discussion also behind the front line
  11. Thanks for the feedback Oli. In what way do you think shuffle makes teams unbalanced? I told you when you play on server a bit longer, get to know on how we do things there and once we see you helping with teams, that I could give you the !putteam command. I know it is a pain in the ass sometimes, but since you have high kr, we expect you to be more active with team balancing. So I wuggest you look a bit more closely to the balancing of kr/each team and try to balance more, then the command is yours. Also we do not look exact equal teams (weaker team can have 2 more ppl i
  12. My thought is that we dont speak politics here on forums. Maybe you didn't know that, but it is a big no no. I do see this isn't directly politics topic, but to avoid any debate about who should win, it can be. So I lock this.
  13. Hello and welcome to the forums.
  14. Hello and welcome to the forums also.
  15. I can see how this is turning into b2 to hc type of topic. The discussion is about kr, not removing weapons or adding/decreasing damage. B2 is a beginners server, ment for beginners and for fun, hence the settings. We have other servers for more "serious" gaming with the settings asked and more. Discussion is about if removing or changing the kr would maybe courage ppl to actually play some objectives as a team instead of fragging the shit out of newbies and emptying the server. Also I am not sure if we're affort on trial and fail with some changes, as player wise, as y
  16. Hello and tervetuloa forumille
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    Hello and welcome to the forums
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