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  1. Federicrit


    Holy shit that's Muntek, unless my eyes are cheated by some spell. Good to see you here mate!
  2. Me on a Villa Gesell beach, back in January, 2018 Me in 2003, first year of kindergarden One of my brothers and I, a few days ago (I'm the backpack one) Oh, and consider this a f***ing warning (I'm the little one, and the other three are my brothers)
  3. Hola! Good to see you here! :3
  4. Holis! Nice to see you on forums!
  5. Happy birthday!!
  6. Happy birthday! Have a nice one!
  7. Excellent! Yes, but the !ms command stops the server from kicking you for being inactive in spec (the server will kick you if you are inactive in spec. I don't know if the server has to be full though)
  8. Happy birthday!!
  9. ET was the first online game I ever played, and I think I started playing it when I was about 6 or 7 years old, so arround 2006 or 2007. I played on my brother's computer, under the nickname 'Jack Sparrow'. We played in a server (now dead) called 'The Lost Legion', their clan tag was -L|L- or something like that. I still remember some names from there. My favourite thing was to be an ally engie with rifle, and build everything, I really enjoyed Fuel Dump. Good times! Probably arround 2010 I stopped playing ET, and moved to other games. Then, almost two years ago, I think, I rediscovered it. I thouhgt it was absolutely dead, I jumped from server to server, and found nothing more than bots. But then I came across with =F|A=RECRUITING server, and when I saw it crowded with players, I couldn't believe it, ET was alive! Then I explored the rest of the servers, and fell in love with =F|A=HARDCORE. I've been a server regular since, and joining =F|A= just made the experience even better. The following screenshot is not a 'fond memory' because it's quite recent, but I'm sure it will be in a few years. 12 admins online! It's the people what keeps making me log in every week (and many times every day), and not just the ones that appear on the screenshot, but many more members and regulars. It has been a blast so far, and I'm only in the beggining. I know that this moments I'm living these days will become 'fond memories' in the future, so v43 to all of you! feder
  10. While checking old ss, I found this. The engie is probably T_Mort, but I'm not sure, and the poor guy on the floor, with the obj, it's... yeah, me. Just to clarify, these were my teammates: PD: I wonder what the axis medic on the right thought when he saw that.
  11. As an admin, one of the tasks I see myself doing a lot is moving people to spec because they are afk. Most of the times, it's not a big deal, because a 12 vs. 10 match is not exesively unbalanced. But, many times I play when there are not too much players online (maybe only 8 players online), and here is when being afk messes up the map progression, even the entire map sometimes. When players use !brb, we can balance teams before the match starts, and we don't have to rely on the server moving afkers automaticaly (wich oftenly is not enough to save the propper map progression). So, a few days ago I made a simple bind that says "Type '!brb' if you are going afk for a few minutes. It would help admins a lot!". A few players are already using this command, which is helping a lot to make teams fair. I wanted to ask you to communicate the existence of this command to the server regulars, and ask them to use it. I think it only exists in silent1 and in hardcore, but still, it would be very helpful if we didn't have to be moving people to spec every time a map starts. PD: Also, if you are lvl 11 or higher, you should use !ms to put yourself in spec. The difference between using !ms and puting yourself in spec manually, is that when you use !ms, you don't get kicked for being inactive. Please don't stay afk for too long, because it gives a bad image to regulars and other members, and sometimes it screws up the map progression by making teams unfair. feder
  12. Have a good day, guys! Happy birthday!
  13. Congratulations to the three of you! But specially to the ONE AND ONLY true king of chickens
  14. ¡Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas to everyone!

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