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  1. Welcome to the forums thepositiveguy! See you in servers :3
  2. From almost 2 months ago, when I was in Mina Clavero, Córdoba
  3. Hello Ninshuu! :3 Welcome to our forums and our servers, we hope you have a great time fragging with us in silent1, or in any other =F|A= server you may visit. You are welcome to post in any of the sections we have. It's always awesome to see old players come back to this legendary fps. Enjoy! =F|A=feder.
  4. Hola @gnesisxx, te recomiendo seguir los consejos que te dio @C0C4N4T10N, pero si eso no funciona, entonces quizás el problema sea que tenés una computadora muy moderna (es importante que nos digas las especificaciones de tu pc, así podemos ayudarte mejor). Es muy común que la versión 2.60b (que es la versión en la que juega la mayoría) tenga problemas con computadoras modernas. Una alternativa a esto es jugar en la versión "Legacy", que está preparada para jugarse en compus más potentes y mejora los gráficos, entre otras cosas. Sitio web de ET Legacy: https://www.etlegacy.com/
  5. Maaaan that was a good movie. Best thriller I've ever seen. It's directed by Denis Villenueve, who also made Arrival and Enemy, also very good films.
  6. I wish I could have seen you play live. You treated the ball like nobody else. Goodbye Diego.
  7. Federicrit

    laptop screen

    Hey Piotr! This will work. You can open console with the key that is to the left of the '1' key, and under the 'ESC' key. Also, it can get a little bit tedious to type that every time, so I recommend you to create a .cfg file. A .cfg file is a text file that you can type commands in. Then, you just have to open console and type the command: /exec [name of the file] To make a .cfg file, do the following. Create a text file with notepad and type: seta r_customheight 1080 seta r_customwidth 1920 seta r_mode -1 seta vid_restart
  8. Happy birthday Mr. Chuuuuuu! Enjoy and don't get anyone pregnant xD
  9. Federicrit


    Yeyy Avi!! Nice to see you're finally here! Welcome
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