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  1. Feels so good to be back on ET!

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    2. RedBaird


      I later realized that carrying that heavy panzer around would make you sooo slooow. 😄 


      "Run with pistol, fight with Panzer (if you  can get a shot off in time)".


    3. RedBaird


      And another thought:  that "heavy panzer" and low XP might be why you felt so awkward playing ET again!


      You certainly won't be able to move as well as you had remembered! 🐎

    4. Sonofdoc


      Haha definitely 😄

  2. Nothin like a friday afternoon ride 😎, hope y'all are doing good

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    2. captnconcrete


      what are u riding.. ?? u trade in that truck for a scooter? oh i just seen ur post . on the cow scooter. 


      it is soothing therapy wait till u get  a big one..it gets even more fun.


    3. Sonofdoc


      @captnconcrete Oh man I seriously cannot wait, depending on insurance price next year I plan on getting either a R6, CBR, GSX-R or maybe even an FZ-07 if I can find a good deal :)

    4. captnconcrete


      not a fan of them ricerockets.. there too fast and overpowered and dangerous .. just my opinion.


      ive road sense i was 4 yrs old started on kx 80 Kawasaki dirtbikes. best feeling ull ever get from  being a biker fella is when u build it ur self then ride it.. i have a nice old 1981 cb 900custom.. in my garage.tore apart.lol wife told me to sell it so i took it apart ..not selling my first bike.lol  when u do get one those bigger bikes .. be safe  ride defensive.. ur a good kid i would hate too see u get hurt.

  3. If you know me I’ve wanted a bike for a longggg time, and about a month ago I finally got my starter bike! It’s just a small 2017 Kawasaki Z125 pro with a fender eliminator kit, shorty levers, “racing” tires and an exhaust I put on (which is extremely loud lol). For me it tops out at about 60 MPH with slight wind, but it’s enough to get me around lol. These small bikes like the grom are so underrated! They are so much fun. Next year depending on insurance cost and college I plan on upgrading to a R6 or something like that.
  4. Howdy fellas, not sure if anyone will end up seeing this but I’m alive and still kicking! I’m finally making my return, and I hope to work some magic and bring back the COD playerbase. Shoot me a message y’all! I’d love to catch up
  5. Sorry I’ve been gone so long, working on moving my ET files over to my new PC so I can get back into playing again. Amazing news though! I graduated from therapy last week! I cannot describe how proud of myself I am. Oh yea, I also bought my first motorcycle 😄5DB989E7-BD35-4FF5-8DC3-FF07CA7AFA0E.thumb.jpeg.7a868844de5dc1ceeddb5073937f1abb.jpeg

    And yes... me being me... I already spent $250 on a new beefy exhaust

    1. Sisje


      Bikes are so much fun! Enjoy it but be careful! 
      Going strong Son, keep going, we are proud of you too! 💪💪

  6. Things are getting so much brighter. It’s been such a long road and it’s still a hard battle, but I’m about to graduate from therapy soon. First day of senior year today too haha.

    1. Eazy


      Awesome! Keep up the good job Son! 

    2. Eazy


      Will you still play football this year?

    3. RedBaird


      That is Very Good to Hear! 😻

  7. Still trying to hang in there.

    1. RedBaird


      That is very GOOD to hear! :D 


      We will all "send you good vibes" to help you along.  📳

    2. CheepHeep


      Take it easy buddy!

  8. Howdy y’all, hope y’all are doing well. I apologize for not being active, but I’ve been dealing with some rough stuff IRL. Such as moderate MDD, generalized anxiety, social anxiety. Its pretty rough. It slowly started to spike for me over the past year, and it’s been hard to pull through, especially while I hid it most of that time. These things have caused me to step away from the things I loved for a while, I’m trying my best to work in some time to get more active again, but it’s just simply just taken a toll on me, and that’s what I’m trying to fix right now. Hope to see y’all soon.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. tipsy


      We all love you, let us  know if you need any help. Just let us know we can also talk on discord. 

    3. Sonofdoc


      Thank y’all for the support, means a lot to me ❤️

    4. Sisje


      Take care of yourself man! It's so important to deal with issues even if it feels embarrassing or uncomfortable. (we all have those) I'm happy to read that you are getting help. You have a FAmily here who's always happy to listen or help. It's nice hearing from you!

  9. What’s up y’all. Been dealing with some personal matters IRL. I’ve had to step away for a bit to deal with it. I’ve got my new PC for COD and ET setup, I’m just primarily focused on what I’ve been dealing with. See y’all on the servers soon! Summertime = full time gaming

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RedBaird


      Don't forget ET GameDay on the 22nd, if you can be there.


      It is good to hear from you. :D 

    3. captnconcrete


      glade ur ok . good too see u around here. good luck with the rl stuff its a b*** kitty sometimes.

    4. RedBaird



       rl stuff its a b*** kitty sometimes.

      A "barn kitty"? They are good mousers! 

  10. What's up man! Have not seen you in a while. Yes, you can put the tags in your name, however you might get auto-kicked by the server if you don't have your level set on there. If you don't, just shoot me a message and I'll come set your level.
  11. Howdy y’all! Been a little busy with life in the past few months, finally getting somewhat of a break with all this quarantine stuff. Hope y’all are doing good! I’ll be back as soon as I get a new rig, Ive started to get into competitive racing simulation and I put my PC in the media room for that haha. See y’all on the servers soon!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. RedBaird


      It is even more "serious" than I had envisioned!  😮 I had also forgotten about the shifter and had not envisioned it as a "one-piece" installation! :o 


      Is that fan to cool your devices or to provide you with another illusion of speed?

    3. Sonofdoc


      Haha yep it's a very very nice setup. The fan is too keep me cooled off! A lot of the races I participate in can take up to two hours long, and it is very hot in the media room lol.

    4. RedBaird


      Oh, yes, my computer 'heats up' my bedroom, too.  I can feel the difference in Winter and in Summer!

  12. Wow, have not been on my PC in almost 3 weeks! School's started back up again, trying my hardest to find time to play haha.

    1. Kai


      Real life 1st mate ! Good luck

    2. St0rmSlaSh


      Wait until senior year, it gets busier.

    3. Sonofdoc


      I can only imagine D:

  13. NEW SLIPKNOT ALBUM! Whole album is a masterpiece, in love with every single song. Can't wait to see them live next month!
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