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  1. Ah, why leave so soon :(
    Was fun to have you on NQ1 again!

    1. Nancy


      Sorry my head hurst :)

  2. Sup PaIace how is going in self isolation?

    1. Palace


      Hi mate,


      Yesterday was the 14th day so we are not in self-isolation anymore theoretically :) So better tbh. It has been hard with the little one + working + taking care of the house... but we survived and my wife is starting to feel better so we are getting there.


      Thanks for asking, really appreciated.


      How are you doing with all this? Stay safe!




    2. Nancy


      Everything is ok, we are on quarantine in Croatia... :) Italy is so near so we afraid a bit.. 

      our country is much much weaker,  nearly the poorest country of EU *(Bulgaria is even worst than Croatia)


      It is time to carry for people near you and your family...



    3. Palace


      Yeah mate you are 100% right.


      We are in UK and I'm from Spain and trust me, both countries are shit, so no matter how poor is your country, this is gonna affect massively.


      At the end this can only be controlled by the people, and if the people is silly and keep doing stuff and not being isolated, then is not gonna get better.


      Stay safe and take care of the family! I will do the same!



  3. Congratulations on your Recruiter Award! :D 

  4. We all are OK, Thanx Boom. I hope =FA=Yoda is also OK. Minor damage only..
  5. It was an earthquake here fust before few moments 5.3 magnt. 

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    2. AnG3L
    3. Nancy


      Yes we are ok. I live in new house

    4. White Raven

      White Raven

      Damn, this is scary :(

      Hope you are alright 

  6. Bok stari :) kako ide kod vas?

    1. BrokenHope


      Ako misliš za ovaj virus uveli smo vanredno stanje, kupuju se abnormalne količine svega, neko kao da pumpa neku paniku bezpotrebnu. Kod vas? 

      A ako si mislio za igricu ide fino, učim pomalo, ponekad se zaboravim da sam admin i tako. :D

    2. Nancy


      kod nas je full panika mode :)))) nema brasna, mesa, ulja, voca/povrca

    3. BrokenHope


      Ajoj. Ja juče vozio mamu u nabavku čekali sat vremena da dođemo na red na kasi. Ukinu li nam na fakultetu rok koji su nam odobrili zbog kraćeg semestra (naravno da podsetim da se uopšte ni ne ide zbog vanrednog stanja) jer je ovog leta Univerzijada a kako izgleda ni nje neće biti. I samo mo nije jasno što se javlja ogromna panika kod mladih kad njima virus neće delovati kao na starijima. :)

  7. Wasssup Kinky! :) what time you usually play on beg2? 

  8. Nancy

    Gratz with new Promo! :) good job!

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    2. CheepHeep


      No worries dasp. Sometimes people get invested in those kinds of topics. As long as you realise what you are doing so try not to do it again, its completely fine and doesnt overwrite all the good you have done. We are all human after all. (except me)


      Congratulations buddy! Keep it up!

    3. GHARIB


      I agree with you @dasp

      @Nancy is always here the whole way since the begining for myself, and help to become better admin.




    4. Nancy
  9. Tony, can you cook some love for me? :) 🥰

  10. Sorry, I have off topic question, how many liters of milk did you bought Lefty? Or its for a gallon? in Croatia we pay like 0,5 USD (or 0.7 Canadian doll.) - for a liter. Lol @Night Train my Bosnian flight of 19.04 are fukked apparently
  11. Exactly same rules here in Croatia. From today.
  12. Hello Georg!! I know you! :)) Welcome on forum!
  13. Slovenia and Zagreb city will closing borders in 48h.

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