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  1. Update! I update the BIOS to F16. Disabled driver enforcement Update every single Mobo driver Try booting PC with just compulsaory devices, and, when Windows should start, power supply to the card switches off (led off and fans turn off). Now I'm starting to think about a PSU problem...
  2. I've got an activated copy on Windows Pro, buyed an electronic license on web. Do you still think I should try the free version?
  3. Didn't uderstand 100% of what you wrote, I'm dumb. Why did my Nvidia card work till october and now doesn't? I can boot to safe mode with Nitro, np. I got the last stable BIOS, F16, don't want to risk a Beta one just for minor adjustaments. Still no improvment...
  4. Updated the Bios, activeted Windows, disabled driver enforcement with no luck. With my old Geforce GTX 560 i get error 43 with newest drivers, and it doesn't work, excatly like before. I even didn't try with Nitro 580...
  5. Thanks everyone, I'll try every single solution in the next days and let you know. Pray for me
  6. @HipKat unfortunatly I run just one crappy monitor
  7. I'll try to disconnect everything not needed and check, but I'm sure power supply it's ok. Previously, I had a Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 graphic card, that worked perfectly till some months ago. Then, since I installed the last Windows update (now i remember), I think 20 October more or less, I start to have problem with it. Now it works only with very old drivers, and crashes with newer ones.
  8. That was the first thing I checked. On the box they say it needs min. 500 watt to work, and i have excatly a 500watt powersupply. I think it's not a power problem, I had problem with graphic card with my old one as well... I reinstalled everything 2 weeks ago just to have a clean install...but no luck at the moment. Getting crazy
  9. Thanks, one day I'll try this, if I'ld do it now you could see most parts flying out of the window...I'm an aries after all
  10. Yes, I checked the slot and even if it is PCIE 8x or 16x...just to be sure. If i put back my old Geforce i have no problem, but only wuth old drivers. If I install newest driver, I've got an error and the graphic card stops to work. About the integrated gpu drivers...have to check, I installed every drivers needed from Driver Booster...
  11. Tried with no luck. I had a Nvidia Geforce before, and I never had to set gpu priority in BIOS. Since some months I had problems with my Geforce, it couldn't stand last drivers anymore...so I thought it's gone. So I bought this new one, but still have problems and have to go back to Nvidia. Is ist maybe a Mobo problem?
  12. Hello everyone, I have a problem with my new Nitro RX580. When I install the driver (Radeon Adrenalin 2020 20.12.1), still during the installation, I get a black screen and I cannot see anything more, neither HDMI nor DVI. When restarting the system, it becomes black when Windows start. I can see initial flag but nothing else. This is my config: Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i7 2700K @ 3.50GHz Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology RAM: 16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 800MHz Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. Z77X-D3H BIOS F15
  13. Nice to see you here on forum, for me one of the nicest players in Jay3.
  14. Sphalman

    New computer

    If you saved whole ET Folder, just copy on the old pc and eventually overwrite files, it works.
  15. Hi all, I totally agree with Chef about his last post. These are my untouchable maps: Streets of Italy Goldrush Caen Adlernest Supply Depot Baserace Panzer Frostbite Marrakech I really like these: praetoria Raid Bremen Venice El Kef Flame Guards (only min. 6vs6 or similar) Tramfight V2 Factory Haunted Mansion Paris Bastille School Karsiah Snatch Beach Invasion Warbell I like these: Temple Kerkyra River Port Castle Eltz Capuzzo Subway Dubrovnik Axis Lab Battery Reactor railgun Minas Tirith
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