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  1. He is referring to XP (score) being up hundreds. It was true, I checked scores multiple times throughout the map and when he brought it up, Axis was up scores and kills. Kills by about 60, possibly, don't remember exactly. What is not mentioned, and Hipkat joined late, is Allies got the object after they busted through the front door with the tank. They barreled through the first tank barrier with little resistance and the tank made it to the front door after a few disables. They stole the obj within 10 minutes and again broke through the truck barrier with little resistance (1 p
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
  3. Congrats on becoming full member! 

  4. I use the HyperX wireless with wireless charging. Just put it on the charge pad and good to go. It's good, but probably not as accurate as wired. Yeah, no annoying wire drag tho...
  5. So I could go either way on the censors. I agree they add value helping admin's jobs. However, most of the words can be manipulated to say the same thing. For example, "fck, f uck, fk, etc. I'm sure you get the message. Where I really struggle, as HipKat pointed out, we have two vsays with the word, pussy, but it can't be typed. Also, we have one vsay with the "n word" but it is a censored word. Either we are all in or all out - the halfway doesn't get it. One more thing, I am very curious why Turkey is censored, but Shit is not.
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