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  1. Good to know, I was quite sure it wasn't allowed with heavy weapons. Anyway, I never had to warn someone for spawnkilling so far
  2. Hey Thomas, hope to see you on BEG1 sometimes Have fun
  3. Spawn killing with heavy weapons is actually forbidden, as far as I know...I didn't feel it as a problem on Jay3 atm but maybe we play different hours on server. About 3 maps panzer rule, agree, even if I cannot say the name of an abuser, a part of me, trying to get 2Mio XP .
  4. My 2 cents: Dubrovnik +1 nice map Password2 +1 nice map Baserace with panza +1 great fun Baserace without panza -1 boring Rawcastle +1 map ok Cannot remember the name, but was great fun a basketball map with panzer. I don't know the other maps, but I'll spend some time to experiment new maps expecially on summer...we need some more inputs to attract more players. I don't agree, sorry. I find great fun a panzer map in a 20 maps rotation. Maybe just 10 minutes, but I love it.
  5. Nice and friendly intro mate, welcome on forum and see u on field. Have fun
  6. Hello and welcome to the forum buddy. If you want to let us know you better, try to play on different servers, this could help boost your application. Have a nice day mate
  7. Welcome back mate, come to BEGINNERS #1 sometimes if you're not too afraid of. Have fun
  8. @Kaasschaaf, that wine comes from where I live, 20km from my house
  9. Two amazing games yesterday, big spot for football . Keeping running and hoping for 3th place
  10. Well.... Nobody expected Czech Republic. @Kaasschaaf I'm really sorry, I'm an Orange fan
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