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  1. I'm afraid Destiny is right. Too many people care too much about fragging/rating/vsay spamming than the objective. I like to play for the objective, too, but I also like to enjoy the full map time. I'd rather play 30 mins of Gold Rush/Teuthonia without achieving the objective than to have the map done in 6 minutes when everyone works together. So a little less fragging, and a bit more teamplay would be nice. But don't get me started on the 'we need an engineer' vsay. It's mostly used by people who want to achieve the objective but let other people do the work for them. Just look: it's never an engineer that says 'we need an engineer'. Oftentimes, it's the rambo medic that uses it.
  2. Happy birthday, F|A! Here's to another great year.
  3. Yeah, it's the funniest and most colourful Thor movie for sure. I still think the first one is really good too, because it wasn't as big-scale as this one. I like space flicks just fine, but I'm not a big fan of huge battles. I'd like to keep it smaller with some good characters battling it out. Nevertheless, the movie was great fun. Korg was one of my personal highlights. Cracked me up everytime.
  4. I was only there for a bit, but I had some fun with an old school panza and sniper war. Less gravity is always fun. Congrats on another succesful game day, guys and gals.
  5. RetroLeaves

    Best Concert

    My favourite festival was Dynamo Open Air 1999. System of A Down, Spineshank, Metallica, Cradle of Filth, Fear Factory, The Gathering, etc. My favourite concerts were The Theater Equation by Ayreon in 2015 and the Ayreon Universe in 2017. Also, everytime I see Anneke van Giersbergen live, With The Gathering, The Gentle Storm, acoustic solo, or with her new band Vuur. Flawless every time. Opeth's shows were fun, too, before they started making elevator music.
  6. I try to get out of spawn as fast as I can, but I hate people who start pushing the moment you leave spawn with a fire of a thousand suns and would ban them into oblivion if it was allowed. For example, if the tank is already at the bank on Gold Rush, there's no reason for an Allied player to start pushing immediately at spawn.
  7. Modern fps games make me nauseous. I get motion sickness pretty quickly. I can't play Call of Duty on a console, and barely on pc. In ET I can play for about 2 hrs before getting sick. Also, I've been playing since 2004 and I still love it. Don't think I'll ever get really good at it, but that doesn't matter. I still have so much fun playing, and it's really cool to play against players who are really good at it. As in, 'oh look, there's the enemy...and I'm dead'. FA is home for me.
  8. Silent 1 has a Praetoria map. So pretty.

    1. RedBaird


      Even with all the gibs and blood-splatter?

    2. RetroLeaves


      War is hell, but Praetoria maps are heaven.

  9. The only guns you need at home, are either nerf or water.
  10. Either I'm getting old and complain too much, or... Well that's probably it.

    1. nani*


      you getting old, no worries

  11. I live in the south of Holland and have the ambition to do more cycling, but not the time. I've got an old racing bike, so I go out for an hour or so sometimes, but that's about it. I want to ride in Limburg one day, but also the Ardennes and France.
  12. I'm all for a sniper server, and I don't think NQ2 or NQ3 will be sorely missed. NQ1 could always use more regulars. I suck at sniping, but I'd love to play a few maps and try to get better at it. You have my vote.
  13. I wish Praetoria didn't lag so much. That map is awesome.
  14. Hi all, Since I've never played Counter Strike before and I am subtitling a program about a Counter Strike team, I might need some help making sense of the things they yell at each other while gaming. For instance Stairs blind. -Stairs is dead, one's jungle. If anyone can help me out, that'd be great. If I run into more terminology, I'll keep posting here. Thanks in advance for your help! Best, Retro

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