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  1. Hey Kurup, hello and welcome to the forums! Have fun!
  2. Welcome to the forums! ET forever!
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums! Have fun!
  4. Hello! and welcome have fun in Forums and servers too!
  5. Im agree with Cross Marian, the maps are designed with the correct time, but the people dont like big maps because a lot of times the Teams get so uneven, and the weak team always finish with a few ppl who try to complete the objective, and in my opinion when you have the teams fair, all the ppl have fun in the match, so it depends of the players who choose the maps, more often the short maps (even me)
  6. Hi! Hola! welcome to the Forum!
  7. Happy Birthday JackHammer!

  8. To Jack!!! Ok im foreveralone jeje i just love Maximo HE IS SO HOT JAJAJA :S IM NOT GAY
  9. Lol whatsapp and planta vs zombies
  10. Hey whats up! Welcome to F|A community
  11. JackHammer


    Wtf.... Or is amazing or is fake
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