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  2. "I am very lucky to be alone because i have nobody to lose."
  3. Helsen sent me a mssg starting 'Hey you old troublemaker'. Dude, I ain't that old and I was certenly not a troublemaker. Well, maybe for some tards on nq1. Hugs & kisses ❤️

  4. Idk tbh, Timothy made WolfAdmin for our PS server, and played often with us. Haven't seen him for a while now, but this isn't so strange as I'm not active anymore on ET for a while now. But he has helped us and me personally in many things, so.. I don't doubt he will make a good job here also.
  5. Totally agree. I tryed ETL, had loads of issues (siwex tried to help me best he can) but at the end I just give up. Also was like slow-mo, half of my cfg (setted up values) went default when cfg was loaded, had some shit bug with 'C' crouch - used it when sniping and most of time when I release the C key it didnt get up, sound had some shit echo etc. And when i switched to regular ET 5 minutes adter everything was normal, so it had nothing with my cfg or settings (I think). If and when I come back to et, I'll contact FG Timothy so I hope he can help me run normal ETL. Then I'll see you nubs again
  6. Celebrating my BD with me myself and I lmaoo don't really love vine but am about to open one, can't be that bad haha P.S. Ultras liberi!
  7. 29yo today. Goddamn I feel old af!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Sisje


      Old fart :D Happy Bday Boomzor! :drunk

    3. captnconcrete


      im 42 in 2 days  so tell me again  how u feel old you youngin .lol

    4. bo0m


      It's not the numbers that counts, only how you feel inside ;)

  8. I had some good times here. Also some good fights (verbal and gaming ones hahaha). It's always nice to know that beside my current community I can come and play on FA servers, and meet and HF with some old friends. There are few members I met IRL and was a blast. Anyway, really some nice ppl here. Cu arround
  9. This new forum update is just too complicated for nub like myself...

    1. Patrick


      Sretan Uskrs, Boome! :)))

    2. bo0m


      Hvala, takodjer ;)

  10. Happy Bday Sis <3

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