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  1. Hi mate, one more italian on forum. You said yo play ET since 1942, and u still suck @asasasa, feel free to contact me here or on server. Have fun
  2. Hey Narco, I saw you sometimes on BEG1, not so crappy as you think A warm welcome on forum and on BEG1, tif you need any help feel free to contact me! Have fun!!
  3. XD guys, thanks all!!
  4. @DeKing XD I'm slimmer in the real life Great fun, nice war
  5. Hi mate, welcome on forum. See you on Jay3 and feel free to contact me if you need any help. Have fun
  6. Sphalman

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #1 - Jay3 Call vote option

    If I remember well, we already debat this point with Barnie. He said that only Silent mod has this opportunity and Jaymod doesn't, so that's it.
  7. Sphalman

    ET BEGINNERS #1 Jay 3 Poison Knife

    I donno what to say. I used in old times to be a knives addicted and just spam knives to bother people and rambo medics. Now I still use it sometimes, and I find it a good and funny way to remember fraggers that Jay3 is an object's oriented server at the end On the other side, I see some players just spamming knives all the time, so I suggest to limit the knives pro life to two or three, and that's it, imo.
  8. Die Toten Hosen // „Pushed Again" [Offizielles Muiskvideo] - YouTube
  9. I know him I know him I finally know a famous one!!!! Well done mate
  10. ...captain! See you on server, watch your back
  11. Shaka Ponk / Camille et Julie Berthollet "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Nirvana) (2017) - YouTube
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5rRZdiu1UE
  13. Wtf @Barn!e, when I asked for it, you say no way man, no @Nenich does and that's ok? I'm better go wank
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