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  1. I will share it on discord for sure :D


    1. kajto3


      That's cool man! Just share your stream on #stream_public channel, then perhaps your stream will appear in #stream-approved as well!

  2. thanks for trying to help, I already tried this one.. still not working I need somebody to guide me thru TeamViewer or Discord, so if anybody is more technical than me and would like to help me with one of these options? you are welcome to comment as well
  3. @platonic THANKS for trying to help me out, is there a possibility of getting help thru TeamViewer ? by somebody who knows what he or is doing I downloaded the game at ETlegacy.com I am not familiar with working in cfg or background stuff .. ( shame) haha
  4. the exact error message is server full. redirecting denied by cvar setting. I had this one year ago as well when I tried to get on xps forever server
  5. @Ang3l that bread and cheese looks delicious! @nefarious Cheat I have ETlegacy yes the 2.76 version
  6. Born and raised in Amsterdam but half French, half dutch, I speak also French yes
  7. Best thing for me would be some support by TeamViewer something like that.
  8. Thank you Kai appreciate your welcome
  9. @platonic I downloaded the game at ETlegacy.com I am not familiar with working in cfg or background stuff .. ( shame) haha..
  10. no its not the solution unfortunately..
  11. I hope it works I will try It out thanks for now ;D
  12. Hi! I am Baguette Smoret from Amsterdam, played a lot of ET back in the days, I recently bought a new pc and downloaded ET again. I have played on the FA servers before and would like to play on them again, some of the servers I can join but others I cant.. like xps beginners forever, cause of a error 'redirecting denied by cvar setting' I would like to get some help fixing this issue since I am not that technical. Thanks in advance Nice to meet you and greetings from Amsterdam, Baguette Smoret
  13. hello there, I am being refused to FA servers by redirection of cvar settings.. how can I solve this ? thankyou in advance
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