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  1. the day you ask me a question i ad a problem whit my new pc that i put up everyting was freezing on me even my keyboard dint work i got piss and disconect work on it b4 coming back in games sorry for that man

  2. Happy Birthday Dink! Here's a Carnival Cake for you to enjoy.
  3. Hi NeonEnergy, I have seen you playing for years. It's nice of you to have dropped by!
  4. So we've uncovered Pear is worse than Pineapple. Okay, less Fruit topping. How about a Baked Potato Pizza? Or Dill Pickle Hamburger Pizza?
  5. There are good things such as potassium and vitamin A, C on that pizza to help counteract a possible heart attack. Ever tried a Pear Gorgonzola Pizza?
  6. Hey HD2900XT. I've seen you gaming here at jay 1 for quite some time. It's nice of you to drop by and visit our forums.
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