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  1. How did I know this would carry on *sigh* I was monitoring teams when you joined. In the moment before you joined Allies, teams were Axis: 5, Allies: 6. When you joined, you made it Axis: 5, Allies: 7. That's why I moved you - which is consistent with your definition of even teams. Not sure where you get 8 v. 8 from, but remember, and I know you know this, 0 pings are bots and they don't count in the even teams equation. What I explained is we don't ONLY look at number of players. We also look at Kills, Deaths, Eff, DG, DR, Score for the map. Her
  2. Congrats bro :) Well deserved !

    yay ! 🍻

    1. Gameplan


      Total surprise! Thanks, Os!


    2. captnconcrete


      why would u be surprised ur doing  a great job . and u deserved it! u earnt  it bud!!!!!

    3. Flag


      Gratz from me also :)

  3. I was a no vote and thought it ridiculous until it wasn't. Love it with ham. Knew someone who's go to was pep, jalapeno and pineapple. sweet and spicy.
  4. This is like watching a car crash. After the initial bang, it's just smoldering metal and nothing changes. My two cents: I think El touched on the fact that in the first SS - Caen - Axis had 3 shooters and on Allies he was the only one with significant kills/DG. I have noticed this situation more and more as of late especially on Allies. More 'dead weight' with negative kill ratios. Unless those guys, i.e. sky clan, are going for the obj, that's probably OK. But what I refer to as dead weight are the guys neither near the obj nor getting significant kills - i.e. crybaby, elias, etc
  5. Will miss you too and wish you the very best. Good luck in school - I have to say it was remarkable the difference in finishing my degree than before. Felt as though my station in life was near the top of what it could be unless I started my own thing. Still have the thoughts of starting my own thing, but having multiple job offers during a pandemic told me there is so much more opportunity and timing is everything. It's hard work going back to school, but the payoff is worth it - take it from someone who was one of the oldest in his classes. The game will be here if you return.
  6. I'm binge watching The Sopranos right now...barely been playing.
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