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  1. Hey Everyone, Like my title says, we have a player from Czech Republic who is trying to create an account. Received Error code: 2s129/1 when trying to register. Anyone know what this is?
  2. Thank you so much for sharing this story!
  3. Thank you for posting this, Asten. Honestly, it wasn't until maybe 4 years ago that I learned about the devastation that the Polish people went through. Sadly, I had some ignorant views on Polish people and it wasn't until I become friends with a first generation immigrant that we shared family histories about it. Some of my family is from Ukraine and there are whole parts of the family where the villages and the people have disappeared. I cannot imagine what it would be like to walk the city streets with such a powerful history...
  4. To me it is so crazy how close we are to living in a world with no living WW2 Veterans. My grandpa was a veteran of the Pacific Theater and passed away within the last year. It was incredible to see his photography of what the Philippines looked like during the war years. I would say something like "I hope we never forget what these men & women fought for" but it's obvious that so many already have.
  5. I've seen quite a few comments about it not working (mostly user error). I'll probably wait for the Steam package just for ease of use.
  6. I've never played RTCW Multiplayer so just single player. I don't even know where to find ET cheats, although Tony did share his config with me recently.
  7. That's so cool! I never best the sp without cheating so it looks like I will be giving it another try
  8. Hey Everyone! I'm a regular on our Wolfenstein Hardcore Server, but I'm also looking to get into Insurgency. I just wanted to say hi Also - when are the servers active? I am based in Colorado, USA.
  9. Im so sorry to hear about your loss. We are all here for you
  10. Question for everyone... If i have Legacy AND original installed, can I uninstall the original it I exclusively use Legacy? Will this impact Legacy? I'm trying to play around with gtkradiant and I need to wipe the original ET from my computer but not if it messes up my ability to play lol
  11. I can't date you if you aren't my wife
  12. FCC


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