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  1. Hungary has 13 infected people, 69 in quarantine The borders are partially closed, universities are closing. High schools and elementary schools are discussed if they should be closed. Hand cleaners are all bought, but we still have toilet papers to be bought However, my workplace is rather conservative and wants us to work, but they clean and do stuff like that
  2. I have got a real job offer from the workplace I started my internship at ^_^ I have to answer it tomorrow

    Overal the offer is decent, considering everything, and will be great to gain experience. I have already learned a lot.

    And to be honest it also helped me there that earned admin experience here 😛

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    2. Hulk


      good luck with whatever you choose!👍🍀

    3. RedBaird


      We are delighted to hear of your job offer and are especially delighted that we helped you in some small way.  " ... it also helped me there that earned admin experience here" :D 

    4. Vindstot


      Thanks the good wishes :)

      I accepted their offer for the job 

      I'm working there now full time, not as a student ^^

  3. Happy birthday!
  4. Hungarian Folk Tales: Stone Soup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pphUfE0ERt0
  5. Can you restore the files that you deleted in your "old" silent folder? If yes, then retrieve your "old" silent.dat file and put it back where it was, so you will have your xp and level and GUID before you deleted it. And after that make sure you will have access to that file (as well as to "etkey") by eg. sending it to yourself as e-mail
  6. Welcome to our forums
  7. Vindstot

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday ^^
  8. Happy birthday to you
  9. Vindstot

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday ^^
  10. Happy birthday ^^
  11. Happy birthday, guys!
  12. If it's denied, why not close it as usual?
  13. He seems to be a mature guy, and we also need people to populate our minecraft servers. So +1
  14. Happy new year to everyone, and to the others
  15. Congratulations I knew it would happen
  16. Congrats to you all. Well deserved :3
  17. I donated blood yesterday 

    It gives a nice feeling that I saved 3 people's life with something that took me just half an hour. Little effort that means a lot to others 



    1. Kai


      Blood donation good stuff

    2. Hulk


      good for you!!!👩‍⚕️

    3. Nancy


      Its also very healthy for you too Vindi, :) now your liver produce fresh plasma ,,,,,

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