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  1. I am writing you a public message.

    1. OnionKnight


      Pubic messages are the best messages :lol:

  2. What in the tarnation?

    Oh I remember lol. And thanks everyone.
  3. Here I wrote something to ensure that your activity feed is forever tainted with my onion scent.

    1. JoeDirt


      hehe taint

    2. OnionKnight


      now you just need yoyo to post here and it will be a cesspool of contamination that may never be clean.

  4. Hey guys, need ur help

    Hit that dislike button so fast.
  5. Who dis!

    Might as well post here to let everyone know I am back.
  6. Pro driver tricks seller at test drive

    I liked Vettel's better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioifcRZ2hHs
  7. Drive F1 car ;)

    It's probably Wurz's Williams . But my delicate behind would not drive anything else but MP4-4. Only the finest for me. Also I will be in Montreal next weekend for the F1 race.
  8. Woman sets petrol pump on fire in Jerusalem

    Maybe I am already back.
  9. Woman sets petrol pump on fire in Jerusalem

    If this ever happens to any of you leave the pump inside the car.
  10. =F|A=Dannyrules hits the papers

    What year is this? They use their 28k modem to upload that on Facebook?
  11. Unofficial Windows XP SP4 appears on the web

    And x64 clients get no love as usual.
  12. It's not. Everything they develop is a direct copy of something from the west. When I sat in meetings in Beijing and Shanghai this became so apparent, they are like drones with no real ambitions, it was pretty f***ing sad to see.
  13. This is why you should beat your kids, seriously this is all the result of parents not giving 2 shits and not beating their kids.