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  1. Wow its so awesome to see people tried and got success in quitting. I do smoke and as everyone i try to quit but not full heartly. I like smoking i smoke the clove cigarette . I used to smoke 5 to 6 per day but lockdown and work from home made it 3 . But sometimes it goes 4 or 5 but not regularly, i m trying to reduce it to 3 and 2 and 1 . But dam when i smoke it feel so relax and so calm feeling. Kudos to all those who shared the stories above and got success. I hope i find something alternate to this so i can quit.
  2. Get ready to TAKE YOUR SHOT, because Rocket League Free to Play begins on September 23. Read more details at rocketleague.com/news/rocket-league-free-to-play-arrives-september-23/
  3. Well today when i was playing on Server#2 the bots where spawning behind, in ministry map. Like when we blow the A and move towards B , in the Hallway they were spawning behind and killing us. Later when we played BUHRIZ it was not like that . maybe cause thats a big map so we couldnt see and the killing was as fast as ministry.
  4. Hey welcome and hi, well it is mostly active the server #2 and #4 , even if no one is there if u join and play 1 map the people will start joining. Hope to catch u on servers.
  5. have u posted your pic here till now ?? or is it just me who saw u via FB
  6. U can always PM me on forums with proof or show me the post where you were treated badly with the staff or any memeber or regular. U do understand why i or any member keep pressuring on proof proof, we just cant trust what you say or he say.
  7. Oh yeah i do and not just me but all the F|A admins, we are not perfect , some days we may not follow everything , everyone has a bad day. But all of us do follow. I would love to see the elaborate part of this .
  8. If we dont pay attention to "Outsiders" we wouldn't need any admins nor any rules structure no we have so many complaints or trails etc. We all were once outsiders and we all were approached by F|A admins to join , because we all care about each other who play on our servers, if we hadnt cared we wont be recruiting people nor asking them to apply . You said as soon as they get personal : well obviously this is wrong . This is a gaming community . Everyone come here to blow off steam or enjoy the game and interact with people around the world and friends. they dont want anyone to
  9. Got promotion after 2.8 yrs of grinding endlessly , i started in this company as a fresher and as a junior designer but finally been promoted with a pay raise . Happy .


    @daredevil Dude finally .

  10. Ramazan Mubarak to all of you. may this month bring happiness and good health to all.
  11. oh god she is the cutest . God bless you man and stay save.
  12. I was planning to visit delhi soon , but the NRC stuff and then covid so it got postponed. Maybe in august i might or september. My dream places to visit in india is Ladakh and Sikkim . @tipsy yes post them. And i went to kolkatta at durga puja time so saw soo many pandals ( stages) . Man they were soo unique. Shall share those if you guys want to see.
  13. Oh i have so many of , my last year i had like 3 trips , Aaraku (vizag , south india) , Kolkatta ( West bengal,east India) , GOA ( west india ). Here are some pics i took. This were such an epic trips for me spclly the aaraku and kolkatta. This is The Borra Caves , The caves, one of the largest in the country, at an elevation of about 705 m (2,313 ft), distinctly exhibit a variety of speleothems ranging in size and irregularly shaped stalactites and stalagmites.[1][2] The caves are basically karstic limest
  14. As i am playing again INS on server #4 whenever i play i see 8 to 10 people minimum but some maps are way too small for those many people with so many bots and gun , its like congested so i was suggesting that can we opt for some big maps instead of little or small maps like we can swap 1 or 2 with big area maps so all can enjoy kills bots and do objectives rather than stepping on each other toes or getting in way for friendly fire. Here are some suggestions : Pripyat : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2035514246&searchtext= P
  15. INS gameday is going on guys , join in
  16. dam i forgot about the pinky names , it was a great gameday , it was full nostalgia man , miss the old et days , it was really great fun with panza war and gravity etc. Lets all meet on INS gameday today i forgot the admin name who was at the start of gameday and organizing the wars etc., kudos man. @CheepHeep what was that admin name who was organizing the wars in the start.
  17. it is saying you dont have enough versus battle trophies to join.
  18. can anyone reduce the trophy count to less than 1100 so that i can join the clan . i wasnt playing so my trophy count went down. @DJ aka GDR DJ knock knock. thankyou
  19. it lockdown so i will be there this time to kill some bunnies and chickens.
  20. lockdown in india till 14 april . and the cases are increasing in india reached 700+ . Just now heard USA crossed china and is now on top with highest covid-19 cases. source : https://www.bing.com/covid
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