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  1. I wish to all my friends and teammates, and ofc. their families a happy and succesfull New year. Stay safe, happy & positive. Cheers@

    1. captnconcrete


      happy new yr to u too bud. hope all is well.

  2. Can someone please teach those newbies admins on nq1 to a proper admin work? It's gettin really funny to watch them struggle with commands 😁 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Siwex89


      i've got some nice cmd's on nq1 and still can't do much with it, there are many players that want to play only in team that they like, if you try to put them to other team they just /quit. 

    3. bo0m


      I can only confirm what Siwex say.  But what I've noticed they come back short after obviously hoping there r no more admins arround and do the same shit. Over and over. That kinda doesnt bother me so much knowing there r no admins arround or they just afk not able to make some action, but playing there in shit enviroment with admins that don't do or won't take proper action to fix it, that's just sad becose such troll players make bad day to all the good one's that r keeping nq1 and FA self alive.

    4. bo0m


      Don't get me wrong, im not trying to be a smartass or critticise, I've been 0-24 on nq1 before, I have many friends here, I'm not that active anymore but for other people that r still active I want to play in friendly-fair enviroment, as we did some time ago.

  3. I'm f***ing jelous on your title 'honored veteran' ccc
  4. Congrats ppl! now pls focus on gettin nq1 on the right track. Btw, all the best for u and your families in upcoming New Year. ❤
  5. No money NO problem

  6. it's a big difference between 'homie' and 'homo' bro happy bday, was a pleasure ✌
  7. bo0m

    et install

    love u too idiot ❤
  8. bo0m

    et install

    I had several issues, monitor screen blinking, couldnt get up after using (c) crouch, couldnt save and exev. any saved settings, even with load of help from @Siwex89 just couldnt get it right, only what i got from legacy was a nerv. breakdown lol.

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