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  1. it lockdown so i will be there this time to kill some bunnies and chickens.
  2. lockdown in india till 14 april . and the cases are increasing in india reached 700+ . Just now heard USA crossed china and is now on top with highest covid-19 cases. source : https://www.bing.com/covid
  3. lockdown began in india , some states has lockdown till march 31, even our state is planning it . so till 31 march no one should be out of house . the cases are increasing in india slowly . i hope there wont be anymore deaths and any new cases in phase 3 . Its really scary times for all of us around the world. lets hope everyone is safe from this pandemic and lets pray for all. may god have mercy on us .
  4. Same in India all the educational facilities,shopping malls and public places are close and tourist visas are terminated for time being . 107 cases in india till now. be safe everyone.
  5. cngrtz on promo, well deserved

  6. Wow Insurgency Sandstorm, So realistic and alot different and better from INS, U guys need to try it . With great guns and different maps and settings. Worth a try. and we do have servers also .

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. m00jii


      Tried it last week, got solid fps and I liked it! Will try to make some more time for it.

    3. Mr.Karizmatic


      @m00jii i will be playing today ping me when u r on steam, @Sonofdoc u too.

    4. Sonofdoc


      I returned it because I was getting like 5 FPS lmao

  7. 165 notification, and dam this forums looks so cool with the snowy and lights, Anyway, i was inactive again after i messaged i was back, cause of personal issues, my grandmother was really ill and she passed away last 2 weeks back and my laptop was also not responding correctly. But all things are ok now, Missed INS sandstorm , need to get back . see you all on servers. 


  8. Congratulation guys well deserverd @RedAngel @redfromsvn thx for keeping the ins and doi up and running.
  9. Come back fast my friend 😃

    i miss youuuuuu :hug:😁

  10. Hello Everyone, taking much needed break from games, Hadnt opened my laptop since 2 months. Hope everything is going great, shall be back when INS sandstorm comes back :D.

    1. Neuro


      For you... ❤️

    2. daredevil


      Come back fast :P

  11. its good they are delaying so that we will have a better game when it release then play with all this issues. but 3 months delay is too much.
  12. i used to play alot on RC servers and even used there forums alot in past and joined in some contest. Good to see old RC players still around. Welcome.
  13. what are your pc specs. mind sharing the crash log.

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