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  1. @Flammaand @Ellen for sure. Both are excellent 1 on 1 and team players and good sports. I cheer a bit more when I kill Ellen though....lolol
  2. I was trying to play the Christmas Fuel Dump map and got the below error: I've also received this on a few other maps. Any ideas?
  3. I've been playing on this server for a couple years now, located in the US, and over the last 2 months the game has been unplayable. I get the 'Connection Interrupted' thing about every 10-15 seconds. I ran a ping test to the server and it was 125ms. tried turning down some of the autoexec settings like fps, nothing. Any ideas or suggestions on how to improve this? I know being in N. America doesn't help my ping but it was never this bad, it would drop once or twice a map but not every 10 seconds. I miss playing. :-( Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone as well!
  4. DarthMojo

    Rouge One?

    Anyone seen Rouge One yet? I'm going this weekend, although it is snowing like crazy here so I may need a literal Ton-Ton to get to the theatre,...lolol
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