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  1. Is that the building u work or just an advertising wall.
  2. This was a funny video for me , it isnt anti-political that much, as there are zombies,fat superheroes and etc. If I must explain this The whole video is in the frame work of fiction, a dystopian nightmare of one of the founding fathers - right before he signs the constitution.
  3. And i was flying in 1 map lol. It was really fun, we almost got to the last point of this map and whole team died as enemies came from all sides, those rutheless bots. Da
  4. Oh thats cool, i work with your guys too, in my team electrical/IT engineers are there who provide power etc to our mechanical equipments, i know the wiring part seen the drawings and SLD (single line diagram) . Man that is a confusing stuff with UPS / Raw power and power and data etc. Nice to see someone with the same field of design. I use Revit 2020 software . if you are familiar with CAD then Revit isnt that hard. You are architect so sketchup and Enscape , this can help you alot. In my company architects use this kind of softwares. Which one would u re
  5. Well after seeing @captnconcrete work photos and what he does. Just wanted to see and share what all other people do in the RL Jobs . So that we can share ideas when needed help etc. i shall start, well i am a HVAC Design Engineer (MEP) . I do Air-conditioning/exhaust air design for all commercial , residential buildings etc and then creat 3D models of them . Lets keep this series alive and share .
  6. Do u guys clean those filters also like drain them just with water or do u take out the inside filter and clean them ? And where do u guys throw the waster water is it 100% recycled and filtered?
  7. so are we not stealing @DJ aka GDR DJ money this time with Pink colors?
  8. Man this looks awesome, i know the design part goes in making a swimming pool, the piping the watersupply the drain etc. Great job man with both. I think we should make a topic here regarding peoples RL Job and them showing us what they do etc. that would be a cool thing to see our friends what they do and how awesome of a job they do.
  9. Mr.Karizmatic

    ET Server Suggestion FA dosent have sniper server

    Hell yes i have become little good at sniping but not in ET but still would love to see a gameday with just sniping .
  10. Wow its so awesome to see people tried and got success in quitting. I do smoke and as everyone i try to quit but not full heartly. I like smoking i smoke the clove cigarette . I used to smoke 5 to 6 per day but lockdown and work from home made it 3 . But sometimes it goes 4 or 5 but not regularly, i m trying to reduce it to 3 and 2 and 1 . But dam when i smoke it feel so relax and so calm feeling. Kudos to all those who shared the stories above and got success. I hope i find something alternate to this so i can quit.
  11. Get ready to TAKE YOUR SHOT, because Rocket League Free to Play begins on September 23. Read more details at rocketleague.com/news/rocket-league-free-to-play-arrives-september-23/
  12. Well today when i was playing on Server#2 the bots where spawning behind, in ministry map. Like when we blow the A and move towards B , in the Hallway they were spawning behind and killing us. Later when we played BUHRIZ it was not like that . maybe cause thats a big map so we couldnt see and the killing was as fast as ministry.
  13. Hey welcome and hi, well it is mostly active the server #2 and #4 , even if no one is there if u join and play 1 map the people will start joining. Hope to catch u on servers.
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