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  1. You alive mate all good there👋😁

    1. Novacane


      Do'h said homero, yes bro, everything is fine and how are you? I fully work in the office

    2. Night Train

      Night Train

      Good mate, great to hear that, GL with work👌👋, I'm fine, standing now in Germany for 3 month's, visiting fam's and test work in firm. 

    3. Novacane


      I am very glad that you are well and very successful  :D 

  2. hello and welcome in our forum
  3. hello and welcome in our forum !
  4. hello Kurt and welcome in our forum
  5. hello and welcome in our forum
  6. hello and welcome in our forum
  7. Hello Thomas , welcome to our forum and servers
  8. This is my favorite sport, since I was eleven years old and it is twenty six
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