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  1. 1on1 competition

    Hell yea, sounds like a blast. I'm in.
  2. Happy Birthday ViP3r*

    Happy Bday!!
  3. Our FA #2 Elite COOP server has been fixed. Bots are now on all of our maps. Small problem with configurations for things such as the hunt gamemode is what was causing it to not work on those including outpost. Temporarily, hunt and outpost have been removed, but they should be back into the rotation soon.

  4. For anyone experiencing issues with the bots on our #2 Insurgency COOP server, please be patient. I am trying my hardest and working with others to figure out what the problem is. 

  5. CheepHeep our new top actor ??

    lmao, you always find a way to crack me up DJ.
  6. Happy Birthday CookieMonster!

    Happy birthday!
  7. New blog is posted. Hope I can provide some motivation for y'all.

  8. Fear of Failure, Focus.

    Fear of Failure Failure, something many fear. Weather it be in the weight room, at work, college, anything. This is what it has come to in 2018, you give something a try, fail and just say "I can't do it"? Is that supposed to be some excuse? You don't simply walk away from the challenges you are faced with in life, you plant your feet into the ground and keep moving forward. For example, we did Power Clean Max lift in weight room yesterday. One small skinny kid that had joined our group decided he wanted to just do 95 freakin' pounds for all the sets, let his low standards get the best of him. I said "Hell no", threw on more weight and told him to get his ass back up to the bar. More or less, he hit a new max weight. Not that it was much weight or anything, but he still did it. He was afraid of failing, so he took the easy way out. Meanwhile, me and my friend who were already 20 pounds into a new max lift, kept adding weight until we failed more than 3 times. I was reppin', seeing everyone almost snapping their wrists around me, it did not phase me at all. I was in a zone, a place where I simply don't give a damn. I was not phased when I sat in the face of failure, repping more weight than I ever had before. I was focused on the task at hand, and was ready for what I was facing. Hell, when I added more and more weight on that bar, I felt like I could do anything. So, are you going to let life lay you flat on your ass, or will you get up and finish strong? Focus Something many people can't do these days. Lock in, settle on their goals for the future. You see, people let the smallest distractions keep them from reaching their all time best in the classroom, weight room, or on the football field. Thinking about what others think of you, worrying about what is to come in the future, just focus for once. Keep the negatives out of your head, and grind. Trust me, it reflects on Friday nights when you go out on that football field and represent your town. Are you going to forget a call last moment, 5 yards away from the end zone? That's on you. Going to parties on the weekend, doing drugs and alcohol, when you should be studying? Is that truly how you want to live your life? Be a screw up now, and pay for it later? Excel on the football field, but can't get into a college because your GPA is total crap? Does not sound fun now, does it? Lock in, focus up. Your future depends on it.
  9. Hello everybody :)

  10. Working on many cool things! I will be updating my blog over the topic of "Fear of failure and focus" tomorrow! Working on some video's to go along with my blog's ;)


    On the other hand, I hit a new Power Clean max in weight room today! Got it pretty easy, could have gone higher but we ran out of time.

  11. Hey guys im back !

  12. Just made my first blog :F

  13. Strength, Weakness, Dedication.

    Strength, Weakness, Dedication. Three simple words that define a human being, both mentally and internally. Why? It's what you've got deep down inside that shows. Everyday is another chance to climb to success. The question is, how will you get there? I'll tell you one thing, you sure as hell won't do it by sleeping in or lowering your standards. Take it in an aspect of, "If I don't drag my ass out of bed, someone's gonna take my spot". That spot can be anything from football, work, or just life in a general aspect. The thing is, you have to differentiate someone taking your spot, as to taking someone else's. Every rep, every minute, every chance matters, so take it like it truly counts. Don't wuss out just because you are afraid of something, get the job done or else you never will. There comes a later time in life for work ethic, but you need to build it now. It is called Preparation. Here at my high school, we practice four times a week for football (not including weight room sessions), just to play one game. Sounds crazy right? Thursday or Friday night lights is where Preparation reflects on who you are as a team, your accountability for one another. Preparation is only the first phase, you have a million other things to focus on. Are you going to let yourself skip a rep, or give up, just because you are tired? Hell no. I had to tell a friend in the weight room to get his stuff together after he was acting like a total drama queen because we had to do another whole set of lifts, saying he could not do it. Did he end up finishing strong? Damn right. Would he have held himself to high standards if I was not there? Probably not. Tying back to what was said in the beginning, every rep matters. I SMILE when we have another set to do, because it is another opportunity to get better, have another stream of sweat run down your face. You see yourself winning, but others do not want to see you winning. For example, I've got a friend who tries to bring me down, because he knows I am coming to take his spot. I am working harder, more, and better than him. USE those people as motivation, keep pushing no matter what. Don't show weakness, that only makes you look worse. Don't let the coaches see you struggle on a rep, get that bar up so fast that it looks like lightweight, show some strength for once. Dedication plays a role in everything in your life. I AM dedicated as a football player, to my team, to myself, and to my academic's. I am a straight A's student because I come to school with the dedication for my life in the future and getting into a good college. I don't really want to get up at 6:30 every morning to lift with the JV and Varsity players, considering it is not mandatory for us freshman. I do it for the team, myself, and my future. What are you going to do? I work my ass off everyday in that weight room, it is grind season, so get after it.
  14. Donald Here

  15. =F|A= US ETPRO Server

    Thank you!