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  1. So here's a question: Why does Jay 1 have no problem getting more than 30 players, but Jay 2 struggles? More specifically, what are the top 3 reasons ppl play there more than 2? My guesses in no particular order: Dren # of players/no bots Maps
  2. I searched for this thread in advance of starting one so glad I found it. GamePlan came from my high school basketball days. When the game was tight, the GamePlan was get me the ball. OFC, we sucked, if I was the GamePlan, but the nickname stuck.
  3. Jay 2 must be void of talent lately if CapTn is #1 on the server!
  4. It's so difficult knowing there could be complications, and being so limited on what can be done. We had something similar with our second child, but we were blessed when she arrived without complications. Best wishes to you and yours!
  5. What's that? I can't hear you since you barely connect anymore
  6. Going to start watching tonight. Anyone seen it?
  7. Nah, I think it does way too much damage on Jay1...horrible shots get lucky there too often.
  8. My favorites to play with: RUDE: where the heck are you, man, you are missed! CAPT: great chats, great dude, and below avg player HECKEN: ez to kill and spams vsays* TEXAS BRUZZER: best flamer I've ever seen (and he spams vsays*) BLACKLADDER: I swear that bawt has hax - when he locks on it's nothing but HS ROCKET: we hardly ever get to play on the same team, but great challenge 3LT: see above BUCKWILD: always helps the team EVILBUTTERS: see Hecken above EL: probably the one guy I can barely kill - not sure where he went, but when he left, I reach #1 on the server, but he deserves it most JIREN (or whatever name he plays under): Freaskishly fast stafejumper - respect! LETDOWN: hard kill cept when he plays Nube Tube DR FRANK: because he weakens his team (when he is opponent) lol CLAYMORE: he's getting better right before my eyes I'm sure I left many off this list, but with aging the senility is quickly setting in. * don't spam vsays it's so annoying LOL!
  9. Not sure if you heard or saw, but Texas Bruzzer was involved in a significant accident. He was back online for a moment a few months back and told some of us who were on. BTW, I couldn't agree more - best flame thrower I ever had the pleasure to play with - he cleared the bank for someone to take the gold lol
  10. Confirmed. Executed the move also and double-jump with crouch gets someone in. Difficult to get back out, however, so defense may be able to make up the time, but have to leave the tank at the beginning of the map defenseless.
  11. A few map ideas for Jay 2 you asked for today: 

    • MLB Daybreak 
    • 2hide
    • Hydro Dam
    • Saberpeak
  12. hey buttface nice to see ur home!

    1. Gameplan


      good to be back!


  13. Thanks for donating!! Good to see you on here.🍻

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