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  1. Hey welcome back!! You should also join Silent or HC servers Hope to see you around and congrats for studies.
  2. Happy birthday, hope you had a great day emal
  3. Not bad but still expected something better...
  4. Happy birthday! last Gameday was a blast!
  5. Happy birthday Angel! hope you had great day.
  6. Had a very pleasant late night gameday with Vindstot and MyAss, special thanks for RB for advertising and remembering us at Silent1.
  7. Third day of rain thanks for Alberto, getting myself to swim at floodings and remember the old days at the pond.

  8. Welcome to the forums, you say you like ET, wich server you play? enjoy your stay.
  9. Well sleep for me has been an issue from time to time in my life, my record is 7 days, just because my brain was so stressed and burned out from college and life, seriously I had the worst eye bags you can imagine, also some hallucinations. I went through therapy and some medication for about some years then im quite stabilized, I take some melatonin and valerian or some other plants occasionally depending on my humor Also had like 2-3 days non sleeping on rave parties on my youth, but nothing serious, just couple of times.
  10. Welcome back, hope to see you at server!
  11. Welcome to the forums man, interesting intro, enjoy your stay!

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