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  1. Hurricane Sally forms in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico coast. Problem with this hurricane is that is moving at a very slow speed so will make historic life-threatening flooding likely for this day or two in the landfall area, good thing is going to weaken a lot because of dry western air.
  2. Well if you see the crescent moon and next to it a brilliant star then is not a star is just our neighbor planet Venus.
  3. The moon and Venus will form a triangle with the Beehive star cluster in the predawn sky. In the predawn morning sky on Monday (Sept. 14), a beautiful celestial sight will likely attract a lot of attention for early risers. A few hours before sunrise, low above the east-northeast horizon you'll see a slender sliver of a waning crescent moon. And located to its left you'll see a dazzling, silvery-white "star" shining with a steady glow. That will be the planet Venus, shining at an eye-popping magnitude of -4.2 (thirteen times brighter than Sirius, the brightest s
  4. Well this time was beach time with family again and goodbye day to my sister.
  5. LazyHippo


    Hello kike! nice to see another "paisano" its great to see your introduction, I also hate needles! even in ET welcome and see you around!
  6. Having some flashbacks, I also miss psychedelics with @madmike @HeadhunterZ which I dont know how are they since pandemia started. And for the oldies I miss @Daniele or my paisano @Ag47 Hope you ok!
  7. Happy birthday man! Felicidades!
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