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  1. Good question. Here are my two cents: I think maps should have good graphics and plenty of artifacts, but not at the sacrifice of FPS/speed (I turn off most of them for speed anyway) Contours for character and hiding Objects to capture and return - occasional dual object maps where both teams have to beat each other for their own obj Geographic and era relevance to make so it feels more real Spaces for close quarter fighting, but without choke points where one side has clear advantages That's probably enough vagueness for now
  2. Gameplan


    Welcome to the forums!
  3. How is there time for those games with so much ET to play?
  4. CYA when you are around. I'm in the same situation as I have returned to school. Best of luck FW!
  5. Just got back from a long weekend in San Diego and had a day at the track. Here are a couple of photos of the beautiful and fast horses...
  6. Congratulations , u made it to trial, well done, keep up the good work

  7. OK, what am I missing when I tried to post a pic of a knife, paste didn't work and I don't see an attachment link?
  8. Gameplan

    NFL Preseason

    I'm a huge San Diego Chargers fan going back to the 70's!
  9. I'm in one league and would love to do another, but probably won't have enough time. If you wouldn't mind posting the link to your league, it would be nice for us to watch.