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  1. About the only time I get angry is playing Engy on Gold Rush and half the team is no where near the tank I'm curious how others handle that situation?
  2. Agreed. He lost me when he equated empathy with softness.
  3. Before this spins down the toilet or in to an English lecture, I don't think @Graceful intended to call you a racist, @captnconcrete. I could be wrong, but the sentence structure does appear she called you one, but not sure if that was a grammatical error. And I agree, racist shit is said all the time in movies and in some video games, but that doesn't excuse it here and the source doesn't make it less so. We removed, "Do you suck d!cks?" and it was from an all-time great movie. Doesn't seem like a stretch we could remove clearly racist statements even if they are in parody. These
  4. That 2-3 wk mark is a major hurdle. Getting rid of the snus is next
  5. Been to Australia too...snorkeled the GBR and it was amazing!
  6. Gameplan


    welcome to the forums
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