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Tech Blogs > How to write topics / posts when asking for help or submitting tutorials

Posted 24 October 2011

1. Topic title:

It should be useful and relate the issue which you are having.

Good Example:
Ignoring Queries Kick by Punkbuster
Laptop FPS issue for Enemy Territory
Lag problem for Enemy Territory

Bad examples of above topics:
Help – Does help says anything? No.
FPS Sucks – Ok we understand you are having low FPS but sucks for what...

My journey in gaming world > silEnT Mod Version 0.3.0 Visual Changes

Posted 19 March 2011

I have updated silent server to new version 0.3.0.

There are few new things in new version.

Spree display counter.

You can enable spree, death and total kills display counter from HUD.


My journey in gaming world > E-life of (bad) SL Rater

Posted 14 March 2010

Let me show you few glimpse of few pathetic players who just and just play for rating.

1st Day:
Hey I am back after break!

2nd Day:
I am going to start rating back soon!

3rd Day:
Oh hey I am back to rating! Watch my nick on SL!

4th Day:
Anh fuck this shit! Server lags!

5th Day:
Fucking pussies! Use guns and...

My journey in gaming world > From: VIP Membership - Benefits

Posted 23 January 2010


Tech Blogs > Twitter hacked, attacker claims Iran link

Posted 22 December 2009

BOSTON/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A computer hacker briefly hijacked Twitter.com on Thursday, redirecting users to a website and claiming to represent a group calling itself the Iranian Cyber Army.

Twitter, which in June became a key communication channel for Iranian protesters disputing the country's election results, said it was disrupted for a...