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  1. Hi Zach, welcome tou our forums May I ask why did you change your mind about the photo?
  2. That is not you, but =F|A=w1cX. for me "daredevil" and "hellreturn" search doesnt even give me result
  3. Vindstot

    3 word story

    derupting all day
  4. I dont want an option where I cant see the xp I collected from that particular server. But as an addition it would be nice that for example I push tab twice, and I see my overal xp from all jaymods, not just j3. Or I push tab, I see my xp on J3, and if I push tab and 1, I see my xp on j1, push 2 j2, 3 for j3, and 4 for overall. I dont know if thats possible, but something like this would be nice
  5. Hi there, Feast Funny post Thank you for making it Look around, maybe you will find something of your interest here, there are a lot of things we have Hope you stick around I remember also giving this answer
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    Hi Vidmo, welcome on our forums
  7. Hi everyone, in this tutorial you will find out how to take a screenshot (SS) in the game Enemy Territory (ET) as well as upload and attach it to a post on the Fearles Assassin's forums. It is particularly useful for those wishing to apply and are not yet familiar with the mechanics and features of the website. Step 1: Open ET. Make sure to run ET as administrator You can open ET from your desktop, or from start menu, or from its folder. Step 2: Join a server. If you are an applicant, make sure to join the server where you have EXP (or xp) and want to add to your application Step 3: Join a team (axis/allies) From here there are different ways how can you proceed. I will tell both Method 1: Step 4: Open console To do this, push the key highlighted in the image below (tilde key). This will bring down the console appearing on the upper half of your ET screen If you push the tilde key shown above AND the Alt key simultaneously, the console will extend to cover the whole screen. Not advised to do if you want to take SS of your xp. If you push the tilde key AND ctrl key (control) simultaneously, the console will shorten and take up only 3+1 lines on your screen. If you want to find out more about the console, click on this post by Rendel Step 5: Delete any characters already typed out in the command line. Make sure there is nothing written in your console. Step 6: Type: /autoscreenshot This way you will see something like this in your console: Alternatively you can type /screenshotjpeg This way you will see something like this: You can give a name of your choice to your SS if you use screenshotjpeg by typing /screenshotjpeg [name_of_screenshot] For example: Note: Using /screenshotjpeg [name_of_screenshot] will enable you to locate your screenshot a lot easier. You need only search the name of the screenshot in the search bar. Step 7: Congratulations! You successfully took a screenshot As I mentioned above, there is a different way to take SS Following from my previous steps~ Method 2: After you have joined a team (which is not a necessary step) Step 4: push F11 on your keyboard You will see the below in your console. Step 5: Congratulations! You successfully took a screenshot The SS will look like this Note: You can also press tab and F11 at the same time to take a screenshot of your XP. However, if this doesn't work Remember: Press TAB a couple of seconds before pressing F11 and keep hold of it until you have taken a screenshot. OR type /+scores in the console. This executes the same command as the TAB key and keeps it on screen. Type /-scores to remove it once you have taken your screenshot. In this case, the SS will look like this Now you have your SS, next thing to do is to find it. Step 1: Open the location where your ET is installed (default is C:\Program files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory) Step 2: Open the mod folder that corresponds to the mod of the server you took the screenshot on. (In this example, the server mod is Jaymod) Step 3: Open the screenshots folder Step 4: Find the screenshot you took. The SS should be at the top if you sort by descending date order. Step 5: Congratulations! You have found the SS you have taken And now I will show how to attach a SS to your post. Step 1: Start making your post There are a number of ways to attach a screenshot. Step 2: Click on choose files... Step 3: Locate the SS (or other type of file) you want to attach Step 4: Doubleclik on the file OR click Open Your SS should appear like that Step 5: Congratulations! You have attached a SS to your post The other method you attach a file I will continue from step 1 Step 2: Open your documents and locate where your SS is Step 3: Click once on the file, drag and drop into your post You can drop your files into the post area, anywhere there OR you can drop where it says "drag files here to attach" Step 4: Congratulations! You have attached a SS If your SS appears at the bottom, you can click on the plus sign, to make it appear on the post area before posting Then the SS will appear, and you can manipulate it in different ways You can doubleclick on it to resize it for example, or drag and drop to different places in your post In this way the SS will take up place in your attachments, however the SS is independent of any other website. But you can also use an upload site to upload your SS there and paste it here Alternatively to upload a file Step 1: Go to https://imgur.com/upload Optional step: Make an account there Step 2: Locate the image in your computer you wish to upload Step 3: Drag and drop the image where it shows It will appear as: Step 4: Open this page (imgur) and the FA forum page where you are making your post. Step 5: Drag and drop this image to your post Step 6: Congratulations! You have attached a SS to your post Keep in mind that the previous method is the recommended one And now you know how to (1) Make, (2) Locate and, (3) Attach a SS to your post The previous tutorials from @RendeL is for the previous forum we had, he agreed I make a new one These were: https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/90946-how-to-take-screenshot-ingame-xpproof-enemy-territory/ https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/90856-how-to-post-your-screenshot-of-your-xp-on-forums-by-2-methods/
  8. I thought we could add a new notification So when a post you make gets 10 ("good") reactions and becomes like this (at top right): (a little extra you get displayed on your post) you could get a notification about it (you dont get as of now, afaik) When someone likes your post, it appears as: And when you reach 10 ("good") reactions(/likes) on a post, it could appear like: in your notifications What do you think?
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    Hi all

    Hello, Odin, Welcome to your forums

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