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  1. @MikeSlayer Bowie Cat People, yeah, that!
  2. @captnconcrete They back on tour this year!
  3. Hi All,

    In the last few days, spending time with family around the holidays, I realized a couple of things: I didn't miss ET all that much and my wrist feels quite a bit better. With that, I will take an extended break from the game. 


    I'm so glad Jay 2 is doing better lately, and hopeful it continues. I will miss the friendly competition and the jokes. Most of all, I'll miss CapTn, Jiren, Letdown, EL, Hess (where the F is he?), Hulk, 3LT, KP, Betrayal, Prob, and may others. You guys were all fun to play against!


    I'll probably check in here every now and then, but best of luck and have a great time. 



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    2. w1cx


      Take care Gameplan, enjoy the family time and see you when you come back :)

    3. 0siE.


      Irl first :) we probably will be there later, when you ll be back :)


      Enjoy your break and feel free to keep an eye on forum (or not) if you want.


      Stay safe and happy new year to you and family.





    4. ElEl


      Take care of yourself pal, we'll be here when you get back. Enjoy your break 😀

  4. I was going to ask you about him. I miss him terribly!
  5. So here's a question: Why does Jay 1 have no problem getting more than 30 players, but Jay 2 struggles? More specifically, what are the top 3 reasons ppl play there more than 2? My guesses in no particular order: Dren # of players/no bots Maps
  6. I searched for this thread in advance of starting one so glad I found it. GamePlan came from my high school basketball days. When the game was tight, the GamePlan was get me the ball. OFC, we sucked, if I was the GamePlan, but the nickname stuck.
  7. Jay 2 must be void of talent lately if CapTn is #1 on the server!
  8. It's so difficult knowing there could be complications, and being so limited on what can be done. We had something similar with our second child, but we were blessed when she arrived without complications. Best wishes to you and yours!
  9. What's that? I can't hear you since you barely connect anymore

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