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  1. Nancy

    ET Server FILIPE Map Production

    Awesome work @FILIPE!!
  2. Nancy

    Do you like math? 


    1. ElEl




      Hmmmmmmmm 🤔


      I'm not sure.

    2. Nancy


      Guitars? Games? Games with guitars?

  3. Je te suis!

  4. Nancy

    Dream Travel

    you forgot amazing beauty of Bosnian Alps: Jahorina!
  5. try to decrypt this now: 34181021027492217


    first clue: its decimal number.

  6. no, my mom got pregnant here:
  7. NUUUUURSSE!!!!!

  8. Nancy

    Dream Travel

    Koh Chang is awesome... I hope you like the monkeys @Basalisk I like Vietnam and Japan too :))
  9. Nancy

    Dream Travel

    Same story here, Cross, I didnt went to Chiang Mai, to my second home this year. like, I still have voucher from Thai Airlines, but no Kaola Kai/PadThai for me So my Dream Travel is the same as every year: Passports, Dusseldorf, 2 bottles of Berliner beer on the second floor of international flights, mobile version of FA forum, 2 Valium tablets for relax, 14 hour overnight fly to Bangkok.
  10. Rambroz! 

    Today! You join! 6 years! Ago!

    1. rambozo37


      yes! 6 great years :)

  11. Earthquake magnitude 6.3 here... I even run outside.

    @Night Train you?

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    2. Cross Marian

      Cross Marian

      Stay safe you guys!

    3. Night Train

      Night Train

      Hey man I saw the news, stay outside, i heard the notifi that will came few more near Bosnian-Croatian border. 

      We had 30min ago 2,3, epicenter but it was 100km from my place. 

      God bless you all there!!! 

    4. Night Train
  12. Helllo!!! :") As Cross proposed- come to visit our different servers, jays, nqs, silents :)) I play on s1 and HC most. you?
  13. I am talking about -=First=- His aliase was =F|A=MEDIC :)) https://fearless-assassins.com/profile/12789-first/ he is from Paris I belive : We also have inactive "MEDIC" honored veteran from 2009, I didnt recruited him ofc, it was years before me https://fearless-assassins.com/profile/181-medic/ lol DD we have a lot of medics in our clan!
  14. Welcome back my friend!

  15. Its awesome gameday today!! NQ1 server, join!

  16. alo brate mahen zi, vollen zi cevapcivi ! :)))



  17. Just realized you are from SLO :))))


    Kako si?? :) LJ ili Maribor?

  18. Come to play again! :(

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