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  1. True. I'm more so having difficulty seeing how this all comes together so was hoping to play it through Decay is 1 of my favorite maps ever!
  2. I'm really not too open to seeing this adjusted. As it is, map voting is a simple majority process and can win out by 1 point. If people missed map voting bc they were busy chatting or were afk but they come back to a map that's going to drive players off the server then we should be able to skip the map. Iirc, there already is a time limit on when this can be called.
  3. Oh no, found the building insecptor!
  4. I see you dont want to reveal your secrets! Lol I was hoping I could get a sneak peak and fly around the map myself
  5. Does that have your new decay in the zip? I'm on mobile so the full list of maps doesnt show
  6. Can you share a map so I can check it out in radiant
  7. Essentially with all of that information above it sounds like you have a lot of latitude. Obviously we all talk a lot of Hardcore and with that comes competitive banter. It's usually pretty easy to tell when someone has crossed the line from friendly to insulting. However sometimes when people react in another language I cant tell how the tone is to be interpreted so I might pm them in their language asking if everything is okay. There are some more words that should definitely be censored like f*g and f****t and personally I think d**k should be brought back since it's such an innocuous insult imo but we'll see about that. Yse your judgement Wendy, worst thing that happens is you get a little pushback and you go from there.
  8. Is there any way to add medic and field ops stats? In particular, syringing would be nice to show.
  9. I'm most interested to see how this new spawn point impacts a. battling for the forward market spawn and b. The ease with which cp can be satcheled. Nice work, Smiley - I hope you have a portfolio of all this stuff. Who knows, someday you could be a map designer for a new game?
  10. ogeazy

    Exporting Console

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me out with a question. I was wondering if there is a way to print/export the contents of the console into a text, csv, or some other readable file? Thank you so much!
  11. Do you know if et ultimate installer still is legit? I'm hesitant to try it
  12. ogeazy

    USA Westcoast

    @Helsen San Francisco is a weird city. So much homelessness and multimillion dollar homes with skid row looking areas around the block. Coming from NY (now in Denver) I found it jarring tbh
  13. ogeazy

    USA Westcoast

    Try to find one of those spots where a ton of sea lions and elephant walrus hang out. I've been to SF twice but don't really have any good info on it tbh. How are you getting to CA?
  14. @RendeL as long as I have admin commands then I'm definitely happy to rent. I'll put in the order and start testing this weekend I think!

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