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  1. Happy New Year! I want to thank everyone in F|A for their contributions to helping our clan provide a fun and playful atmosphere. Thank you Players, Guests, and VIPs for visiting our servers and contributing to our community forums! Thank you Members for joining us to help to make F|A very popular! Thank you Recruiting Team and Staff for your dedication and enthusiasm to our members and forums! Thank you Co-Leaders / Leaders for your amazing commitment and resoluteness in helping our clan move towards the future! Thank you fellow Founders for I cannot believe h
  2. Thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!
  3. I compiled the old vsays and sound packs. I'm closing this thread so that you may direct your complaints, suggestions or concerns to me. Mendoza!
  4. JoeDirt mali kurac!

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    2. Night Train

      Night Train

      🤔👀 Step by step learn the slavic languages, just dont get confused😂😂, here they say "first need to swear then all other grammar etc etc" 

    3. RainierWolfcastle


      Volim vas sve! hvala.

    4. audrey


      Hvala, također :D

  5. Recently... I just don't give a F#&$ about a 'thang... I like the Fleischer studio's take from a century ago. Hail KoKo and BettyBoop!
  6. I harvested Biwa or Loquot fruit from my tree.
  7. 1999-2002 |WMD| Weapons of Mass Destruction - Started clan with two dorm mates. We played Quake 3 and Counter Strike via Half Life. I setup a Pentium III 450 MHz with 128 MB of RAM for our dormitory linux server and connected it to the building's LAN. The clan was got very large quickly because basically the whole dormitory and the building next door joined to play instead of studying. lol. They never cracked down on us, so we played virtually lag free for the entire academic year.
  8. Mid week chatting up jaymod. Thanks for the good games guys.
  9. Congratulations Ice Reborn!

    1. iCe Reborn

      iCe Reborn

      Thank you very much! I am very happy with it!

  10. Congratulations Betinho!

    1. Betinho

      + Betinho

      Hi! thank you very much!


      Regards! :)

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